Custom Hip Hop Jewelry-Turn Your Logo Into Custom Jewelry

We all know music artist especially rappers love custom jewelry. Yeah they like to stunt, but the reality is that having a custom pendant, or any type of custom jewelry is a good music marketing tool. In the music world you have to remember people believe everything they see and they think all rappers are rich lol. So, it’s an artist job to carry themselves in a certain way that makes them look like a star, Here are a couple things you can do to  make you look like a star in a music fans eyes ? Make sure your branded professionally, have an entourage, and custom jewelry.

Now I’m not saying all rappers should have  a custom chain, but I’m saying when people especially rap fans think of a rapper they jewelry, clothes, cars and hoes and they just assume you live a baller lifestyle that they dream of living. If you looked like the everyday person like them they wouldn’t have anything to idolize you for.

Just think about when you first seen Lil Boosie with all his chains on we assumed his was living that baller life and it made you want to learn more about him.

I know in your head you might be thinking yeah this is true , but custom jewelry is expensive. Well, it’s not anymore. At Mixtape Cover King we just added a our jeweler to our team with over 10 years experience in creating custom pendants. It doesn’t matter if you need real or fake custom lab made jewelry that looks real we got you covered. We can beat anyone’s price guaranteed because unlike all these online jewelry companies we don’t have a lot of overhead so we can afford to provide our customers with rates below the standard industry price.

Watch the video below  to see one of our most recent clients get their logo sketched turned into a custom pendant step by step.


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