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Ensure Music Marketing Success by Getting a Virtual Assistant

Everyone has this common misconception that personal assistants are only for the rich. That only bigwigs and famous celebrities can afford to keep one on-call to handle all their businesses and settle problems. It might be the last thing a start-up musician would expect to do with all expenses dedicated to many other things. You decide you can handle everything on your own and are determined that everything is going to be solved through hard work. Then, you realize the hours of the day seem too short for all the tasks at hand. Instead of working on your next album, you find yourself stuck all day responding to followers in Instagram and Facebook – great.

The idea of hiring a personal assistant isn’t very ideal when you think of the daily wages you have to deduct from your already-depleting business fund. But for those who are looking for a cheaper yet equally efficient alternative, a Music Marketing Virtual Assistant can be hired instead. Read on to find out what to expect.

The following are five (5) advantages of having a personal virtual assistant.

  1. You are in control of the work contract.

Unlike regular assistants, virtual ones understand from the start that they will only be paid by the work they render to you. No requests for lunch breaks, paid leave and day off. That’s a 100% of your money dedicated to cater only to your needs! You don’t have to worry about renting an office, providing a work desk and supplying all the office supplies and electronics. They can be called whenever you need them with just a call or chat. You don’t even have to wait for them to take the bus and come to you. They respond immediately and would even be delighted to be called often. Most importantly, gone are the extra periodic expenses (benefits and incentives, health insurance and taxes) you have to pay when hiring an employee under you. You have control of the terms specified on the work contract. Carefully lay out your expectations and policies and you’re good to go.

  1. Let them handle tasks you don’t feel like doing.

You won’t get a chance to boss around people like you can to your Music Marketing Virtual Assistant. One of the beauties of having one is that you can shove all the tasks you don’t like doing – most of which you were never good to begin with or simply don’t have the patience to push through. Imagine how much time you can save by having one other person to handle all the complicated time-consuming tasks that can’t really be skipped since they’re also important for your marketing campaigns. Say goodbye to writing formal letters and making calls to important people. Even ordering your food becomes a luxury now that you have someone else to help. Instead of consuming your time hurriedly posting blog updates and whatnot, you can focus on improving your music.


  1. Get the job done without exerting any effort.

Let’s face it, sometimes we like to procrastinate; more so if the work is something you don’t really enjoy. You forget important tasks because you mull over insignificant ones that you are more interested in. Have you ever tried travelling and having your luggage sent to another airport? That’s the kind of stress you’ll experience if you don’t get the job done properly. And then there are the virtual assistants. Professional ones have a knack at multitasking, you’d even wonder if they have extra hands and feet. The best ones will keep a close check on your schedules and bookings to make sure you get there on time and without delays. It’s ideal for you to have a personal way of tracking your performance schedules, rehearsals, meetings, travel dates and personal information. This is expected, but an extra set of eyes can help you find possible discrepancies. Moreover having someone to keep you in-check and on-time with appointments greatly help your career in the long run.

  1. Virtual assistants come in a complete package.

You won’t ever find an experienced VA who’s going to shower you with questions for every task you give. They apply for work knowing the type of job they’re getting into. Some prefer to hire beginners because of lower wages. They might help you save a bit but you’ll be spending a lot of time training them first – which takes time and effort you don’t have. By the time they get the hang of the job, you would have already been done with the things you needed to do. It is a fact that you’ll be spending more by hiring someone tenured. However, this would also mean you’ll get a Music Marketing Virtual Assistant who understands that their job is to lessen your burdens. For anyone who wants to successfully thrive in their own career, a well-informed assistant is a very good investment you will never regret having. The only time they’ll need your attention is when you check the flow of your schedule and add new personal entries.

  1. Expect an all-out supportive partner.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that virtual assistants are like sidekicks. They go where you want them to go and come whenever you need them. You might have other people working for you like managers, drivers and publicists so it would seem a bit of a stretch to get another person. But, it’s not just about the obvious tasks. Sometimes, you will find yourself agonizing over how to inform your manager that you’ll be late just because the driver caught a cold. You can’t ask the publicist to drive for you since that’s not really in his job description. A Music Marketing Virtual Assistant is the one person among all your employees who can handle coordination. They are flexible and can handle several tasks simultaneously. All the while keeping tabs on your other personnel and ensuring your schedule flows smoothly. They can be called for overtime and can temporarily cover the duties of your other employees. You can relax and continue making good music to sell while he handles the rest. This way, no matter what problem arises, you won’t be alone facing them.

