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One thing every music artist has to know is that the music industry is all about who you know.You can be the biggest hustler in the world but if you don’t have any inside plugs in the industry you will just get milked for all your money trust me the industry is cutthroat and I seen it happen multiple times.

The best way to get resources in the industry is to rub shoulders and be in the same places music industry professionals are at and that’s music seminars.

Music seminars are a valuable resource for an indie artist.With the music industry changing constantly  music seminars help you stay ahead of the game by giving you insight on what’s ‘going on in the industry, which gives you an advantage over the other artist  who have no idea what’s going on besides Facebook and Twitter,

Here are 5 Reasons Why Indie Artist Should Attend Seminars

1.You Can Connect With Music Industry Professionals

The main reason indie artist should attend music seminars it to get knowledge on the music industry so they can learn how to apply this information to their music career. The information you receive from a music seminar is priceless so you want to make sure you pay attention and take notes because this information will be able to help you with your music career.

2.Brand Exposure

When you go to music seminars you’re getting exposure to your brand from people who matter so it’s a good time to promote your music.If you have a mixtape or single hand out copies, but make sure your mixtape cover ,single cover, or whatever you’re promoting is professional

I think the best thing to use for promotion is a one sheet with your mini bio on it. This gives you a chance to let people connect with you on a personal level, see what type of music you make, and your music accomplishments. Also it shows people that you’re  about networking with others in the industry and that’s what it takes to get to the top.It’s all about networking and putting your resources to use.

3.Connect With Like Minded Artist

You need to make sure you connect with other artist on the come up just like you when your at these events. You already know they understand the game somewhat there at the seminar.It’s good to find artist that have music similar to yours.That way you can do collaborations with these artist so you can cross promote to each others fanbase, which is a win win situation for everybody because you both get new fans.

4.Get Contact Information And Build Relationships With Industry Professionals

Music Seminars are a perfect place to get in with some important people in the industry that can help further your music career and get your music heard in different markets. You’lll get a chance to present your brand to Dj’s, seasoned music publicist, music bloggers, record labels, Producers, Publishers and A&R’s and get their direct contact information so you can build a contact list  of people who can help career. and of course if you made a good lasting impression when you met them they will remember you and be willing to help you when you contact them for their services.

5.Learn How To Carry Yourself In  A Music Industry Setting

When your at these seminars you have to remember your coming in contact with professionals really in the business some of these people have been in meetings with million dollar artist so they have high standards so once again make sure everything that represents your brand has hi quality graphics created by a professional graphic designer  you only get one first impression especially  when you’re dealing with the big dogs in the industry don’t blow it trying to be cheap and save a couple of dollars.

Also don’t turn into a groupie you might be laughing,but I’ve seen it happen and it’s a turnoff to professionals you have to conduct yourself like a professional businessman and they will treat you like one.Being in settings like this will give you a taste of the level of professionalism that is used in the industry.

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