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You Haven’t Made It In Music Because Your Doing It All Wrong.

How To Make Your Fans Connect With You On A Personal Level

The music game has changed and now with the internet you have direct access to millions of music fans from all over the world you just have to figure out how you can get your music in front of your target market, and then how you bring them into your world and turn them into a fan.

If you look at the music industry now you have artist like Kodak Black, and Lil Yachty and they are garbage,but yet and still they are getting millions of Youtube views and getting paid shows all over the world. As an music artist that should tell you right there that nowadays  it’s not about being the best lyricist anymore nowadays it’s about connecting with fans and how do you do that? With content.

These new artist are internet junkies lol  they do things different than the older generation, they don’t get out in the streets and pass out flyers and cd’s they go online and create content and share it all over the worldwide web, and that strategy works. Content is King online and when I say content I mean videos,mixtape covers, songs, interviews, articles, etc.

For example Kevin Gates has over 75 videos online everything from him just speaking his mind for the day, interviews, him out to eat with his wife etc. All of that is forms of content and that is what makes people stick to him.I’m not saying his music ain’t dope, because it is, but his story and personality is what makes people really connect to him. .

If you are really trying to build your fanbase you need to mimic the Kevin Gates strategy because it works as you can see. Remember majority of the people in the world go thru the same type of shit so once a fan hears you talk about something they can relate to or been through you got em because now they feel like they have a connection with you because you both have experienced the same situations.That’s why content marketing is so powerful because it builds a relationship with the reader/viewer

First things first let me put this out there. Music artist don’t drop a music video if you don’t have a website first.The worst thing you could do is drop a fire video and then people go on Google  and search your name to learn more about you and there is nothing there for them to find. You just lost a potential fan. Also you should be releasing your music video from your own site not a 3rd party site.That doesn’t make sense you need to send traffic to your own site so you can build your brand.

Make 10 different type of videos.They could be you doing an interviews about hard times you experienced coming up, you in the studio making a song, or a video explaining the reason behind your song, how many times you been arrested, how you were double crossed, etc you get what I’m saying.

Now that you have the 10 videos you need to release one every 3 days this is going to give fans new content over a month span will increasing your Google and Youtube ranking which will get you even more exposure from the search engines. Make sure in all your videos you push you web address so fans visit your site so you get them on your email list which is your ultimate goal because then you can promote to them anytime with the push of a button

So if your looking for a music marketing blueprint that will get you real  exposure try this out and I guarantee your fanbase will start grow organically.

What Facebook Doesn’t Want Music Artist To Know About Their Bs Video Views

What Music Artists Need To Know About Facebook Bs Video Views

Facebook launched their new video platform awhile ago and they been trying to compete with Youtube and become the #1 source for videos. I’ve noticed more and more music artist are starting to use Facebook to push their new music videos. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but here are some facts you need to consider before you start bragging about your Youtube views.

Unlike every other video platform online that makes a viewer watch your video for at least 30 secs to be considered a view. Facebook counts a view after someone watches your video for only 3 seconds lol. The slick part about it is that the sound doesn’t  even have to be on so if your music video starts to auto play for 3 secs that’s considered a view which is some bullshit.Then they have the nerve to try to get you to pay to boost the post, so pretty much they are trying to get you to pay for more low quality views.

I’m not saying they views are shit, but 3 secs doesn’t mean someone really watched your video.Artist are to focused on views and likes,but when it comes to get making a music video go viral it’s all about your video being shared and user engagement now. Facebook has a video analytics feature (I attached an example below) that let’s you check your video stats to see how many people really engaged with your video and how long they watched it for.

Facebook’s whole goal is to get your views rolling in to get you excited about the fact you’re getting more views on Facebook then you ever did on Youtube so you’ll start using their video platform permanently  to upload your videos so they can cash in on the video ads, and the fact that people are paying to boost their post. They know Youtube gets billions of views and they want .

