Indie Artist Invest in Yourself to Become at Top in Music

Making music is like any other business model, it requires connection, money, knowledge and investment. The only difference between music making and any other business model is the investment part. While you for example invest in property when doing real-estate, when doing music you need to invest in yourself, your brand and marketing.


What to invest in and how:

Let’s say, you are a hip-hop artist. This directly implies that your primary instrument is your voice, so how good is it actually and how can you improve it?

  • E-book – this is a good way for anybody to get the knowledge of any kind, E-books aren’t expensive and can provide you with all sorts of useful knowledge like how to promote your music online or you can get an ebook that teaches you how to just increase your overall vocabulary in general
  • Online courses – there are a lot of online courses out there, some are cheap and some are expensive, but one thing they have in common is the fact that they have information that takes a lot of time to accumulate, and it is at your reach with just a few clicks
  • Attend events – this is a good way for any artist to learn new things about their genre of music as well as meet people in this same business.


Another fact that you have to consider is your sound. Nowadays everyone once to get the at home in the closet studio and I’m not knocking that, but you should just use that to make rough drafts and then go to a professional studio to do the final recording of the song so you can have radio ready sound and it will make you stand out from the cheap artist with an unprofessional sound.


When it comes down to your music marketing and branding, there are a lot of things that you should consider from making sure you have professional music graphic to knowing how and where to invest your money how does a musician do It properly and where to invest.


  • Web hosting – having a website of your own will make you look more professional, you can put samples of your work on the dedicated webpage and simply link the webpage to anybody that is interested in your work, another thing is the fact that you could sell your music on your webpage giving you a portion of your money back.
  • Social tools – Twitter, Facebook, these are all social media that are very popular in the modern world we all live in. so it is a generally good idea to buy some followers and likes to get the word out.


I don’t want to invest!

This is a common problem for all the musicians, hip-hop artists included. It is a fact that the music industry is oversaturated and people don’t want to invest in their business, product or themselves just because they are unsure that it will be worth it. When considering this there is a term you should be aware of, it’s called ROI or simply put the return on investment. What this means that all the money you spend on yourself, marketing, Mixtape Cover Designs, and more will be worth in the long run, it’s almost impossible for a musician not to get a portion of the money back, due to online stores like iTunes, if nothing else, you will certainly acquire experience and the connections you need to go up a step or two on the ladder.


Time is money:

Consider the time aspects of it all, when you make music you spend your time, and your time is worth money, so be sure to not give your music out for free, your music is worth your time. On the other hand providing free samples with a link to your website is a pretty good idea.


It Takes Money to Make Money:

Like the title said, it takes money to make money, you all know what this means. In order for you to make money you need to invest in the places that will make your money back. Previously we discussed that having a web-site is a wise investment, what we didn’t discuss is the fact that website hosting costs around 10$ per month, so do the math, how much money do you stand to make if you have a website, which is by today’s standards cheap. As we stated before, websites are not the marketing tools at your disposal, newsletters, blog posts, SEO, mailing lists, and banner ads are things you can use to generate the fans to your website. The only drawback is the fact that you will pay for them and will have to wait for a week or so in order to make your money back.


In conclusion:

As an artist instead of wasting money on new J’s and blowing money at the club every single weekend you can invest 50 a week into your music career and build your brand like a professional. There is no free ride to get into the music game it takes money, marketing and hustle. Look at all the artist you see today that are independent their all over music sites, music blogs, internet radio and more you can advertise in those same places and you will be surprised at the results you receive trust me once I started investing money into marketing for my company Mixtape Cover King my leads and sales increased by 63% so it’s worth it. So start trying different ways of advertising and marketing because you can’t grow your fan base promoting and doing shows for the same people every month you have to expand and the internet is the perfect tool to help you.


I hope that this post has clarified and opened some up solution when it comes to music marketing and investment, just remember, never stop investing in you, it will be worth it in the long run.

Slick Way to Make Money From Your Youtube Music Video

So what are the new YouTube cards, it’s a new YouTube feature that has been widely overlooked when it comes to the in video promotional options, in short terms YouTube cards the next logical step that annotations took in their evolution, and as annotations they are represented inside the video to give more info on the subject video itself. But unlike annotations which are always the same, YouTube cards offer a variety of options when setting up. So correspondingly there are various types of YouTube cards that can be created in your video. Each suited for individual needs of the video owner.