Why your music career isn’t taking off.

Being a music graphic designer I hear thousands of artist on a monthly basis and I must admit there is alot of talent out there but the problem is artist don’t know how to get their product in front of people.

The thing is that artist actually don’t need a marketing team you can learn how to promote yourself it just takes time and some reading. Nowadays with the internet you can learn how to do anything you need to know especially market.You can go to Google right now and type in music marketing and tons of sites will pop up with information, and honesty learning it yourself will give you knowledge you can use for the rest of your music career and you can save some money plus we all know knowledge is power.

You can’t keep doing the samething and expect different results.I see alot of artist who have 5 or 6 mixtapes out when they have hits on their 1st mixtape but they didn’t push it properly.Artist got the game twisted its not about quantity its about quality.Artist want to brag about how many mixtapes they have out but what did you make from them how many shows did you get from your mixtape? You should promote your mixtape for at least 3 months and you shouldn’t be working on your next mixtape until you properly push the first one Whenever you release a mixtape you need  to have a custom mixtape cover and a marketing blueprint that your going to follow and make sure everytime you try different methods and once you find methods that work milk em.

There are tons of online and offline music marketing techniques that you can use from flyer marketing, music blogs which are real poweful,magazines and much more.You whole focus is getting your music in front of as may faces as possible because the music niche is a numbers game and you have to think outside the box and have drive to be successful in this business.So stop using the same marketing techniques that aren’t getting results.



How to build a fanbase and make money with your music

Boy has the music game changed from back in the day ever since the internet hit, and the major labels hate it because now artist don’t have to be slaves to the record labels anymore because you can build your own fanbase now online and sell your music digitally.

The internet allows you to connect with people on a whole different level and it allows you the artist the opprutunity to get your music heard and make alot of money without any record label at all just like Kevin Gates.

Say what you want about Kevin Gates , but you have to respect the hustle he is making a killing online and doing shows he grossed 2.3 million last year alone and he said over %43 came from the internet sales. The thing about it is that any artist can do the samething you just have to have a blueprint set up like he did and its not even that hard. I’m going to give you 3 things that Kevin Gates does that you should apply to your music marketing hustle to help you build a solid fanbase you can connect with and of course help you sell music and products.

1.Custom website-.First thing first the first a website is mandatory you should look at your website like your online trap spot you have complete control over your own site you can sell whatever you want on your site. When people look for you online they don’t  want to you shouldn’t have to say check me out on Reverbnation/ blah blah or checkout my facebook page at facebook/ blah blah .You need to have a web address just for you it should be this makes you look like a serious professional artist. All your songs and videos should always be released from your website your whole goal is to get the traffic to your site.

2.Building An Email List- This is such a crucial marketing strategy and so many artist don’t do it. When it come to building an email list you can control your income forever. I’m going to use Beyonce for example when she release her cd without any promotions well thats kinda true but the way she did it was the email list.Just think about when you go to these artist sites they have you enter your email to get tour dates, free gifts, unreleased tracks etc  the whole purpose behind them doing that is to generate thousand of leads to promote songs and products to later. So think about how easy it is to make sell a new single or new shirt you release if you have an email list of 20, 000 people already interested in your services. I think you get where I’m going with this. When you release new singles etc just don’t give them to the people have them enter their email  to get your new track and if they don’t who cares because they probably wouldn’t buy from anything from you anyway your focus is the people who join the list you can market to forever.

3.Selling Singles- Breaking down the mixtape and pushing each song by itself to get maximum profits. Dropping mixtapes with a amazing mixtape cover is coo but the money is in the singles.Look at it like this most people drop about 1- 4 mixtapes a year which is good but there are hundreds of thousands of rappers dropping mixtapes also so its easy for someone to forget about you with so much material coming out daily. This is where hustling the singles comes into play. The whole goal is staying  relevant and this will help you stay in front of fans faces on a regular basis.

For example instead of releasing a 12 song mixtape once a year release 1 single a month for 12 months. This keeps you relevant and your giving the fans new material on a regular basis and this allows you to put a month of promo into each track and sell the song individually which equals more money. Just like in hustlin you make more money when you break it down lol .