If a music artist releases a video or actually anyone trying to promote something and they start to get views on their video and they tag the video with “this post is 50% more engaging than your other post, boost this post to 1,000 more people for $5” a percentage of music artist are going to do it hell even if only 3% do it there are millions of music videos online so they still make a big ass profit

Facebook’s Platform Ain’t Got Shit On Youtube

I can understand if your wanna those  artist who just wants to be known then you will love using Facebook’s video platform and paying to boost your music video views so it’s looks like your video is blowing up,but  the harsh reality is the music industry or Google doesn’t pay attention to Facebook views. When is the last time you heard of an artist being signed or discovered because of a Facebook video? Exactly you haven’t!

Facebook is hustling people for real! With Youtube you can monetize your videos you can’t do that with Facebook. Youtube views only get counted if a user watches your video for at least 30 secs which means the viewer is actually engage in the video not just scrolling past your video like Facebook.Your Youtube video can go Viral all over the world wide web and it can be posted on sites all over the internet on Facebook you can’t do that you can only share your video on Facebook and that’s pointless.

Remember Worldstar Hip Hop Will Pick Up Your Music Video If It Get’s 50,000 views and user engagement. I see tons of Facebook videos with 100,000 plus views and they never get picked up on any hip hop website and to go viral your video needs to shared all over the internet.

With Youtube you can sell your music right from your music video with Youtube’s new video cards on Facebook they don’t allow you to do that, and once again that doesn’t benefit you as an artist.

Every artist should study Kevin Gates he has this shit mastered.Everytime you watch one of his new music videos you will see a link pop up in the top right corner where you can click to purchase the song to the video instantly or pre order the album the song is going to be featured on.

Every music artist needs to utilize the video card tool on Youtube you can use it to sell music,merchandise, connect people to your website, and more.

How To Hustle Facebook Right Back And Get More Youtube Views

Instead of releasing your full music video on Facebook you should just upload 15 second trailer  of your video or you could use your mixtape cover with a snippet of the song playing and in the video description link it to your full music video on Youtube. This way you maximize your views and you can monetize your videos still.

I’m not saying you should upload your music video to Youtube because it gets your brand and music exposure.I’m just saying the video views shouldn’t be taken at face value.

If you ever need custom graphics to make your projects standout check my work below.

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Make Your Music Video Go Viral (Even If Your Not As Big As Kevin Gates)

I see thousands of artist with music videos out and honesty alot of them are actually good music videos, but the problem is the videos barely have views, likes, or comments.As an independent artist I understand your a music artist not a music video marketer so I’m going to give you some tips record label andonline music marketing companies are using to get artist videos seen all over the internet from different music platforms.

Here are some of the basic things you need to make sure you’ve done correctly before you try the music marketing tactics I’m going to tell you about shortly.

1.Having A Good Keyword Phrase Title So People Can Find You- What alot of artist fail to realize is the internet runs off ok keyword searches. A keyword phrase is a set of words  that people are typing in Youtube or Google search to find what they are searching for. For example when you want to hear new underground music on Youtube you would type in new underground rap music thats a keyword phrase.

Youtube uses your title to figure out what your video content is about and the keywords used in your title will determine how Youtbe users can find your video.This is where the slick shit comes in lol.

So say you were visiting  Pittsburgh trying to setup some shows at local venues so you go on Youtube to try to find artist in Pittsburgh what would you type in the search bar?Since your not from Pittsburgh and you don’t know what artist have a buzz there so most likely you would type in Pittsburgh rappers right I mean that only make sense.

What I’m getting at is unless your Kevin Gates, Future are a well know artist music fans from around the world will never find you when they do a Google or Youtube search because they don’t know your artist name so just having your song title and artist name in your title isn’t going to get you discovered in the search results.

It goes back to what we were talking about earlier if you were in Pittsburgh what would you type in to find a Pittsburgh artist. You have to have that same mentality with your videos  what would a music fan or record label type in the Youtube search bar or Google search to find you.