  • Fund raising cards – which are pretty self-explanatory, any musician can use this to increase income, which can be used to produce more high-grade videos
  • Sell cards – commonly used when advertising products, it offers a direct link to the location where the product can be purchased, this includes movies, music and various other products
  • Website link card – provides a direct link to your website, as a musician this can be used to increase your mailing list or to generate an increased online presence on your website
  • Drive video cards – offers the ability to play an entire playlist with one simple click, the reasons how a musician can use this for marketing are obvious.


Why use YouTube cards over annotations?

There are several reasons to do so. First of all YouTube cards look better than old plain annotations, and second of all they are customizable. So in regarding with the previously stated, it’s not an uncommon fact that customizing your YouTube cards effectively increases your fan base, make them look represent able, and make them represent your music. Couple of more thing that are worth mentioning. When it comes to YouTube cards in general and how they operate.

  • YouTube analytics – the influence and overall success of YouTube cards can be tracked over the integrated analytics page, this can be useful for anybody that is unsure if their fan base is growing
  • YouTube cards are mobile friendly – weather you are viewing the video in your mobile device or your desktop PC, the cards will always show, this is pretty important due to the widespread of mobile devices in today’s modern world, and let’s not forget the fact that people usually listen to YouTube on these mobile devices to begin with
  • They simply look better – people won’t click what they don’t like, and when it comes to looks, YouTube cards are the best looking thing out there; they are highly customizable and can increase your profits and conversion rates by a healthy margin.


Using YouTube cards to monetize your music

This newly developed feature allows musicians to monetize their music  in a number of ways whether It’s a music video are just a song you uploaded that playing over your Mixtape Cover Design. Let’s start off with the fundraising option. The music industry is over saturated at the moment, and there are a lot of quality musicians who simply can’t make a name for themselves, do to this fact. To succeed in the music business you need money, and this is the perfect way to do it. If you feel confident that your music is high-quality and you feel that you should receive donations for your effort, this is the perfect option for you. High quality content will ultimately lead to a high number of fans. And if they like what they hear, a donation of a small amount will be in order, so needless to say that this effect is accumulative and in the long run it can be quite profitable.


Another option that I feel that should be discussed is the so called “Sell cards”. As we stated before they offer a possibility to link your music video to an online store which sells your music. This is a perfect way for artists that don’t have their own website to try and sell their music. Think of iTunes and other similar programs which offer the option to sell music when it comes to this.


The third option for monetization using cards is the option to link the card to your website. Doing this can monetize your music in more ways than one, considering that the website is owned by you, you can set up an online store in your website, you could set up banners that provide further marketing for your music. So as far as the website goes, the possibilities are endless.

How to add YouTube cards to your video?

The procedure is pretty simple, you only need to log in to your YouTube account, check your video manager for a list of current videos, click edit on the video and click on the “cards” button. From this point onward things can get a bit complicated, due to the high customizability of the cards themselves. So feel free to experiment in order to find out what works best for you, and remember to use YouTube analytics while experimenting to keep track of all the good and bad changes.


In conclusion

As we stated before, the music business is over saturated at the moment, and there are more ways to monetize your music than ever before. YouTube cards are just the best from the batch; we highly recommend this feature to anybody that is trying to make a name for them in this industry. Try it out, experiment, find out what works best for you, and never forget to give your fans what they want in return!

How to Get Your Music on BET, MTV AND MORE

The art of making a name for yourself

In the modern world we all live in, music is a business like any other, it has its ups and downs as well as risks that come with it. As such, music can be treated like any other business model, and a constant fact about any business model is the idea that there are more ways than one to promote yourself or your product which in this case is the music you are making. We all watch TV, play video games and watch various YouTube shows and Netflix. So as a musician did you ever ask yourself, who makes the music for all these types of entertainment? It’s silly to think that programmers that make video games produce music, and yet, there is some quality music in the game industry which is made by famous artists like DMX. So what is at hand here? Every aspect of the previously mentioned relies in the hands of Music Supervisors. They generally oversee every aspect of TV show, movies and video games that is music related.

What is a music supervisor?

As we have stated before, Music Supervisors are people in charge of overseeing the music aspect of our daily lives. For example, their job is to negotiate with the director of a certain TV show, this can be very tricky, TV show directors can be quite abstract people to begin with, and sometimes they don’t know what they want. So a music supervisor need to understand the mentality of the director and hand in order to find out what he or she is looking for in terms of music for their TV show. After the Music Supervisor has a general idea what to look for, they will generally look at the resources they have at their disposal. By this we mean that he or she will look at the available bands and music makers that are looking for a job, and which one is suited the best for the job at hand. O needless to say that if you want to promote your music in video games TV shows, music supervisors need to have you on their map. After you have done this, the best thing for any musician to do is not to let the quality of your music drop, a good product is the best marketing that you can afford, and it goes a long way.

