What All Music Artist Can Learn From Slim Jesus

It’s crazy how many musicians are made at the new internet sensation Slim Jesus.But instead of hating on him you need to realize there is a ton of slick psychological marketing behind everything he did and actually all musicians need can learn a lot from him from a music marketing aspect.Here are 3 subliminal marketing tactics he used to get people to pay attention and listen to his music.

The first thing is his name.His name was formerly Slim Swag,he actually had a girl look (as you can see in the pic on the left lol because he had the Eminem look and he was skinny as hell so he said his name was Slim Swag.

Then he decided to become a rapper, and change his look and with the look came a name change.He said in his interview that he kept the first part of the name slim because he knew people would think he was trying to come at or compare himself to Slim Shady and at least check out his music,and he decided to change swag to Jesus for the wow factor.His whole goal was make his name catchy and original and make people think in their head he seems like he would have some shit to talk about in his music with a name like that.

So artist make sure you have a catchy,original, or tagline to your name that will build curiosity or stick out to music fans. For example the name 2 chainz & Wiz Khalifa or name that stand out and people will remember them.

2 He Created A Angle.He openly admitted his music is fake.As we know half the artist in the music industry are fake,but there hasn’t been an artist to date to say their music is fake and they don’t do the shit they rap about.He is music is about money and murder,but like I said he openly admits he doesn’t do any of that type of stuff he raps about he just grew up listening to drill music and it influenced the way he raps.

I’m not saying to say your a fake rapper lol that’s his lane, but he created an angle to create a buzz and that’s what you as an artist need to do.Don’t you notice are rappers are always in the news before they drop an album. An angle for example can be anything fr example 50 cent used the fact that he got shot 9 times,Fetty wap said in an interview I knew when  people seen I was missing an eye it would get them talking that’s why it took him awhile to say what really happened to his eye his publicist  let people make up their own stories and create a buzz about him and it worked.

You the artist need to dig into yourself and use an interesting situation to make people want to know more about you maybe  you beat 20 dope cases, maybe you almost died in a car accident.you need to sell your story to people also.

3.Bait Marketing with screenshots,photos and cover art.Slim Jesus was smart when he created his video and he  damn near makes you press play to hear what he has to say by his video screenshot.Its a scrawny white guy named Slim Jesus with a 9 millimeter with an infrared beam on it and he is surrounded by goons and his song is titled Drill Time.

Anyone who sees this screenshot who listens to rap would press play on the video to see what he has to say so a they can either say he is a goon or b he is fake,but either way it got him 4 million views on his video and that’s what its all about is getting views and exposure.Some people obviously liked it because now  he is getting paid shows and traveling the world.
So always make you use curiosity marketing tactics when you pushing videos, getting your mixtape cover art created, press releases etc.

Musicians Make Sure You Can Be Found On Google Search

As an indie artist you have to always think of new way to get your music to the world and reach other markets by going on tours, social media and more.It’s a lot of work to make it as an independent musician these days ,but well worth it. It’s great you do all that,but there is one thing a lot of artist forget and it is one of the most crucial things when it comes to branding yourself as a musician online.

Can you been found in Google search when someone types in your name?

Let’ s say this for example your do an A&R showcase for Grand Hustle Records and their are 30 acts,but you have a good performance and after the showcase the A&R comes up to you and says good performance and ask you for your group name again.You give it to them and they go home and type your group name in Googles search engine and some random artist or company pops ups.

You have to brand your artist or group name online just like you  would offline.You need to make it easy for people to find you especially if you want to be discovered and book shows if they can’t find you how can they contact you.Hell you don’t know what oppurtunities you might have already possibly missed because people can’t find you online.

So,I know your thinking in your head dam what do I have to do to be found on Google. Well I’m going to tell you some things to think about and what you can do to get your artist name to the top of the search engines.

Your artist name.You have to think about it like this how many other musician have the exact name as you?Probably alot.In the online world your going to have to figure out a tag line or something you can add to your name so it sand can be found online.

A lot of artist create custom hashtags,remove letters,add numbers,or spell their name differently to make sure they’re name and brand standout online, remember you want to make it easy for people to find your music not some other artist when there using Google search engine.