Now I’m not saying you have to always put your state or city  that was just an example you can describe the song in title, or have your type of niche music or even link bait(thats a whole different topic we will talk about in the next post) but you can use major artist names who have alot of fans and get tons of searhes on Youtube daily and piggy back off of there searches people do this all the time.

Here is a couple of examples of headlines with keywords in them that get alot of searches would easily get more searches then a video with just a no name artist and song title in the headline.

Keyword Headline Example: UnderGround Rapper Mixtape Cover King’s New Music Video “Get Money”

On this headline above the keyword used is Underground rapper we all know that phrases get typed in the search engines thousands of times daily.If you don’t believe me type underground rapper in Youtube right now real quick…

Every video on the front page for that keyword phrase has 100,000 to 2 million views and I haven’t heard of any of  the indie artist on there and the quality of some of the videos are shit,but they have tons of views because their video pops up for the keyword phrase underground rapper which is a common word some one would type in the search engines.

Link Bait Headline Example: If you like Kevin Gates  Music Watch MCK’s New Music Video “Get Money”

Once again this headline isn’t for me it’s for the search engines.The link bait keyword is Kevin Gates we all know that he gets millions of searches and has tons of video content online.So using his name in the title tells Youtube and Google the video is about Kevin Gates so they automatically place it in the search engines when people type in Kevin Gates hell sometimes they will even suggest they video after someone watches one of his other videos. It might sound like a crazy tactic but it works.

So next time you drop a video make sure you have a headline that is catchy and has a keyword phrase in the headline that someone on Youtube would type in to find your kind of music.I’m not saying make a headline thats bullshit just to get people to click because that will just backfire in your face.

2.Your Keyword Tags-  Your keyword tags go hand in hand with the title,but the only difference is you can add alot of tags so your video can be found by even more people.I would recommend you use keyword that match your genre, feel, or sound and once again use major artist names in your tags also who your sound is similar to.

It doesn’t make sense for you to pay for a music video promote it on social media and thats it. You need to have a music video marketing strategy so you can push the hell out of your video and get it all over the web.

If your an artist with a music video out and you don’t have at least 50,000 real views,like,comments etc  I recommend you check out Artist Development’s Viral  Music Video Marketing Guide.

The simple step by step guide will show you how to get thousands of real views and subscribers on Youtube organically using Google and Youtube search engines, no paid ads, or fake views, just music fans searching for the type of music you create.

I used these same strategies to get exposure to my videos online and it works. You can get your copy  below.



If You Do This I Guarantee Your WIl Get Paid For Every Show (Part 2 of 5 )

  Music Artist Start Getting Paid For Every Show You Do

Guest Post By. Artist Development

Hope everything’s going good with you? In Today’s lesson I’m going teach you how to get paid everytime you perform not matter what even if the venue is a whole in the wall club.Once you apply this tactic you will make money from your shows guaranteed and  you can take this dam near free money to invest into furthering your music career. This is what every artist in the music business does and indie artist need to do this also.Check it out.

After working with thousands of independent rap artist I realized that majority of them don’t know understand when or how they’re supposed to get paid their royalties,or they’re already a member of a Performance Rights Organization, but they don’t know what they need to do to actually start getting paid royalties for their they say Fuck it and never try to figure it out.

Honestly, that’s the worst thing you could do because you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table that you could be reinvesting into your music career. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore because I’m about to show you exactly what steps  need to be taken after you perform so you can make sure you get paid.

So when should you get paid? You should get paid for every performance! This includes when you do a show and when your music is played on the radio or anywhere else! Your music is copyright material and in order for someone to use it they need to pay you a performing rights fee. It doesn’t matter how early in your career you are, if someone uses your music you should get paid; including online radio!

So how do you collect these royalties? You don’t. There is an organization that issues a performing rights license for use of your music, and collects the royalties for you. This entity is called a Performing Rights Organization.

Anytime you do a show, get your music played on radio, or someone uses your music, all you have to do is fill out a PA Form which is provided to you from your Performing Rights Agency, send it in, and they will go get your money for you. You just sit back and collect the checks.