What comes after you got a job?

This part of business can often be quite tricky, a lot of money can be involved and the number of involved parties can only make things worse. Some of the involved parties can be song writers, music producer, the artist, Mixtape Makers and record label you record under and many others. So the contract you set up before you start the job at hand can often be quite tricky to set up in terms of trying to satisfy the needs of all involved parties as well as the music supervisor and the director that you are now working for. When doing this we advise that you keep a clear mind and keep all options available, not every deal goes the way you want to.

Contacting a music supervisor

Before you put any effort in to contacting a music supervisor we advise you be aware of the following. Nobody likes spam E-mails, so the same can be said for any music supervisors, this is a good way to kill of your career before you even started it. So don’t go around sending mass E-mails to people that you don’t even know are interested. One thing that we do recommend is the following. Take a look at the music you make in general. What emotions surface when you listen to your music, this is very important when trying to get involved with Music Supervisors, and let’s face it, you never heard “Metallica” play in a soap opera, so needless to say you need to find the right people for the type of music you play. While doing this does sound tricky, it is really quite simple to do in terms of finding the people to contact. Let’sassume you watch TV a lot, which you probably do. The odds are that you heard music that is similar to yours in many TV shows or movies in terms of the overall tone and the emotional response in general. Now comes the fun part. Wait for the credits of the TV show or movie in question and look for the name of the music supervisor, it will be there. After you have achieved this and now have a clear name of a Music Supervisor the only thing to do is some internet research, the odds are that the name of the music supervisor is already registered with a major company and his or hers E-mail address can easily obtained. So by now you have a targeted music supervisor that will almost certainly be interested in the music that you have you have to offer.

Sending the E-mail that will change everything

For starters when was the last time you read a long E-mail with a lot of attachments? The odds are you never did that, the same can be done for music supervisors, nobody wants to read column after column of text in order to find out a couple of key information’s. So it’s safe to assume that Music Supervisors, busy as they are, won’t read a 1000 word essay that you sent them. Keep your E-mail short and say everything in a shortest manner possible. And make your subject line include simple keywords that you know that will work and make any music supervisor open it. For example, “A great song that has 50 cent all over it”. Another thing that is important is the fact that under no circumstance should you attach and MP3 of your song. A general god idea is to simply provide a link of your song to YouTube. Clicking one link to listen to a good song goes a long way than having to download it.

How To Make Thousands A Month Selling Beats Online

How To Make Money With Your Beats

It isn’t an uncommon idea for people who have been doing music production for a while to start selling their beats online, it provides constant income, and as you get better your clientele get bigger and with that comes a bigger income.

In fact, it isn’t that difficult to do, there are no pillars of documentation to be signed, and the process for you to sell beats online can be set up in a matter of 48 hours. This is the right thing to do, every effort you make to make your music better is time well spent and you should get paid for it.

Should you be selling your beats?

Chances are that you have been creating beats for a long time, and within this time frame you given out hundreds if not thousands of beats to your friends, or you just uploaded them to the internet for people to listen and to download in hope that you will make a name for yourself.

The first thing you need to consider is the fact that by giving away free beats to rappers all around the world provides no money income, so effectively you are wasting your time trying to promote yourself while there are many ways for you to promote your beats and to make some good money on the side. Especially if you consider music production to be your primary source for money income.

First of all you need to realize that the effort you put into making high quality beats has value, so the ideal thing for any music producer would be to start monetizing your products as soon as possible. While giving away beats for free is a good way to make a name for yourself, it is generally considered a good idea for you to sell your best products. The business model behind this is simple, give away mid-grade quality beats for hot artist to use on their mixtape, so people recognize your talent, so they could purchase your high-grade material

Where can you sell your products?

When it comes to selling your music material in general, there are 3 primary ways for any music producer to sell their creations.

  • Marketing and selling over your site
  • Selling over dedicated website that already exist
  • Building a dedicated customer list

Don’t underestimate the importance of setting up your own website,you want to have full control over your business.It kills me how many people in this business don’t have a website.On top of everything is you make more money from your beats by cutting out the middlman site. Having a website that sells your beats make you a brand and it makes you standout from all the soundclick beatmakers. You will never take your career to the next level until you start branding yourself as a professional. And you can always feel free to market the website by yourself by linking it on related forums and newsgroups like Facebook. And it goes without saying that setting up a music shop on your website isn’t as complicated as you might think. The best thing about this is the fact that you have total control over everything, you decide which beats to sell and you decide how much they cost.