How To Make Your Mixtape Lyrics Tweetable


Use Your Mixtape Lyrics To Increase Your Mixtape Exposure

Well, if you did not know, Social media networks offers great marketing opportunities for rappers or musicians, however it can sometime work to your disadvantage if you do not know   how to use it appropriately and that goes fore other business. I have been in this niche for quite some time I can offer you a couple music marketing tips to get some attention to your mixtape, which you will never find in any other place. What always kills me is how many artists out there actually think that having millions of followers on social media will get them to stardom, in terms of music. For example, an artist having 100,000 plus followers on twitter might be tempted to think that even he/she shares their songs on their timeline,  that many people will be interested in that song or song lyric. Actually, you can have all those 100, 000 plus followers on twitter, and yet no one will respond to your tweet. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, because most of these followers are sometime spam followers, or do not know you as an artist! Moreover, you might have also tweeted unattractive tweet, which will not cause ripples within the social media arena.

A large number of artists use social media networks to develop their fan base, while some even launch their music career. However, without the required expertise in this game, it is very challenging for a musician to break through to reach his or her target audience. Well, it is possible, though it can be tough! As much as many artists will deny it, statistically they need the backing of these social media at some level. However, despite the possibility of reaching a higher number of fans, there are some barriers which if you are not careful, an artist can fail terribly. For example, there is a possibility that songs that were posted or tweeted like one or two years ago are still there, effectively competing with thousands of other songs. And for this reason, you need to have a catchy song lyric in order to outdo the ‘old’ songs, and ultimately attract more fans your way. So your how do you do that?

Are you interested in making some good money with your music? Well, you can achieve this by simply having your fans know your lyrics, and eventually buy them in return. Anyway let me get to facts, here is a clever way to make your song lyrics more tweetable, and even attract them to your site. Most of the experts in music industry usually claim that tweetable and short quotes are the proverbial diamond when it comes to social media sharing. Ideally, when you add up this knowledge with the fact that song lyrics can make awesome quotes, then an artist will reach for greatness without struggling a lot. Moreover this can be a good recipe for marketing and promoting your music online.

Music marketing is like a backbone to any artists’ career, and you need not to waste this chance. Nonetheless, if you want to tweet, lets say your song lyric, you can just find a catchy line and go ahead to tweet it up. However, this can be very tedious, especially when you do not have the time to tweet every time. So, what can you do in this situation? One can use a special tool known as Click To Tweet.

For those who do not know, this tool is pretty simple to advertise and promote your content, for example song lyrics, on twitter. I can recommend this that is if you do not have enough to type every time you want to tweet.

Furthermore, when you combine a catchy song lyric, with an encrypted version of Click to Tweet on your music site, you will not only make it easy for you to tweet, but it will also allow your fans to spread your lyrics or post to there followers qucik..

Moreover, keep in mind that lyrics make the best quotes and on this account, quotes can be the best treat for social media sharing! Do you see how cool it is? Just figure out this, imagine you embed few of these techniques in every page of your site. I tell you, it will be completely easy and efficient. You will even be inviting a fan or your followers to at least share your great lines. If you install it in your music website, you will be surprised to receive at least 4 retweets, and a number of favorites. By now I know you might be wondering how you can set up this whole thing. Set up is a bit easy. It does not consume a lot of time to create one. First, identify the best punch line in your song; thereafter come up with some links, embed them on your music site. Voila! And you will have everything done.

Moreover, if you are using a wordpress-powered site it is even much simple. This is so, thanks to the available and easy-to-use plugins on wordpress, where it allows its users to customize their posts. And if you are finding it hard to get the Click To Tweet software, simply search for it under the plugin search. Thereafter choose one, install it, you will be good to go. Conversely, this is a simple way to make your song lyrics become effective, as well as offer your fans the opportune moment to share the lyrics love.

Social media is arguably one of the tools that have revolutionized how musicians can control their career, in terms of getting fans. However, it normally depends on the kind of fans you want to get and the methodology of your preference. Nonetheless, I still recommend the above process as the simplest way to increase your fan base. Click To Tweet is ideally one of the smartest way to make your song lines more tweetable you can just slick lines from your mixtape and have a custom mixtape cover and use the lyrics to bait them to get your mixtape.. So if you are really interested in increasing your rankings in the market, go ahead and give it a try.