But in order to get paid you have to do your part first, and that is fill out the proper forms! Again, it doesn’t matter if you started your rap career last week, and this week you manage to get radio play, all you have to do is send in your forms, and the PRO goes after your money. Now how simple is that?

To learn more about Performing Rights Organizations and how you can register to one so that you can get paid for EVERY performance that involves your music.Click this link: Performing Rights Agencies

Every music artist should be collecting royalties if their performing at venues, then you can reinvest that money into building your brand and furthering your music career.

Like always make sure everything that represents you and your music is  professional from your graphics to your performance .Having a professional image makes more venues book you for shows, which in return means more royalty checks for you.

Music Marketing And Branding For Indie Artist Part 1 of 5

The Concert Marketing Trick That Will Get More 10x More People To Your Shows

I’m going to be doing a series of post over the next couple of weeks on Mixtape Cover King’s blog just for indie artist. My whole goal is to give you real music marketing tips that will help really build your music career. I want to talk about a couple of basic music exposure methods that every rap artist should start off doing so were on the same page. I know this sounds like common sense, but the first thing I’m going to talk about is performing I know you’re like I can perform, but not only am I gonna point out reasons why performing is so important , I’m gonna tell you what you need to do to be looked at like a star, and I’m gonna teach you a slick marketing trick you can use at your shows to increase your brand exposure and build your fanbase at the same time guaranteed. Let’s get started!

 1) Gives Your Music Exposure

At the end of the day people can say what they want, but performing is the best way to get your music out there. Radio stations play the same  songs over and over again, and the internet is flooded with thousands of artist who either try to sound like their favorite artist or their music isn’t that great, so it makes it hard for serious artist like you to stand out!

The easiest way for you to separate yourself from your competition is by having a dope ass performance and giving fans a show they can remember! It’s good to do shows because every time you perform your developing your stage presence and after you have a few shows under your belt you will be able to keep crowds captivated throughout your entire performance. (Once you feel your performance game is on point and you put on a few good shows you need to start performing less and being apart of bigger events or shows.)

 If you’re shy lol or just can’t perform your  music career is done. Nowadays performance money is damn near 70% of your income as an artist and if you can’t put on a good show no one is going to pay to see you perform.

 2) Help You Create More Fans

 The easiest way to make someone become what we like to call a super music fan is to connect with them on a personal level and the easiest way to do that is with a amazing live performance. Putting on a great show can easily get you new fans because nowadays when people attend an event or show they like the first thing they do is share it on social media with all of their friends, which is free word of mouth marketing on your behalf to an audience you couldn’t reach on your own.

Also remember whether you perform in front  of 10 or 1,000 people always put your heart into your performance you never know who’s in the crowd.

3) Connect With Other Artists

One of the smartest way to get your music to different audiences is through leverage. What I mean by that is working with other artist that are the same caliber as you. Atlanta artist have mastered this tactic. They work with each other for free to keep everybody relevant and then they book shows, perform the song at venues and split the money. On top of that they get paid royalties from the song being played online, on the radio, etc.It’s a win win situation for everyone. Atlanta is running the music game because they all work together. It seems like their is a new artist coming out of Atlanta every month.

So when your at these show link up with other artist you think you could make a hit song with and you guys can cross promote to each others fanbase on social media and music sites  

4) Connect With Music Industry Professional

When you perform at a venue always remember there could be music industry professionals at your event so make sure you network with anyone who looks important. Even if you’re in a small city and music industry professional don’t go to venues in your area remember the owner of the venue is watching so make sure you put your all into your performance and your audience will connect with your energy. Also if you put on a good show you can probably set up business ventures with the venue owner in the future. Just make sure you get their contact info and take the initiative to follow up with your contacts it lets them know that you take your music career serious.