High Ranking Authority Sites For Branding

You should have a musician website, with links to all of your social media sites so fans can connect with you on multiple platforms.The key to get your artist name branded online and at the top of the search engines is to have accounts on sites that have high domain authority with Google.(all that means is that they rank high in the search engines already and receive a lot of traffic.)

So what you need to do is create an account on these sites and upload your music ,logos, etc.Make sure on every account you create you use the same username you plan on branding yourself with online on every site, make sure you link to all your social media accounts,and you have a complete bio written so fans can connect with your story.

Here are 15 Websites That Will Boost Your Brand Or Artist Name Online Guaranteed.

1.Tumblr.com2.Reddit Music













These are music sites,music blogs,and social media sites that allow you to post your music and they are high authority sites online and we get you indexed in Google fast so you are searchable.Even if you only use these sites once they will still help brand your name online,but you can continue to post content to these sites whenever you like.
So can people find you when they type your name in Google? If not you have everything you need now.If you are in Google search I still suggest putting your content on these sites as it will only increase your online reputation and get you more exposure.

Scam Alert : Don’t Pay For Music Promotion Until You Read This

After you finish your mixtape and have your mixtape cover artwork created by a professional. The next step is promoting your music.When it comes to promoting music most artist are clueless,on how or where they should promote their music at,and there’s nothing wrong with that you’re a musician not a music marketer.But what you don’t want to get is fall victim to the quick fix syndrome and end up getting scammed by a bs music promoter/music promotion company.

For example, there are these fake music marketing companies/ fake music promoters who promise you they can help your music career by increasing your Facebook likes,Instagram Likes, Youtube views etc.These people prey on indie artist selling them a dream that their services really will help their rap career and it’s fucked up because you could be spending your hard earned money on real music promotion that will really help your career.

The artists who do business with these type of people or companies are suffering from the quick fix syndrome.Instead of building a solid team of people that will help build their music brand and gaining fans organically, they rather pay for a service that can allegedly build their brand at the push of a button.Trust me it will never work .The way to build your fanbase is to connect with people and drop quality music.

Here are some common signs to watch out for to make sure your not getting hustled by a music promotion company or music promoter.

  1. They will work with artist without hearing any of their music first.Which means they will work with everyone.

That’s a strike right there. A music promoter or company shouldn’t be willing to work with anyone.If they have quality connects they wouldn’t want to send them shitty music,that would be a bad look on their name.They should always want to hear your music first to make sure they can get results for your project.

  1. Do they offer “email blasts”?

More Bullshit., this is usually another sign of someone trying to take advantage of an indie artist who doesn’t know any better.Especially the email blast where they promise to get your music to major record labels,music blogs,magazines etc. I want you to find me one artist who says they received a record deal or even an interview from a music blog from using an email blast campaign.Nobody exactly! Music marketing has to be real and organic than that.

  1. Fake Twitter,Facebook, And Instagram Likes

There are companies out there that can get you genuine likes and views,but when someone promises you a certain amount of real likes within a certain amount of days is a liar. Getting real Facbook likes  likes takes time and getting fake likes from these type of companies/promoters can get your profile banned and  kill your social media marketing campaign before it even gets started.

  1. Do They Sell YouTube Views And Claim There From Real Human Viewers?

Yeah Sounds Good lol.. Even when they swear up and done that they don’t generate views from bots sorry to break the news to you they do. Youtube has zero tolerance on these type of activities, and I’ve worked with hundreds of artist who have actually tried these types of services on one of their Youtube video and they got their channel banned completely.So your better off just pushing your video and really getting it seen by music fans.

  1. Do they offer services that anyone can do by themselves like tweeting, branding advice etc?

If they try to charge you to tweet about you or send  your press release to blogs they’re trying to hustle you.Anyone can send an email and with a little Google research you can find the right people to contact. A real music promoter or whoever you hired to further your music career should be focusing on getting you real opportunities like licensing deals,radio ads,reviews,and bookings.

