I see thousands of artist with music videos out and honesty alot of them are actually good music videos, but the problem is the videos barely have views, likes, or comments.As an independent artist I understand your a music artist not a music video marketer so I’m going to give you some tips record label andonline music marketing companies are using to get artist videos seen all over the internet from different music platforms.

Here are some of the basic things you need to make sure you’ve done correctly before you try the music marketing tactics I’m going to tell you about shortly.

1.Having A Good Keyword Phrase Title So People Can Find You- What alot of artist fail to realize is the internet runs off ok keyword searches. A keyword phrase is a set of words  that people are typing in Youtube or Google search to find what they are searching for. For example when you want to hear new underground music on Youtube you would type in new underground rap music thats a keyword phrase.

Youtube uses your title to figure out what your video content is about and the keywords used in your title will determine how Youtbe users can find your video.This is where the slick shit comes in lol.

So say you were visiting  Pittsburgh trying to setup some shows at local venues so you go on Youtube to try to find artist in Pittsburgh what would you type in the search bar?Since your not from Pittsburgh and you don’t know what artist have a buzz there so most likely you would type in Pittsburgh rappers right I mean that only make sense.

What I’m getting at is unless your Kevin Gates, Future are a well know artist music fans from around the world will never find you when they do a Google or Youtube search because they don’t know your artist name so just having your song title and artist name in your title isn’t going to get you discovered in the search results.

It goes back to what we were talking about earlier if you were in Pittsburgh what would you type in to find a Pittsburgh artist. You have to have that same mentality with your videos  what would a music fan or record label type in the Youtube search bar or Google search to find you.

Now I’m not saying you have to always put your state or city  that was just an example you can describe the song in title, or have your type of niche music or even link bait(thats a whole different topic we will talk about in the next post) but you can use major artist names who have alot of fans and get tons of searhes on Youtube daily and piggy back off of there searches people do this all the time.

Here is a couple of examples of headlines with keywords in them that get alot of searches would easily get more searches then a video with just a no name artist and song title in the headline.

Keyword Headline Example: UnderGround Rapper Mixtape Cover King’s New Music Video “Get Money”

On this headline above the keyword used is Underground rapper we all know that phrases get typed in the search engines thousands of times daily.If you don’t believe me type underground rapper in Youtube right now real quick…

Every video on the front page for that keyword phrase has 100,000 to 2 million views and I haven’t heard of any of  the indie artist on there and the quality of some of the videos are shit,but they have tons of views because their video pops up for the keyword phrase underground rapper which is a common word some one would type in the search engines.

Link Bait Headline Example: If you like Kevin Gates  Music Watch MCK’s New Music Video “Get Money”

Once again this headline isn’t for me it’s for the search engines.The link bait keyword is Kevin Gates we all know that he gets millions of searches and has tons of video content online.So using his name in the title tells Youtube and Google the video is about Kevin Gates so they automatically place it in the search engines when people type in Kevin Gates hell sometimes they will even suggest they video after someone watches one of his other videos. It might sound like a crazy tactic but it works.

So next time you drop a video make sure you have a headline that is catchy and has a keyword phrase in the headline that someone on Youtube would type in to find your kind of music.I’m not saying make a headline thats bullshit just to get people to click because that will just backfire in your face.

2.Your Keyword Tags-  Your keyword tags go hand in hand with the title,but the only difference is you can add alot of tags so your video can be found by even more people.I would recommend you use keyword that match your genre, feel, or sound and once again use major artist names in your tags also who your sound is similar to.

It doesn’t make sense for you to pay for a music video promote it on social media and thats it. You need to have a music video marketing strategy so you can push the hell out of your video and get it all over the web.

If your an artist with a music video out and you don’t have at least 50,000 real views,like,comments etc  I recommend you check out Artist Development’s Viral  Music Video Marketing Guide.

The simple step by step guide will show you how to get thousands of real views and subscribers on Youtube organically using Google and Youtube search engines, no paid ads, or fake views, just music fans searching for the type of music you create.

I used these same strategies to get exposure to my videos online and it works. You can get your copy  below.



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