Now Here’s The Slick Marketing Tactic To Build Your Fanbase

Whenever you perform you should always have promo material. It doesn’t make sense to perform in front of a crowd and  kill the show, and then that’s it. The whole goal is to build your fanbase. I understand you might shout out your Facebook, or Twitter link, but people are probably drunk they’re  at a concert they’re trying to have a good time not memorize a website your url.

 So what you need to do is make sure you have copies of your music (make sure your mixtape cover art is professional), merchandise, download cards, or whatever type of promo you have and have a free raffle at your show and give away the stuff for free all night.Well you’re not actually giving away your stuff for free because in order for people to participate in the raffle they’re going to have to write down their email and drop it in the raffle bowl, or you could do a text message campaign, but thats a whole different topic in itself. So were just gonna focus on collecting emails.

What majority of the artist I worked with who had great success with this strategy just offered a free shot or a tshirt every thirty minutes and they got 385 emails in one night. I know your’re thinking why the hell do I need emails. Well, let me explain. When you get the contact info of all these people you’re building a targeted list of people who you know go to concerts for a fact  and have seen your perform and know you put on a good show so most likely they will attend other shows you participate in. But what makes this strategy so slick is your pretty much hijacking the other performers fans which is powerful. Imagine if you did 10 shows in a month with different artist and we will say their was 60 people at each show you could have 600 new emails you can promote to forever.

This is how artist like Beyonce don’t have to advertise and sell 800,000 singles because she has an email list of millions of people. Once you start  building a email list of targeted fans you can sell your music, products,concert tickets or more..When you start contacting these fans make sure you’re not just trying to sell stuff and promote a song every email. You need to engage with them.Maybe send a bio interview about who you are and your struggles for example. Your whole goal is to bring them into your world and once you do that and connect with them they’re gonna buy your music,merchandise or whatever you’re  promoting at the time.

*How To Get Shows: Go on Google search and look for online for venues you can possibly perform at. Then you can just call the venue and see if they have a hip hop night or just an open mic night nowadays most venues and bars do so and ask the owner if you could perform. If you can’t get ahold of the venue owner you can try to contact them thru email (Make sure you have an email setup for your manager even if you don’t have one because that’s who venues are use to dealing with and it makes you look bigger..For example if your label is big money records have an email that says

Another thing you can do is try to set up 5 venues dates around each other so you can setup a mini tour so you’re doing shows back to back. Make sure you have a theme for your tour so it looks like a movement. For example Da Real Hustla tour. Whenever you hear the word tour it just sounds big and it gives the impression the artist is making moves.

Last but not least once you should always try to take advantage of the venue owners connections.Find out what major label rap artist they have performing at their venue ahead of time and contact the venue owner to see if you can be the opening act and let them know you will promote the event and bring people out which in return make them more money so it’s a win win situation for everybody.

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If your thinking about advertising on Worldstarhiphop read this!

Worldstarhiphop Advertising

Advertising on WorldstarHipHop is one of the smartest branding and marketing moves for any music artist trying to get worldwide exposure.

Worldstar can make or break an artist career so make sure your cover art graphics, video, and anything that pertains to your brand are on point because the world is going to see you and if you grab their attention most likely they will look up online so make sure you have quality content already online preferably on your own website.

When you send people to other music sites there are tons of distractions from pop ads etc. When you send them to your site the focus is on you and your brand.

When trying to get your video on WorldStar you have to options one you can submit your video for free, but most likely they won’t play your video unless you have a big buzz online already ( They consider a big buzz 50,000 real views on a single video, but keep in mind the video can’t have any major features on it and the video needs to have a lot of comments that lets Worldstar Hip Hop people are engaging with the video. They check everything thoroughly and it’s easy to spot a video with fake views.

Your other option is to pay and guarantee you get placed on the site. The rates for Worldstar have dropped drastically and now even an indie artist with a small budget can afford to get their video on the regular video section on the site, and sometimes that’s all it takes an artist like Stitches, T Rell and more got their big break just from having their video placed on the regular video advertising section. If you’re serious about getting more exposure to your brand you should definitely utilize this platform. Worldstar Hip Hop gets over 100,,000 visitors a month at least.