How To Find The Best Publicist For Your Music

Tips on Finding the Best Publicist for your Band

To  get noticed and heard in the music industry in this age of the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it takes effective publicity which involves good communication and teamwork.  The best publicist is one who works on independent releases and you can feel they connect with you and has proven to be able to connect with the audience using modern and standard channels.  Finding the ideal publicist for your band will cost you though; here are the 10 best tips to help you through this process, whether you are looking for a permanent publicist, for your next tour or album.

  1. Check there track record: When searchhing for a quality music publicist, among the initial details you will get about them besides the name is how long they have been handling Public Relations for which musicians presently or have in the past.  You should also find out where else they featured in, and have a look at their blogs and try find if you know any writers, media producers in the music press and the media they may have had solid relations with because positive work sells itself.

  2. Follow referrals, read Reviews: If you expect to hire a publicist that will be aggressive in hunting for you, you have to do the hunting yourself.  It is much easier to find reliable information today on these subjects because of the internet, take advantage of it.  Talk to referrals and check out publicist reviews and make a list of a few.  Every now and then you come across a name, on a blog referral and your heart will feel it when you know it’s the perfect fit for your needs.  Follow any promising link and gather information before moving forward.

  3. What’s the Publicist’s current client roster: The best place to start following a promising lead?  If you follow a referral that takes you to the contact of the publicist, find out how effective they are in promoting their clients and what techniques they are using to see if it is what you are looking for.  However, I would advise you to consider only publicists who currently have not so many campaigns running, you need to find a publicist who will have time for you and who can give your music the attention it takes to truly absorb and feel it.

  4. Find a publicist that specializes in your music genre: this is a very important point many bands and solos overlook, yet it is very important.  Just because a publicist is doing amazingly well promoting a friend who plays jazz doesn’t mean they can turn your next rock tour into a cosmic travel.  Be smart, look out for the small things.  A publicist may take your project because you have talent, but unless they feel you first, you will not really get efficiently understand each other.

  5. Your publicist and your audience must connect:  This means that your publicist must be on the same page with your kind of crowd.  You don’t need to be supporting the same football team or watch the same TV shows but you must see that you can form a connection outside the studio and office.  Make a friend first and you will make a wonderful partner.  Your publicist should not only understand but ‘know’ how to be your fan second.

  6. Good communication breeds teamwork:  While assessing a potential publicist for suitability to handle your PR, get to know how forthcoming they are on information such as schedules, fees, plans and everything else.  The best publicist is not one that uses and industry jargon to end every sentence, it is one that communicates the clearest and in time.

  7. What do they think about your music?  When considering a candidate to be your publicist, you would want him or her to be your fan, but if not a mentor who believes you have the potential to reach out and turns millions of people out there into your fans.  Get your mixtape to the publicist ( make sure it has a fire ass mixtape cover and look for the belief and enthusiasm that comes with good communication.

  8. Set expectations and make them clear:  Before you chose your publicist, it is important to set the right expectations and be clear on what you are seeking.  Do you want a local or an international campaign?  Do you want a publicist to handle press and organize tours or just a PR manager to connect with fans online?  You should also understand when the publicist is available and what opportunities they see.  Setting expectations MUST go both ways for it to work.

  9. Responsiveness:  How long did it take for the publicist to respond when you approached them about working together?  Did they have time for you or did they just pass you on to an assistant?  Being a musician is not a job, it is your life, and you should expect to find a publicist that is prompt, pays attention to detail and understands more than just audio and visual communication and responds to them.  Trust me, you will come back here and thank me I pointed this out.

  10. Budget: Finally, find out how much it will cost you to hire the right publicist.  Can you afford what they are asking?  Based on the duration of the contract, does your band have sufficient finances to keep the publicist comfortable and dedicated even if things go south?  Remember that hiring the best publicist could be costly considering you just got a team member whose fruits are not instantaneous.

You are now set to find the best referral for your next album, tour or public relations project.


Other Resources Mixtape Cover Design

Mixtape Covers Before and After Pics

Mixtape Cover Graphics

By now, I know you know it is no denying that Mixtapes are one of the most viable ways to make it in the music industry. Over years, artists have perfected the art of releasing mixtapes, which has made the game  more competitive. When you continuously  release mixtapes it can increase your fanbase and help your music go viral fast. Unfortunately, many people have failed to master the art of mixtapes, and this where I come in. Actually, allow me to share with you some serious nuggets of wisdom regarding mixtape cover design.