  1. They don’t have proof of any results they’ve received  for other clients or don’t have a client list at all?

The first thing a real music promoter or any company does to show their credibility is provide a list of clients they have worked for and things they have achieved as a company.If they cant show you proof of their accomplishments don’t waste your time with them.And I’m not talking about shows they’ve thrown with known artist that doesn’t do shit for you.You need to work with someone who has gotten their clients interviews, radio placement etc.

  1. Do they offer the famous digital distribution service?Lol

Paying for Digital distribution thru a music promoter is a dam joke and the said thing is I’ve worked with artist who have actually done it. If you want digital distribution do it yourself just go to Itunes and pick what stores you want to sell in digitally and your done.If someone offers you digital distribution and tires to charge you a fee laugh at them  and walk away.

How To Get Your Music On Tv Shows Like Love And Hip Hop

Whether you’re a music company or an artist in general, there comes a point in your career when you have to ask yourself a question, how do people, and how can you get your music on TV shows, Video games, and in commercials. Needless to say that if you manage to do so, your career as a musician will take a giant leap forward. So on behalf of the entire music industry let’s clarify exactly how would you go about making the above stated happen?

The first thing that you need to learn is the fact that there is a person out there who’s title is the “music supervisor”. A music supervisor is a person whose main and only job is to go over songs and select the few that meet the required standard for their upcoming project. In other words, a music supervisor is a person who you need to send your E-mail to!

How to find a music supervisor?

However it may sound, it isn’t as complicated as it seems. For starters, music supervisors are individuals which are open to the public, and a minimum amount of research will get you a few E-mail from music supervisors which are currently working on music for an upcoming commercial, movie or video game. Bear in mind, that not every music supervisor is looking for what you have to offer, so what you should do is just look for shows that play your genre of music and contact those music supervisors.

For example if you watch Love & Hip Hop they play hip hop and relationship songs all throughout the show so if you make songs catered toward those topics you need to contact their music supervisor and submit your music to them.There music supervisors name is Doug Bernheim this is his link to contact him on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/dougbernheim . Please don’t just start spamming him with your music .(I explain below the proper way to contact them thru email)

What to do and what not to do

First thing’s first, you need to write an E-mail that actually makes sense. What do we mean by this? It’s a well-known fact that music supervisors get hundreds of E-mail daily, so you need to make your E-mail stand out. The first thing that any music supervisor hates most is an E-mail that has an MP3 attached to it. Its clutters up their inbox, so your E-mail will probably go to the trash can, and will probably get blocked as well! What you should do is simply put a subject line that looks something like “a song with a lot of hype”.

Doing this will pique the interest of almost anybody, and in doing so will almost guarantee that your E-mail gets opened.

What should your E-mail contain?

Like we have mentioned before, under no circumstance should you attach your mixtape covers or mp3’s file to your mail. What you should do is upload your music to popular online multimedia sharing services like SoundCloud, this will allow your E-mail to only have a couple of lines of text including the link to your music. Doing this will almost certainly make your music supervisor of choice open the link and at least listen to a couple of seconds of your work. If your music is what he or she was looking for, you might be on your way to become a star.

Another thing that we feel that we should mention is the fact that a lot of music supervisors tend to use instrumentals instead of full tracks, so be sure to upload an instrumental of your work, and an acapella version and attach the link to your E-mail as well.

Other methods

There are other ways for you to get your songs to be listened to without going through all of the trouble we talked about. We are of course talking about companies like ASCAP or BMI. However, if you chose this method you need to know that it will cost you some money. On one hand, companies like these ask the user to pay a fee, or they sign a contract with you which allows them to take a part of your profit if your song gets on TV.Doing this type of business can prove to be profitable for you as these companies tend to communicate with music supervisors on a daily basis and furthermore, they have a relationship that lasts a long time.

In conclusion

Whichever method you wish to use to get your music featured in T.V. shows and in video games, you need to realize that things won’t happen on their own, you need to be persistent in what you do, and never stop grinding.. Keep going strong and pave your way to the big leagues.