So here are the new rates to place your video on WorldStar Hip Hop:

Cinematic Large Video (The 2 video spot at the very top of the site) $5,000/day Bankwire or Deposit $5,150/day Paypal

Sub Feature Video (The 2 video spot at the very top of the site) $3,000/day Bankwire or Deposit $3,090/day Paypal

Regular Video (The  video spots at the bottom of the site) $750.00/day Bankwire or Deposit $772.00/day Paypal

As you can see it takes money to get your music and brand out to the world, but if you spend your money the right way. You can get in front of millions of people for less than $10,000. I understand as an indie artist your probably self-funded, and might not have that kind of budget but there’re other music blogs/sites online that get thousands of visitors daily and they can get you exposure fast, and the price tag is way less.

Just remember before you start doing guest features on music sites and blogs you need to have a solid professional online presence.

So your mixtape covers, single covers, flyers, and photos, need to be immaculate. The last thing you want to do is drop a good video, then people go on Google search to look you up and one, they can’t find you or two, your brand looks cheap online. Either way, you just lost a potential fan.

Indie Artist You Should Do This To Get Music Industry Connections

Music Industry Connections

One thing every music artist has to know is that the music industry is all about who you know.You can be the biggest hustler in the world but if you don’t have any inside plugs in the industry you will just get milked for all your money trust me the industry is cutthroat and I seen it happen multiple times.

The best way to get resources in the industry is to rub shoulders and be in the same places music industry professionals are at and that’s music seminars.

Music seminars are a valuable resource for an indie artist.With the music industry changing constantly  music seminars help you stay ahead of the game by giving you insight on what’s ‘going on in the industry, which gives you an advantage over the other artist  who have no idea what’s going on besides Facebook and Twitter,

Here are 5 Reasons Why Indie Artist Should Attend Seminars

1.You Can Connect With Music Industry Professionals

The main reason indie artist should attend music seminars it to get knowledge on the music industry so they can learn how to apply this information to their music career. The information you receive from a music seminar is priceless so you want to make sure you pay attention and take notes because this information will be able to help you with your music career.

2.Brand Exposure

When you go to music seminars you’re getting exposure to your brand from people who matter so it’s a good time to promote your music.If you have a mixtape or single hand out copies, but make sure your mixtape cover ,single cover, or whatever you’re promoting is professional

I think the best thing to use for promotion is a one sheet with your mini bio on it. This gives you a chance to let people connect with you on a personal level, see what type of music you make, and your music accomplishments. Also it shows people that you’re  about networking with others in the industry and that’s what it takes to get to the top.It’s all about networking and putting your resources to use.

3.Connect With Like Minded Artist

You need to make sure you connect with other artist on the come up just like you when your at these events. You already know they understand the game somewhat there at the seminar.It’s good to find artist that have music similar to yours.That way you can do collaborations with these artist so you can cross promote to each others fanbase, which is a win win situation for everybody because you both get new fans.

4.Get Contact Information And Build Relationships With Industry Professionals

Music Seminars are a perfect place to get in with some important people in the industry that can help further your music career and get your music heard in different markets. You’lll get a chance to present your brand to Dj’s, seasoned music publicist, music bloggers, record labels, Producers, Publishers and A&R’s and get their direct contact information so you can build a contact list  of people who can help career. and of course if you made a good lasting impression when you met them they will remember you and be willing to help you when you contact them for their services.

5.Learn How To Carry Yourself In  A Music Industry Setting

When your at these seminars you have to remember your coming in contact with professionals really in the business some of these people have been in meetings with million dollar artist so they have high standards so once again make sure everything that represents your brand has hi quality graphics created by a professional graphic designer  you only get one first impression especially  when you’re dealing with the big dogs in the industry don’t blow it trying to be cheap and save a couple of dollars.