Another thing that we previously mentioned that you can sell your beats on already established websites like “Neo Sounds”. The benefits of selling your music in this way are vast. For example all of the websites that we discussed already have an established audience. So there are odds that you will start selling your beats even without proper marketing if your beats are good enough. This type of promotion can go a long way as it provides your beats to a lot of exposure.

Now, when building  clientele is involved, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. First of all you need to have a specific layer of clients in mind. This subjects to change, depending on the type of music and beats you produce. After this you should consider offering this closed group of people free beats in order to build a list of potential customers when you do start selling your musical products.

Beat selling software

Anybody who knows even a small amount of information when it comes to beat selling, is aware of beat selling software. But when it comes to this specific type of software. These pieces of software usually cost a little bit of money but the return is well worth it.After working with thousand of beat makers  the best and most affordable beat selling software all of the music producers are using  This software will allow you to have your own beat player you can add to any site or blog online and you can receive instant payment for your beats from people all around the world.

  • Automatic delivery, nobody likes an unsatisfied customer, its bad marketing in general. So an automatized delivery system integrated in the software where you sell your beats can go a long way in terms of customer relations and establishing a good clientele
  • Payment methods, it obvious which are the modern payment methods. Be sure to have all the common electronic payment methods at your disposal like MasterCard and PayPal
  • Sample music, when it comes to purchasing music or beats, buyers won’t throw away money needlessly, they need to hear what they are buying. So be sure to find software that allows playback of specific segments of the song or beat

Every beatmaker that is getting real money is running their business with the tools mentioned above. If your trying to turn this into a full time career, we sincerely hope that reading the above article helps you on your way to success as a music producer having this software is like having your own personal ATM machine. So are you ready to start getting paid for your hard work? Then click this link Start Making Money With Your Beats

Ensure Music Marketing Success by Getting a Virtual Assistant

Everyone has this common misconception that personal assistants are only for the rich. That only bigwigs and famous celebrities can afford to keep one on-call to handle all their businesses and settle problems. It might be the last thing a start-up musician would expect to do with all expenses dedicated to many other things. You decide you can handle everything on your own and are determined that everything is going to be solved through hard work. Then, you realize the hours of the day seem too short for all the tasks at hand. Instead of working on your next album, you find yourself stuck all day responding to followers in Instagram and Facebook – great.

The idea of hiring a personal assistant isn’t very ideal when you think of the daily wages you have to deduct from your already-depleting business fund. But for those who are looking for a cheaper yet equally efficient alternative, a Music Marketing Virtual Assistant can be hired instead. Read on to find out what to expect.

The following are five (5) advantages of having a personal virtual assistant.

  1. You are in control of the work contract.

Unlike regular assistants, virtual ones understand from the start that they will only be paid by the work they render to you. No requests for lunch breaks, paid leave and day off. That’s a 100% of your money dedicated to cater only to your needs! You don’t have to worry about renting an office, providing a work desk and supplying all the office supplies and electronics. They can be called whenever you need them with just a call or chat. You don’t even have to wait for them to take the bus and come to you. They respond immediately and would even be delighted to be called often. Most importantly, gone are the extra periodic expenses (benefits and incentives, health insurance and taxes) you have to pay when hiring an employee under you. You have control of the terms specified on the work contract. Carefully lay out your expectations and policies and you’re good to go.

  1. Let them handle tasks you don’t feel like doing.

You won’t get a chance to boss around people like you can to your Music Marketing Virtual Assistant. One of the beauties of having one is that you can shove all the tasks you don’t like doing – most of which you were never good to begin with or simply don’t have the patience to push through. Imagine how much time you can save by having one other person to handle all the complicated time-consuming tasks that can’t really be skipped since they’re also important for your marketing campaigns. Say goodbye to writing formal letters and making calls to important people. Even ordering your food becomes a luxury now that you have someone else to help. Instead of consuming your time hurriedly posting blog updates and whatnot, you can focus on improving your music.


  1. Get the job done without exerting any effort.

Let’s face it, sometimes we like to procrastinate; more so if the work is something you don’t really enjoy. You forget important tasks because you mull over insignificant ones that you are more interested in. Have you ever tried travelling and having your luggage sent to another airport? That’s the kind of stress you’ll experience if you don’t get the job done properly. And then there are the virtual assistants. Professional ones have a knack at multitasking, you’d even wonder if they have extra hands and feet. The best ones will keep a close check on your schedules and bookings to make sure you get there on time and without delays. It’s ideal for you to have a personal way of tracking your performance schedules, rehearsals, meetings, travel dates and personal information. This is expected, but an extra set of eyes can help you find possible discrepancies. Moreover having someone to keep you in-check and on-time with appointments greatly help your career in the long run.