Another thing is, mixtapes have the power to determine one’s success in the music industry. Moreover, it boils down to the mixtape cover design, which normally catches the eye of a fan first. The appearance of a mixtape cover is very important part of your mixtape releases, so make sure you get graphics that represent your project the right way.Picture this, for example, you carelessly produce a mixtape incorporated with a cheap ass unprofessional  cover designs, how will your fans react to it? Of course there gonna see a cheap cover that doesn’t look professional and your fans will think that your not serious about your craft.Like I always look is everything in the music game so you have to make sure you standout.

Don’t cheat yourself treat yourself with a stunning mixtape cover design, trust me its worth it because a bad cover can cost you fans.. For example, using a professional custom mixtape cover designs will make people/fans know that you actually know what you are doing. It will simply separate you from amateurs who hardly know what they really want. Another thing is, it will give more people paying attention to your project whicj in return it will give you  the opportunity to showcase your talent.

Now that you know the importance of a professional mixtape cover design, here is also what you need to know. An artist/rapper needs to work with an equally determined mixtape cover designer, so as to come up with an amazing cover designs.  Mixtape cover king, we create custom themes for every project we create we don’t use premade templates we create artwork that will not only impress your fans, but also increase your chances of being a household name. At Mixtape cover king we have qualified and experienced professionals on board, who perfectly understand how mixtape cover designs are important to an artist.

I’m sorry guys, but your mixtape cover is just as important as the music itself. I know the truth hurts and you may not want to hear this, but it normally boils down to appearance – first impression tells it all. In many situations fans are thinking; if you have no power to catch my attention (eye), how on earth will you catch my ear? In this connection, do not blow up your chances by looking so amateurish and clueless. The secret is to work on your mixtape cover graphics, and one more thing; do not be tempted to design your own cover.

It is always easier to get you started at Mixtape Cover King. Let’s say for instance, if you are interested in the cover designing services, you will simply go to the site or email them at  And this will be followed by providing your details relevant photos that you may want to be incorporated on your mixtape cover. Amazingly the graphic designers at Mixtape Cover King will design the cover, from scratch to a mind-boggling piece of art. Actually, this is where the secret lies, because the before and after designs are completely different and beautiful. Hands down  Mixtape Cover King is the best mixtape cover design online. Anyway check out some before and after projects they created for clients..

Musicians and rappers in general, normally spend a lot of resources, recording materials for their mixtape – so don’t throw all these efforts away with rookie mistakes and poor planning. It takes more then just recording songs to make your  mixtape project be successful,there’s the  mixtape cover design, marketing and promotion also. Customer is King, and for this reason you need to appreciate the love you get from the fans by producing mixtapes coupled with professional mixtape cover designs and high quality music.

Performance Royalties:Learn About ASCAP and BMI and Start Making Money

ASCAP and  BMI Explained !

On your way to becoming a professional artists and a phenomenon in the music industry, one of the decisions you will need to make is whether to license your music out to the public through ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) or through BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated). Simply put, these two societies give out public performance rights to ordinary business people such as club and restaurant owners who play hundreds of music tracks per day and will not need to go to each individual artist to get performance licenses. ASCAP and BMI are just the largest of such societies, with each of them having about a 50,000,000 song catalog.

So, Your Probably Wondering Which One Is Better ASCAP Or BMI?

The fight for the most dominant performing rights organization is something that has been raging for many years now, and still there is no clear answer you can get anywhere. Trying to argue which organization is better can turn into a complicated situation largely because different people have different opinions and experiences with them. To have a concrete answer, the right question should be what makes one better than the other? However, before you can accurately tell the benefits and downsides of each of these performing rights organizations, you have to first understand what they are and what they do.

What do performing rights organizations do?

Often shortened to PRO, a Performing Rights Organization is a legally registered group whose sole priority  is to collect royalties for its members from individuals and businesses seeking licenses to use their copyrighted materials for public performances. After it collects the royalties, PRO then charges a little commission then sends the remaining to the members. PROs collect performance royalties from such establishments as film companies, video game companies, retail stores, businesses such as clubs and restaurants and other event organizers.

To effectively collect such revenues and ensure that they go to the right artists, PROs use cue sheets which are basically papers that outline what was used, by who, for how long, when etc. When elaborating the differences between ASCAP and BMI, it all eventually boils down to who represents its members the best and pays them the most.

What Is ASCAP?