Also don’t turn into a groupie you might be laughing,but I’ve seen it happen and it’s a turnoff to professionals you have to conduct yourself like a professional businessman and they will treat you like one.Being in settings like this will give you a taste of the level of professionalism that is used in the industry.

Custom Hip Hop Jewelry-Turn Your Logo Into Custom Jewelry

We all know music artist especially rappers love custom jewelry. Yeah they like to stunt, but the reality is that having a custom pendant, or any type of custom jewelry is a good music marketing tool. In the music world you have to remember people believe everything they see and they think all rappers are rich lol. So, it’s an artist job to carry themselves in a certain way that makes them look like a star, Here are a couple things you can do to  make you look like a star in a music fans eyes ? Make sure your branded professionally, have an entourage, and custom jewelry.

Now I’m not saying all rappers should have  a custom chain, but I’m saying when people especially rap fans think of a rapper they jewelry, clothes, cars and hoes and they just assume you live a baller lifestyle that they dream of living. If you looked like the everyday person like them they wouldn’t have anything to idolize you for.

Just think about when you first seen Lil Boosie with all his chains on we assumed his was living that baller life and it made you want to learn more about him.

I know in your head you might be thinking yeah this is true , but custom jewelry is expensive. Well, it’s not anymore. At Mixtape Cover King we just added a our jeweler to our team with over 10 years experience in creating custom pendants. It doesn’t matter if you need real or fake custom lab made jewelry that looks real we got you covered. We can beat anyone’s price guaranteed because unlike all these online jewelry companies we don’t have a lot of overhead so we can afford to provide our customers with rates below the standard industry price.

Watch the video below  to see one of our most recent clients get their logo sketched turned into a custom pendant step by step.


The Cd Duplication Hustle Every Music Artist Should Be Using

Cd Duplication Without Spending A Penny

Trying to make it as an independent artist not only takes drive and time , but it also takes money. You have to pay for beats, studio time, single or mixtape cover graphics, and then promotion and that’s on top of your normal bills you pay monthly.

So I decided to put you on some game and show you a slick ass way you can make money selling physical copies of your album,single,or mixtape without even touching one dam disc! So every cd you sell will be 100% profit because you won’t be investing a penny into cd duplication,packing or shipping so there is no risk for you because you don’t have to invest any money upfront.

First let me explain what dropping shipping is to you musicians who for you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment system where the seller or business doesn’t keep inventory of the product they sell.Instead when someone purchases a product from them they buy the product from a third party (whoever they’re getting the product from) and that company will package and deliver the product directly to the customer with all of the sellers information on the package, branding the sellers company and not the dropshipper.

So pretty much they’re like a secret business partner who handles all the labor work for you. It’s a win win situation for both parties the sellers doesn’t have to invest money in inventory and still make a nice  profit and the dropshipper is making money from their product selling. Everyone makes money.  

When it comes to applying the dropshipping method to cd duplication for your music it works just like the process I explained above.The cd duplication company will let you upload your project cover art and your music files so they can print your cds at the push of a button and ship them directly to your customers, and you never have to worry about purchasing cd’s upfront.

Another excellent benefit of a cd duplication drop shipper is they don’t have a minimum on how many cd’s you have to order unlike majority of the companies online. So if you decide you want to get some physical copies of your cd also and you want to start off small and get 20 cd’s to flip instead of having or purchase 100 or 250 first this will come in handy especially if your working with a smaller budget. Hell they will let your order 1 disc at a time if need be.

Now don’t get me wrong I think you should always have physical cd’s to send out for radio station campaigns, press coverage and to sell to fans, but drop shipping is a smart way to sell your music on your website and social media sites online and generate profits.

I’ve tried out over 20 different cd duplication companies online and I can honestly say they all had high quality work, but they either had a 100 cd minimum if you placed an order and they didn’t offer a drop shipping service. Well all of them, but one….