  1. Virtual assistants come in a complete package.

You won’t ever find an experienced VA who’s going to shower you with questions for every task you give. They apply for work knowing the type of job they’re getting into. Some prefer to hire beginners because of lower wages. They might help you save a bit but you’ll be spending a lot of time training them first – which takes time and effort you don’t have. By the time they get the hang of the job, you would have already been done with the things you needed to do. It is a fact that you’ll be spending more by hiring someone tenured. However, this would also mean you’ll get a Music Marketing Virtual Assistant who understands that their job is to lessen your burdens. For anyone who wants to successfully thrive in their own career, a well-informed assistant is a very good investment you will never regret having. The only time they’ll need your attention is when you check the flow of your schedule and add new personal entries.

  1. Expect an all-out supportive partner.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that virtual assistants are like sidekicks. They go where you want them to go and come whenever you need them. You might have other people working for you like managers, drivers and publicists so it would seem a bit of a stretch to get another person. But, it’s not just about the obvious tasks. Sometimes, you will find yourself agonizing over how to inform your manager that you’ll be late just because the driver caught a cold. You can’t ask the publicist to drive for you since that’s not really in his job description. A Music Marketing Virtual Assistant is the one person among all your employees who can handle coordination. They are flexible and can handle several tasks simultaneously. All the while keeping tabs on your other personnel and ensuring your schedule flows smoothly. They can be called for overtime and can temporarily cover the duties of your other employees. You can relax and continue making good music to sell while he handles the rest. This way, no matter what problem arises, you won’t be alone facing them.

Indie Artist Stopped Getting Pimped By Promoters

Indie Artist Stopped Getting Pimped By Promoters

Music in general is a business like any other, you exchange your services for money and that someone that you exchange your services to tries to make money off your service that is the general rule. But needless to say that the rules change when it comes to music, the music industry is oversaturated with various Graphic Artists that differ in quality, and when you have an over-saturated industry like the music industry there is a lot of room when it comes to foul play. It is a fact that a lot of people want to become Professional Musicians, and why would they? You get a lot of money for doing things you generally like. So the general interest in becoming a musician is fairly high, which is absolutely understandable because of the previously mentioned factors. Dishonest people take advantage of this, promising that they will promote your band at various events, for only a portion of the profit. The people I’m talking about are of course the so called promoters, but their name is a false representation of their interests in general.

What’s really going on?

If you have a good band that has a chance of making it in the big world of Musicians, odds are you already tried to promote your music in many ways. Some bands upload their songs to YouTube or Myspace, in any case your music is out there. These are the common places that the so called promoters look for bands that are trying to make a name for themselves. And like any good promoter they will offer you their services. Now it’s important to say that there are a lot of legit promoters out there, but keep in mind what you are signing up for when you are in the process of discussing the agreement. The general idea behind false promoters is that they will offer you a percent of the ticket sales, but only if you as a band sell twenty or so tickets. Good deal isn’t it? Well it isn’t. The twenty tickets you as a band purchase will roughly cost you 15 $ per ticket. So after and if you manage to sell them you will get about 3 $ per ticket sold. So where is the logic in that? It’s totally non profitable, well not for your band in any case.

Should you do it?

No way, no how, that should be your immediate answer. Its isn’t an unknown fact that promoters all around the world take advantage of naïve bands that don’t really know what they are doing when it comes to finances. And the sad part in all of this is the fact that the so called promoters actually get away with it all. After they do so, they simply move on to the next band they find. An interesting story of mine is that my friend actually had a band that has been promised a time-frame at a local revenue. The only thing they needed to do was sell thirty tickets. Which is what they did. It’s important to state that the show was a total success with over one hundred tickets sold. And after a good night of fun, the bottom line was they invested about 300 $ and their return money that they actually earned was 250 $. And the total amount of the money that the sold tickets accumulated was above 1500 $. Needless to say that is exactly what the promoter did. And he got away with the money. The next thing that we will be discussing is how things are done the right way and what you should be looking for.

How is it done professionally?