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Becoming a Professional Rapper: Basic but Effective Steps to Follow

Rap music, especially hip-hop, has grown to become a global phenomenon with most successful artists writing songs about their wild lifestyle and  enormous wealth.  Who wouldn’t want to get a piece of that?  Beyond the guns, money, bling, shiny cars and groupies, rap music is an art and a powerful form of expression that adds complexity to the human language, the human voice and pushes the extremes of entertainment technology to produce high quality, unique rhythm and rhymes.

Profane or profound, hip-hop rap music is suited for any message. For example you could specialize in rapping about the hardships when you lived the street life. A musician often curves out a niche they identify most with and deliver their most personal messages to the target audience.Humans are different and as such, some fans will fall for the beats, others for the rhymes and some will just love the person, you.


There are 3 things you must pay attention to if you want to turn your music into a business.: Your lyrics, the beats; and the album or mixtape cover.  Since you have already produced your tracks, this post will focus on the last and most overlooked ingredient: how your mixtape cover affects your success.


How your mixtape cover can make you a star

Based on a study conducted by psychologist researchers at Princeton University in the US, it only takes a human being 0.1 of a second to fall in love with something they process visually (see) and between 10 and 120 seconds to love something they listen to.  This means that when you produce your music and compile a mixtape, the most effective and realistic way to capture an audience that has not listened to that music is by appealing to their visual senses, you need a relevant attention grabbing  professional mixtape cover.

Since your mixtape cover is the first thing that people associate with you and your music, a smart artist will make sure the cover paints a picture in viewers head to give them an idea of what the music will sound like.  Remember first impression is everything and once someone looks at you a  certain way it’s hard  change their mind.

How to get a professional mixtape cover that will make music fans listen to your music

I will not tell you what to do, but I will give a few tips that will point you in the right direction.  First off, just like your mixtape cover design can sell your image and generate you new fans before they listen to your music, getting a poorly done mixtape cover will give you the exact opposite results: people will dislike your cover,and they won’t give your mixtape a chance.  Something as simple as a cover can make or break your music career at any stage of development and you know it; how you handle this obstacle will determine how solid you lay music career foundation.

The first thing you should know is, if you are a good musician, chances are that you are good with words, not pictures and graphics; don’t pretend to be because you will appear as clueless and amateurish as a painter trying to spit dope rhymes.  Truth is, you must hire a professional who specializes in mixtape design and can back it up with impressive work samples and a convincing portfolio.  Please don’t sabotage yourself by trying to design your own mixtape cover.

When looking for a professional mixtape cover designer, do your research well and compare several potential designers before settling for one that meets your expectations in professionalism, experience and expertise and of course, portfolio.  If you are unsure on what a great mixtape cover portfolio looks like, look at this impressive collection by Mixtape Cover King to get an idea.

Last word of advice?

I usually tell anyone who cares to listen that when you want something done right, you have to find the right person.  In this age of the internet, finding the best mixtape cover designer online or any other professional for that matter seems easy, but remember that any person can create a Facebook and a twitter page, create a portfolio from other people’s works and convince you to buy a shitty cover by making you believe it wins. So don’t destroy your music career so you can try and save $10.

dreamchasers cover artlionss

An example of a stolen mixtape cover design.  In music, you either have it or not; you cannot ride on someone’s back.  A fake cover designer is more likely to just edit an existing little-known cover by a professional designer, like in this image,a real designer will create you a custom design from scratch.

The point is, finding a professional online is easy, but finding a genuine professional takes deeper research. Never hire someone to lay the foundation of your stardom for just $10, unless you are sure they can deliver.  A reputable mixtape cover designer cares more about converting your music and your personality into a unique, catchy graphic that will sell your music.

Mixtape Cover Design Information That You Cannot Afford To Miss

I understand being a music artist takes alot of drive,time and hard-work, and for this reason, alot of artist hardly get time to do some essential things. I get having a busy schedule, trying to secure television interviews, performing in music concerts, and many other things. However, this does not justify their actions by not concentrating on other essential things.

Many musicians, if not all, fail to focus on what their mixtape cover will look like. Now this is where many artists fail, and thereafter blame the music producers and fans for not giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent,but artist have to realize that your graphic are what baits people into checking out your music.

