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Advertising on WorldstarHipHop is one of the smartest branding and marketing moves for any music artist trying to get worldwide exposure.

Worldstar can make or break an artist career so make sure your cover art graphics, video, and anything that pertains to your brand are on point because the world is going to see you and if you grab their attention most likely they will look up online so make sure you have quality content already online preferably on your own website.

When you send people to other music sites there are tons of distractions from pop ads etc. When you send them to your site the focus is on you and your brand.

When trying to get your video on WorldStar you have to options one you can submit your video for free, but most likely they won’t play your video unless you have a big buzz online already ( They consider a big buzz 50,000 real views on a single video, but keep in mind the video can’t have any major features on it and the video needs to have a lot of comments that lets Worldstar Hip Hop people are engaging with the video. They check everything thoroughly and it’s easy to spot a video with fake views.

Your other option is to pay and guarantee you get placed on the site. The rates for Worldstar have dropped drastically and now even an indie artist with a small budget can afford to get their video on the regular video section on the site, and sometimes that’s all it takes an artist like Stitches, T Rell and more got their big break just from having their video placed on the regular video advertising section. If you’re serious about getting more exposure to your brand you should definitely utilize this platform. Worldstar Hip Hop gets over 100,,000 visitors a month at least.

So here are the new rates to place your video on WorldStar Hip Hop:

Cinematic Large Video (The 2 video spot at the very top of the site) $5,000/day Bankwire or Deposit $5,150/day Paypal

Sub Feature Video (The 2 video spot at the very top of the site) $3,000/day Bankwire or Deposit $3,090/day Paypal

Regular Video (The  video spots at the bottom of the site) $750.00/day Bankwire or Deposit $772.00/day Paypal

As you can see it takes money to get your music and brand out to the world, but if you spend your money the right way. You can get in front of millions of people for less than $10,000. I understand as an indie artist your probably self-funded, and might not have that kind of budget but there’re other music blogs/sites online that get thousands of visitors daily and they can get you exposure fast, and the price tag is way less.

Just remember before you start doing guest features on music sites and blogs you need to have a solid professional online presence.

So your mixtape covers, single covers, flyers, and photos, need to be immaculate. The last thing you want to do is drop a good video, then people go on Google search to look you up and one, they can’t find you or two, your brand looks cheap online. Either way, you just lost a potential fan.

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