There are normally two methods of conducting this type of business professionally. Let’s say you are a rapper and you want a small performance in your local revenue. The organizers of the revenue set the prices and if they accept you as a performer they should negotiate your price and the ticket price. The promoters are only there to keep you and the organizer in contact and according to this they should be paid a small fee. When the money that you will be paid come to question the two most popular business models come in to question. A ticket sale percentage or a split price. The first is needless to say the most common, and best one if you feel that you will put up a good show. You get a small fee that is negotiated with the organizer and is directly correlated to the numbers of tickets sold. The split price is something that people do when they are not selling tickets, and it is most commonly referred as a fixed price contract where all the terms of payment are discussed before the show actually takes place so you know exactly how much money you will be making in the end.

How to do it in the right way?

You need to keep a sharp mind and eye, look for people that know what they are talking about, if you even as sense that foul play is at hand adjust your actions correspondently. For example, don’t be ashamed to ask some money in advance or ask the promoter or the organizer to cover your travel expenses before you start making the journey to the destination where you will put up a performance. Another thing that you should be aware is the fact that people quite often deceive and lie when it comes to payment, what we are trying to say is that people or promoters will quite often tell you that you will receive your money tomorrow or the day after, if you encounter this type of conduct ask for your money immediately because most of the time these people are stalling and don’t plan to give you money at all, so keep this in mind, it will help you a lot on your way to success in the music industry in general.

Why your music career isn’t taking off.

Being a music graphic designer I hear thousands of artist on a monthly basis and I must admit there is alot of talent out there but the problem is artist don’t know how to get their product in front of people.

The thing is that artist actually don’t need a marketing team you can learn how to promote yourself it just takes time and some reading. Nowadays with the internet you can learn how to do anything you need to know especially market.You can go to Google right now and type in music marketing and tons of sites will pop up with information, and honesty learning it yourself will give you knowledge you can use for the rest of your music career and you can save some money plus we all know knowledge is power.

You can’t keep doing the samething and expect different results.I see alot of artist who have 5 or 6 mixtapes out when they have hits on their 1st mixtape but they didn’t push it properly.Artist got the game twisted its not about quantity its about quality.Artist want to brag about how many mixtapes they have out but what did you make from them how many shows did you get from your mixtape? You should promote your mixtape for at least 3 months and you shouldn’t be working on your next mixtape until you properly push the first one Whenever you release a mixtape you need  to have a custom mixtape cover and a marketing blueprint that your going to follow and make sure everytime you try different methods and once you find methods that work milk em.

There are tons of online and offline music marketing techniques that you can use from flyer marketing, music blogs which are real poweful,magazines and much more.You whole focus is getting your music in front of as may faces as possible because the music niche is a numbers game and you have to think outside the box and have drive to be successful in this business.So stop using the same marketing techniques that aren’t getting results.



How to build a fanbase and make money with your music

Boy has the music game changed from back in the day ever since the internet hit, and the major labels hate it because now artist don’t have to be slaves to the record labels anymore because you can build your own fanbase now online and sell your music digitally.

The internet allows you to connect with people on a whole different level and it allows you the artist the opprutunity to get your music heard and make alot of money without any record label at all just like Kevin Gates.

Say what you want about Kevin Gates , but you have to respect the hustle he is making a killing online and doing shows he grossed 2.3 million last year alone and he said over %43 came from the internet sales. The thing about it is that any artist can do the samething you just have to have a blueprint set up like he did and its not even that hard. I’m going to give you 3 things that Kevin Gates does that you should apply to your music marketing hustle to help you build a solid fanbase you can connect with and of course help you sell music and products.

1.Custom website-.First thing first the first a website is mandatory you should look at your website like your online trap spot you have complete control over your own site you can sell whatever you want on your site. When people look for you online they don’t  want to you shouldn’t have to say check me out on Reverbnation/ blah blah or checkout my facebook page at facebook/ blah blah .You need to have a web address just for you it should be this makes you look like a serious professional artist. All your songs and videos should always be released from your website your whole goal is to get the traffic to your site.

2.Building An Email List- This is such a crucial marketing strategy and so many artist don’t do it. When it come to building an email list you can control your income forever. I’m going to use Beyonce for example when she release her cd without any promotions well thats kinda true but the way she did it was the email list.Just think about when you go to these artist sites they have you enter your email to get tour dates, free gifts, unreleased tracks etc  the whole purpose behind them doing that is to generate thousand of leads to promote songs and products to later. So think about how easy it is to make sell a new single or new shirt you release if you have an email list of 20, 000 people already interested in your services. I think you get where I’m going with this. When you release new singles etc just don’t give them to the people have them enter their email  to get your new track and if they don’t who cares because they probably wouldn’t buy from anything from you anyway your focus is the people who join the list you can market to forever.

