How To Make Your Fans Connect With You On A Personal Level

The music game has changed and now with the internet you have direct access to millions of music fans from all over the world you just have to figure out how you can get your music in front of your target market, and then how you bring them into your world and turn them into a fan.

If you look at the music industry now you have artist like Kodak Black, and Lil Yachty and they are garbage,but yet and still they are getting millions of Youtube views and getting paid shows all over the world. As an music artist that should tell you right there that nowadays  it’s not about being the best lyricist anymore nowadays it’s about connecting with fans and how do you do that? With content.

These new artist are internet junkies lol  they do things different than the older generation, they don’t get out in the streets and pass out flyers and cd’s they go online and create content and share it all over the worldwide web, and that strategy works. Content is King online and when I say content I mean videos,mixtape covers, songs, interviews, articles, etc.

For example Kevin Gates has over 75 videos online everything from him just speaking his mind for the day, interviews, him out to eat with his wife etc. All of that is forms of content and that is what makes people stick to him.I’m not saying his music ain’t dope, because it is, but his story and personality is what makes people really connect to him. .

If you are really trying to build your fanbase you need to mimic the Kevin Gates strategy because it works as you can see. Remember majority of the people in the world go thru the same type of shit so once a fan hears you talk about something they can relate to or been through you got em because now they feel like they have a connection with you because you both have experienced the same situations.That’s why content marketing is so powerful because it builds a relationship with the reader/viewer

First things first let me put this out there. Music artist don’t drop a music video if you don’t have a website first.The worst thing you could do is drop a fire video and then people go on Google  and search your name to learn more about you and there is nothing there for them to find. You just lost a potential fan. Also you should be releasing your music video from your own site not a 3rd party site.That doesn’t make sense you need to send traffic to your own site so you can build your brand.

Make 10 different type of videos.They could be you doing an interviews about hard times you experienced coming up, you in the studio making a song, or a video explaining the reason behind your song, how many times you been arrested, how you were double crossed, etc you get what I’m saying.

Now that you have the 10 videos you need to release one every 3 days this is going to give fans new content over a month span will increasing your Google and Youtube ranking which will get you even more exposure from the search engines. Make sure in all your videos you push you web address so fans visit your site so you get them on your email list which is your ultimate goal because then you can promote to them anytime with the push of a button

So if your looking for a music marketing blueprint that will get you real  exposure try this out and I guarantee your fanbase will start grow organically.

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