The company is Kunaki, they’re a Cd/Dvd duplication, manufacturing, publishing, distributing, fulfilling machine and they’ve been around since July 2005. is not like a company that offers personalized services it operates more like a machine. Kunaki doesn’t have a management team it’s managed and operated by software.

How Kunaki works is  they have an online software that allows you to configure and design your product. You simply just use there simple publishing software on their site to upload your cover art, contents, disc, case and inserts.

Then their custom software creates a 3-D replica mock up of your product and it lets you make any modifications needed and review different variations of your product. After decide on which version you would like to use for your final product you hit the finish button and the software compresses your artwork, packaging, and content  into a single file and sends it directly to their printing facility.

Now that they have everything they need to produce your ready to advertise your music for sale on your website or social media sites. Once someone places an order you just go log in to your account on Kunaki input the customers details and they send your customer a cellophane wrapped, retail quality, cd with your Upc code. The invoice will be label with your logo and information so the customer thinks it was sent directly from you.

Here is a quick example of how a sell would work.

Mike uploaded all his cover art,and cd content to Kunaki.He goes on facebook and post a picture of his cover and has a paypal link that says buy my mixtape now for $10. A fan clicks the link and buys the mixtape you get $10 put in your Paypal. You go login in Kunaki account input the customer’s  info and you pay the $1 per cd fee they charge you.They ship your product to your customer on your behalf and you just made $9 and didn’t have to even touch a cd.

I can personally vouch for this companies work I’ve been using them for the last 3 years on full package printing, mixtape cover printing,album printing and dvd printing  for my clients

If you would like to see the quality of their duplication work before you purchase anything they will mail you out a free sample Dvd with dvd case and cd with a jewel case or you can get 1 free sample of your music project.

I would add this to my music marketing arsenal if you’re looking for a smart way to make money from your music without any upfront risk.

Music Artist: F**ck A Publicist Get Your Own Press Coverage

Lol just joking a music publicist plays a major role in a musician or brands career,but they can be a little pricey so I created this to show tell you how you can run your own pr campaign and start to get so press or your music.

One of the main things you never really hear any artist,or music marketing site talk about is the power of having a publicist.A publicist is a communication specialist who cultivates and maintains the image of a music artist to the media.A publicist how you see all the rap artist on hip blogs all over the internet and see their press release etc all over hip hop news sites.Using the media like blogs,magazines,etc can get you in front of millions of music fans fast.

So pretty much a publicist helps your craft your story and angle to be pitched to the world from your bio’s,press releases,or anything that is media or press related..Your publicist will write your bio for you in a manner that  will be compelling and bait people into want to know more about you.

Please don’t write your own bio or press releases, you need a professional to help you crete the perfect  bio,or press release they are trained to write to build curiosity and format your content correctly for journalist,bloggers,radio, etc.Trust me. I can’t tell you how many times I read an artist’s bio and it was just 10 lines of bullshit.Your bio  needs to be solid and connect with potential fans.

It doesn’t cost a little bit of money to get a quality publicist that can get you target exposure and that’s why I wrote this article for you so you can learn how to get media coverage yourself.

First off you need to get a professional  bio created if you don’t know anyone in this field don’t worry Mixtape Cover King is here to help.We can have our professional writer who has over 10+ years in writing and journalism craft you a bio for an affordable price and press ready.Don’t  spend hundreds of dollars just for a publicist to create you one.

Second get you a short 250-300 word press release created. A press release is a brief compelling news type story written by a pr professional for  that gets sent out to targeted people in the media with hopes of a publication or journalist covering your story.Also again if you need a quality press release written for an affordable price we can help you no problem just email us here MixtapeCoverKingz@gmail with the subject line Press Release.

Once you have these 2 tools your’re ready to contact the media outlets from blogs, tv stations, magazines,and music sites. Remember you always  want to leverage coverage from a smaller publication to a get coverage from a bigger publication.

Here are a couple of newsworthy topic to get press coverage for: Your going on tour, just signed a record deal, album release party, you got a big name Dj or producer to work with you on your project or design your mixtape art, etc.

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