3.Selling Singles- Breaking down the mixtape and pushing each song by itself to get maximum profits. Dropping mixtapes with a amazing mixtape cover is coo but the money is in the singles.Look at it like this most people drop about 1- 4 mixtapes a year which is good but there are hundreds of thousands of rappers dropping mixtapes also so its easy for someone to forget about you with so much material coming out daily. This is where hustling the singles comes into play. The whole goal is staying  relevant and this will help you stay in front of fans faces on a regular basis.

For example instead of releasing a 12 song mixtape once a year release 1 single a month for 12 months. This keeps you relevant and your giving the fans new material on a regular basis and this allows you to put a month of promo into each track and sell the song individually which equals more money. Just like in hustlin you make more money when you break it down lol .

How To Make Your Mixtape Lyrics Tweetable


Use Your Mixtape Lyrics To Increase Your Mixtape Exposure

Well, if you did not know, Social media networks offers great marketing opportunities for rappers or musicians, however it can sometime work to your disadvantage if you do not know   how to use it appropriately and that goes fore other business. I have been in this niche for quite some time I can offer you a couple music marketing tips to get some attention to your mixtape, which you will never find in any other place. What always kills me is how many artists out there actually think that having millions of followers on social media will get them to stardom, in terms of music. For example, an artist having 100,000 plus followers on twitter might be tempted to think that even he/she shares their songs on their timeline,  that many people will be interested in that song or song lyric. Actually, you can have all those 100, 000 plus followers on twitter, and yet no one will respond to your tweet. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, because most of these followers are sometime spam followers, or do not know you as an artist! Moreover, you might have also tweeted unattractive tweet, which will not cause ripples within the social media arena.

A large number of artists use social media networks to develop their fan base, while some even launch their music career. However, without the required expertise in this game, it is very challenging for a musician to break through to reach his or her target audience. Well, it is possible, though it can be tough! As much as many artists will deny it, statistically they need the backing of these social media at some level. However, despite the possibility of reaching a higher number of fans, there are some barriers which if you are not careful, an artist can fail terribly. For example, there is a possibility that songs that were posted or tweeted like one or two years ago are still there, effectively competing with thousands of other songs. And for this reason, you need to have a catchy song lyric in order to outdo the ‘old’ songs, and ultimately attract more fans your way. So your how do you do that?

Are you interested in making some good money with your music? Well, you can achieve this by simply having your fans know your lyrics, and eventually buy them in return. Anyway let me get to facts, here is a clever way to make your song lyrics more tweetable, and even attract them to your site. Most of the experts in music industry usually claim that tweetable and short quotes are the proverbial diamond when it comes to social media sharing. Ideally, when you add up this knowledge with the fact that song lyrics can make awesome quotes, then an artist will reach for greatness without struggling a lot. Moreover this can be a good recipe for marketing and promoting your music online.

Music marketing is like a backbone to any artists’ career, and you need not to waste this chance. Nonetheless, if you want to tweet, lets say your song lyric, you can just find a catchy line and go ahead to tweet it up. However, this can be very tedious, especially when you do not have the time to tweet every time. So, what can you do in this situation? One can use a special tool known as Click To Tweet.

For those who do not know, this tool is pretty simple to advertise and promote your content, for example song lyrics, on twitter. I can recommend this that is if you do not have enough to type every time you want to tweet.

Furthermore, when you combine a catchy song lyric, with an encrypted version of Click to Tweet on your music site, you will not only make it easy for you to tweet, but it will also allow your fans to spread your lyrics or post to there followers qucik..

Moreover, keep in mind that lyrics make the best quotes and on this account, quotes can be the best treat for social media sharing! Do you see how cool it is? Just figure out this, imagine you embed few of these techniques in every page of your site. I tell you, it will be completely easy and efficient. You will even be inviting a fan or your followers to at least share your great lines. If you install it in your music website, you will be surprised to receive at least 4 retweets, and a number of favorites. By now I know you might be wondering how you can set up this whole thing. Set up is a bit easy. It does not consume a lot of time to create one. First, identify the best punch line in your song; thereafter come up with some links, embed them on your music site. Voila! And you will have everything done.

Moreover, if you are using a wordpress-powered site it is even much simple. This is so, thanks to the available and easy-to-use plugins on wordpress, where it allows its users to customize their posts. And if you are finding it hard to get the Click To Tweet software, simply search for it under the plugin search. Thereafter choose one, install it, you will be good to go. Conversely, this is a simple way to make your song lyrics become effective, as well as offer your fans the opportune moment to share the lyrics love.