If you’re planning on releasing a single or mixtape, it is an important to think about your cover design. For starters, cover design refers to all the efforts put in place to decorate a mixtape cover, so that it can be attractive to its target market. There are a number of things that should be done, to come up with an irresistible mixtape cover design. Nonetheless, it does not matter which process you will use, the main thing is to ensure that the cover design depicts the kind of music content which lies within the mixtape.  The underlying point is that a musician should treat his/her mixtape with all the seriousness it deserves.

Some of you might be tempted to think that this whole process is a waste of time; nevertheless, I can assure you that a  cover design is one of the best and cost-efficient marketing tools in today’s music market. Your cover art has the ability to determine whether your mixtape will succeed or fail. If this part of mixtape production process is not carried out correctly, or as it is required, an artist might forever remain at the bottom and fail to make a breakthrough in the industry.

The only challenging thing is actually finding a designer who can make you a music industry quality mixtape cover, with there being so many bullshit designers online.Also don’t fall for these fake mixtape cover designing tools online they are crap.I know you probably have a small budget being an indie artist .but don’t ever try to create your own cover unless you experienced using photoshop or mixtape cover designing tools.I am sorry to burst your bubble, but you will probably end up creating a poor mixtape cover design which can be detrimental to your music career. It can attract a pack of haters to your music career. So what should you do to evade such tricky situations? In this case, you should at least consult experienced people in the game, where they will make a right decision for you.

A mixtape cover design ought to be impressive in a positive manner. It has to be Hi quality and interesting! Ideally, if you want your mixtape to be incorporated with special things in the cover design, you should work with an expert; who does what he does best!

In addition, you should look out for a designer who can connect with musicians, and has the ability to design what an artist really wants. In short, an impressive cover design which does not connect with the music content is a complete waste of time. It is always important to have a mixtape cover design that not only represents the music content, but also says something about the artist. Music research has it that many music lovers will first want to listen to a sample of your mixtape before buying it, so you should optimize on this opportunity and ensure that your music is good enough to match up with the stunning cover design.

There are alot of  elements involved in making an amazing Mixtape cover design. must Such as; color and pattern. When these two factors are integrated correctly, it will bring about an interesting cover design which will trigger a potential music fan to buy your product. However, a good design does not end up on the color and pattern only, but it must also includes a personal sense of style. In this context, all you need to do is take your time, and think about an interesting concept before you produce your mixtape.

Having settled on a given design, you will just explain it to your designer, who will turn it into something special. Nevertheless, if you need cover designs that will demand attention, then you should go for Mixtape Cover King. I mean mixtape cover designs that will thrust you from oblivion into stardom. Being experts in this game, they will ensure that you get what you want, at a pocket friendly rate. In addition, professionals understand how a professional mixtape cover design is important to a musician or rapper, and they will do everything possible to give you their best shot.

Furthermore, mixtape cover designs serve  as an introduction to the music content to curious fans; however, enough care should be taken as it can be negative or positive depending on its appearance. Moreover, a cover design tells more about things such as; the artist’s talent, personality, and abilities. I personally know that artists usually struggle hard to be where they are, and you deserve a chance to be recognized in the game, and the road to this kind of recognition includes incorporating an impeccable mixtape cover design.

Affordable Graphics For Musicians On A Budget.

Music Industry Quality Mixtape Covers For Independent Artist..

The music biz has changed drastically over the last 5 years for independent artist.Those good ol days of records labels trying to sign an artist just because they have a good song is over.These labels want you to already have a fanbase already established, a website, merchandise etc. I mean it makes sense why would a person or company want to invest in someone who won’t invest in themselves.

The problem is that it can expensive being an independent artist paying for everything yourself especially when you have other bills you have to worry about like rent, insurance, phone bill etc Hell I didn’t even have a custom logo design for my label for like 2 months after I started it lol because it was so damn expensive. Like I said I’m also an independent artist so trust me I know first hand how costly it can be,

The music game is all about money I mean I get it,but what about helping an indie artist out  with good music who is serious about their music career ,but doesn’t have a big budget?

Well that’s what I believe in doing, Why? Well because l I been in your shoes before. That’s why I decided to give back to all my independent artist and provide you with a way to save you some money.