As mentioned before, ASCAP is an abbreviation for American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. ASCAP is a US-based organization with almost half a million members all over the US. It was established way back in 1914 by writers and composers and it is still being operated by its members. As a matter of fact, ASCAP is the only Performance Rights Organization in the US that is run by its members and board members are elected from among them.

Ever since it was formed, ASCAP’s main goal is to ensure that its members are adequately compensated for the use of their work. The group currently represents members all over the US no matter their music experience, genre or age. At the moment, some of its biggest members Rick Ross, 2 Chainz Ne-Yom Bruno Mars and Usher just to name a few.

Benefits of Joining ASCAP

There are numerous benefits to joining a music performance rights organization, but ASCAP prides itself in going the extra mile to offer a lot more than just music royalties. Member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers also get special discounts, gear and medical insurance and all sorts of services and workshops that are aimed at making better and better earning performers. ASCAP members today also enjoy special privileges such as car rentals, vacations, luxury accommodations and support from the organization when in distress.

What fees does ASCAP charge?

There is a one-time fee of $35 you have to pay to become a member of ASCAP. If you feel that this is a steep fee, remember that you are joining an organization that has been in existence for 100 years, and the fee is essentially a little fee to secure your hard work.

ASCAP’s Workshops and Conventions

If you love to associate and mingle with the biggest and most promising stars in the country, then ASCAP presents you with an opportunity to shake hands and network with their members, who will see you as one of their own. During their workshops, ASCAP gets panelists with broad knowledge and deep understanding of the music industry as well as bring you up to speed on the changes in the entertainment industry.

What Is BMI?

BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) was started in 1939 as an alternative and competitor to the then existing performing rights organizations. The organization currently has over 600,000 members and it just keeps growing. Just like other performing rights organizations, BMI essentially collects royalties for the use of its members’ work and takes a small percentage before sending the rest to the member or members. Popular names associated with BMI today include Janet Jackson,David Bowie and Kid Rock.

Benefits BMI Extends to its Members

Being a member of Broadcast Music Inc. comes with a ton of benefits including, education,
healthcare and insurance plans and financial assistance. Just like ASCAP, BMI also invests a lot in valuable conventions and workshops aimed at educating its members and arming them with the latest information to be competitive in the musical world. Their conventions and workshops are an ideal place to dress and impress scouts and to connect with established and upcoming musicians.

Fees BMI Charge

Joining BMI as a writer is free, but to join as a publisher it will cost you $150. To determine whether the fee is worth what you will get, it would be best to go to the BMI website and get to learn of all the benefits they extend to its members and find out what opportunities they have to offer to you as a musician.

Royalties: Who Pays More between BMI and ASCAP?

It is difficult to tell out rightly who pays better between the two PROs. Because the royalties come from blanket licensing fees paid to the PROs, there is no set rate for how much you can get. The value varies quarter-by-quarter with so many variables coming to play. However, it is safe to say that based on the experiences of many performers and writers, the pay is pretty much the same and they both send them out at quarterly intervals. BMI is often credited for faster payments by its members, so this could give it an edge over ASCAP for those who value timing.

How to sign up with BMI or ASCAP

Signing up with a Performing Rights Organization is pretty simple these days and it takes just a few minutes for both BMI and ASCAP. Just head on to their websites and get started. However, it may take up to several weeks or a month before you get your packets in the mail. Once you make the registration fee payment, you will instantly be approved as a member.

So, which should you choose? BMI or ASCAP?

You will have to go with your guts on this one if you are not ready to do some more research. It should not be a difficult decision to make if you understand the differences between the two, artists are often advised to make it a personal preference based on what the PRO has to offer. Note that while both BMI and ASCAP are pretty much the same thing, the difference comes in their secondary objectives. It is cheaper to join ASCAP and it offers more workshops and conventions you can attend and BMI, while it more expensive to join, is popular for the support and representation services it offers to its members.

Mixtape Cover Design


Free Tool to Promote Your Music on All Your Social Sites at the Same Damn Time

Free Slick Music Promotion Tool

Music marketing is mandatory if you want to make it in the music game nowadays,the sad thing is most artist ignore this when it can have a major impact on your music career.  If you do not heed to this technique, then your music career will be short-lived. Well for starters, music marketing refers to all the processes aimed at promoting and marketing your music, with a sole aim of breaking the musical borders and reaching many people, throughout the world. There are different forms of music marketing, however, today we are going to discuss more about the social media marketing, which seems to have taken the world by a storm. Just as the name sounds, social media marketing mainly revolves around promoting and marketing music or rather songs on social media networks. This process has proven to be effective and reliable, as many artists are benefiting from this impeccable platform. However, there is a more effective way to increase and multiply these efforts, with a simple push of a button..