Social media is arguably one of the tools that have revolutionized how musicians can control their career, in terms of getting fans. However, it normally depends on the kind of fans you want to get and the methodology of your preference. Nonetheless, I still recommend the above process as the simplest way to increase your fan base. Click To Tweet is ideally one of the smartest way to make your song lines more tweetable you can just slick lines from your mixtape and have a custom mixtape cover and use the lyrics to bait them to get your mixtape.. So if you are really interested in increasing your rankings in the market, go ahead and give it a try.

How To Find The Best Publicist For Your Music

Tips on Finding the Best Publicist for your Band

To  get noticed and heard in the music industry in this age of the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it takes effective publicity which involves good communication and teamwork.  The best publicist is one who works on independent releases and you can feel they connect with you and has proven to be able to connect with the audience using modern and standard channels.  Finding the ideal publicist for your band will cost you though; here are the 10 best tips to help you through this process, whether you are looking for a permanent publicist, for your next tour or album.

  1. Check there track record: When searchhing for a quality music publicist, among the initial details you will get about them besides the name is how long they have been handling Public Relations for which musicians presently or have in the past.  You should also find out where else they featured in, and have a look at their blogs and try find if you know any writers, media producers in the music press and the media they may have had solid relations with because positive work sells itself.

  2. Follow referrals, read Reviews: If you expect to hire a publicist that will be aggressive in hunting for you, you have to do the hunting yourself.  It is much easier to find reliable information today on these subjects because of the internet, take advantage of it.  Talk to referrals and check out publicist reviews and make a list of a few.  Every now and then you come across a name, on a blog referral and your heart will feel it when you know it’s the perfect fit for your needs.  Follow any promising link and gather information before moving forward.

  3. What’s the Publicist’s current client roster: The best place to start following a promising lead?  If you follow a referral that takes you to the contact of the publicist, find out how effective they are in promoting their clients and what techniques they are using to see if it is what you are looking for.  However, I would advise you to consider only publicists who currently have not so many campaigns running, you need to find a publicist who will have time for you and who can give your music the attention it takes to truly absorb and feel it.

  4. Find a publicist that specializes in your music genre: this is a very important point many bands and solos overlook, yet it is very important.  Just because a publicist is doing amazingly well promoting a friend who plays jazz doesn’t mean they can turn your next rock tour into a cosmic travel.  Be smart, look out for the small things.  A publicist may take your project because you have talent, but unless they feel you first, you will not really get efficiently understand each other.

  5. Your publicist and your audience must connect:  This means that your publicist must be on the same page with your kind of crowd.  You don’t need to be supporting the same football team or watch the same TV shows but you must see that you can form a connection outside the studio and office.  Make a friend first and you will make a wonderful partner.  Your publicist should not only understand but ‘know’ how to be your fan second.

  6. Good communication breeds teamwork:  While assessing a potential publicist for suitability to handle your PR, get to know how forthcoming they are on information such as schedules, fees, plans and everything else.  The best publicist is not one that uses and industry jargon to end every sentence, it is one that communicates the clearest and in time.

  7. What do they think about your music?  When considering a candidate to be your publicist, you would want him or her to be your fan, but if not a mentor who believes you have the potential to reach out and turns millions of people out there into your fans.  Get your mixtape to the publicist ( make sure it has a fire ass mixtape cover and look for the belief and enthusiasm that comes with good communication.

  8. Set expectations and make them clear:  Before you chose your publicist, it is important to set the right expectations and be clear on what you are seeking.  Do you want a local or an international campaign?  Do you want a publicist to handle press and organize tours or just a PR manager to connect with fans online?  You should also understand when the publicist is available and what opportunities they see.  Setting expectations MUST go both ways for it to work.

  9. Responsiveness:  How long did it take for the publicist to respond when you approached them about working together?  Did they have time for you or did they just pass you on to an assistant?  Being a musician is not a job, it is your life, and you should expect to find a publicist that is prompt, pays attention to detail and understands more than just audio and visual communication and responds to them.  Trust me, you will come back here and thank me I pointed this out.

  10. Budget: Finally, find out how much it will cost you to hire the right publicist.  Can you afford what they are asking?  Based on the duration of the contract, does your band have sufficient finances to keep the publicist comfortable and dedicated even if things go south?  Remember that hiring the best publicist could be costly considering you just got a team member whose fruits are not instantaneous.

You are now set to find the best referral for your next album, tour or public relations project.


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