If you use these tools it can help you better market yourself on different social media networks. I bet you have even heard of various artists in the music industry, who have started embracing these tools, and how much easier it has made their marketing and promotional efforts. Apart from Tweet Adder, which I guess you have come across, there are other two great tools. They are; Buffer and Hootsuite.

Well to the amateurs, it appears like both these tools carry out the same function; however this is not the case! They both aim to make your music marketing on social media a lot simpler, and after utilizing each of them for quite some time, I can assure you that they are effective. However, which one should you be using? Well, this might sound crazy, but you should be using both of them! Actually, these tools will help you post your mixtape design,and tracks on all your social sites at the same damn time! Such a wonderful tool, right?

If you want this whole “magic” to work for you, then you should use Buffer and Hootsuite concurrently, rather than one or the other. I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you thought otherwise. So, it is not so much a case of what is better, Hootsuite or Buffer. Instead its more of a how should you use each one to work together.. Nonetheless, before we go any far, allow me to enlighten you about what these free tools are, and why a musician should be using them.

Hootsuite and Buffer; What They Are and Why an Artist Needs Them

Both Buffer and Hootsuite are internet based social media management tools. Moreover, they are free, and for this reason you do not require to download any software onto your PC, instead a user will simply login, just like you would do in any other website. The main characteristic about these tools, which you need to know, is that they can post updates in advance without necessarily operating it. The underlying thing here is that they have the ability to automatically schedule social updates. In addition, these tools have the ability, to manage all your social media posts in one platform. Both also boast other benefits such as ‘team management’ choices and analytics, where it permits multiple users to operate the same account (doing different activities). Nonetheless, on this guide I will show you how you will use this tool, in terms of updating your social media updates, as well as communicating with your fans. The thing is, while these free tools allow one to automatically update social media posts, unfortunately it might not satisfy you fully, as it lacks few things. Anyway, on the other hand, using both of them jointly will iron out any hitch, and allows you to perform everything very well!

Being in the music industry, I have been using these tools, and I know you will also find them very useful. Below is a look at how I personally utilize each of these tools concurrently. I know some of you think  outside box and will discover other cool ways to use them as well.

Using Hootsuite and Buffer for Musicians

Well, I started using this tool at first, and it is pretty awesome. However, there are both paid and free versions of this software, however most people opt using the free version. The main reason to use Hootsuite over Buffer, while posting updates on social media networks, is because the latter cannot work out appropriately. This software allows one to have a two-way conversation with your esteemed fans or followers.

The underlying point here is that, while Buffer is great for scheduling posts or updates to send out fans, unfortunately it does not allow the user to view their replies. And if a user cannot see their replies, then you cannot have any conversations, develop a relationship, and dedicated fan base.

On the other hand, Hootsuite is relatively a complete tool. While its’ scheduling feature is not very accurate, it is essential for the way it allows its users to communicate with the fans. It has a number of advantages such as; it allows one to view all important conversation from all your social media accounts, on one platform. Meaning you do not have to literally login into each account to keep tabs with what’s happening on social media. Moreover, it has an application where you can interact with your fans, while moving.

Buffer on the hand, will ensure that every post is updated at an appropriate time. This will give you the freedom to scheme or plan ahead, as well as not worry of whether you have anything to post for example say you just dropped a new single and want promote it for 15 days on your Facebook,Twitter, and Google plus. You could go schedule a post on buffer to post your song on all those site every 4hrs now thats automated marketing and it gives you more time ot focus on your music, all the labels use this tactic.Do you really think with their busy schedule they have time to be online all day.

. So personally, both Buffer and Hootsuite serve varying, yet important roles in my social media activities. For instance, Buffer will ensure that your posts are spread out, at excellent time intervals, while Hootsuite will offer easier management of your social media accounts, and in depth metrics. For this reason, I recommend any musician to use these tools simultaneously, as it will allow you to post your music on all your social media accounts at the same damn time.

Before you use this tool make sure you mixtape or single is recorded in high quality and your single or mixtape cover graphics are on point also before you get your music out to the world remember you only got 1 first impression.

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