So whether you need you a music logo design to make your brand look sharp and professional or you have a mixtape you want to release and you need a unique cheap custom mixtape cover I’m here to help you out and provide you with Hi quality graphics just like the major artist minus the price.

Now instead of spending $100 a hr or $100 -$300 for a custom design you can get the same quality work for an affordable price and still be able to compete with the big dogs.Everybody knows the music industry (especially the rap niche) is all about your look and image,so it’s a must that you have top of the line graphics so you can blend in with the major label artist and you don’t get looked at as a cheap filler artist.

So if you’re looking for your own personal go to designer for all your  graphic needs who isn’t gonna charge you an outrageous price,and still provide you with the quality graphics you deserve.Feel free to contact me anytime at MixtapeCoversKing@gmail.com .
Here is an example of my work before and after.


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Music Artist Is Your Job Destroying Your Music Grind?

Why Do Musicians Put More Effort Into A Dead End Job Than Building Their Music Career?

Do you think your job is more important than your music career?Of course all music artist have the same answer no,but the fact is they probably spend 8hrs or more a day working for a contractor or a company they under pays them and doesn’t value their work.

Hell there is times they even put in overtime and get extra hours at a job they hate, but yet and still they don’t even invest 2 to 4 hrs  of their own time  consistently promoting their music they claim is more important to them.

Every artist has the same response well it pays the bills and trust me I understand that, but does is it really going to help you build a future for your family and give you financial security(don’t forget that company you’re giving your 8hrs to everyday was started by someone else’s dream and you’re helping them accomplish it ,so hell you should be trying to accomplish your own dreams also.)

What I’m pretty much saying is don’t be a paint brush in someone else’s masterpiece paint your own. I understand you have to start from the bottom and work to pay bills etc,but what I’m pretty much saying is are do you want to be stuck at a dead end job or the next 30 years or do you want real become a music artist and touch people with your music?

You have to treat music like it’s your other job.You need to dedicated a certain amount of time everyday so you can promote your music and brand if your trying to be successful in the oversaturated music business your music needs to be your main  Priority.

For example if you have a mixtape dropping add coming soon on the front of the mixtape cover, print some of them off and flood the city with the prints  to create a buzz about your project.There are thousands of  musicians you have to stay in font of the fans faces.You need to push your brand and message of you songs to the media and fans everyday so you can stay relevant.

Start by planning where you are going to promote your music on a daily basis. Get some 5×5 flyers printed with your mini bio, links to your music, you mixtape cover graphics, and your contact info.Another bonus is if you have a cd sampler to hand out with the branding flyer that will be the icing on the cake.

The reason why the branding flyers work better to me is because they get a sample of your bio so they can connect with your story on a personal level. Another good marketing too is having a DVD with live and  behind the scenes footage where fans can learn more about you and your music. You have to think outside the box when you’re a musician to get to the next level.

Please don’t take this the wrong way I’m not saying there is something wrong with working for a for the next 10 to 20 years,and hopefully moving up in the company,but is that what you really want to do forever?

I doubt it in your heart your a musician, and if you’re like me you got in musstory and inspire people. Your job as a musicians is to connect with music fans and have an impact on their lives people go thru some much bullshit in a day sometimes they just want to escape it and feel good so let your music be their therapy.

You need to setup amusic marketing calendar where everyday or 3 times a week you get out and promote your music in other areas and start building your fanbase so you can live your dream and be a full time musician.

7 Things Indie Artist Must Have To Make It In The Music Business

Learn How To Make It In The Music Business

  • Drive/Work Ethic: There are plenty of creative talented artist who still never make it in the music game due their lack of drive and poor work ethic As an independent artist you need to consistently create new music and I’m  not talking about  just when your girl lets you record or you get fired from your job and now you’re back to being a rapper.You have to do this shit for real your music is what reels in your fans..Also you should be promoting your music as many ways as you can just not on Facebook, and Twitter you have to think outside the box when it comes to your promting your music and actually take action.Your work ethic/drive is what will make or break you in this business.


  • Knowledge Of The Business: Just like anything in this world if you don’t know the rules of the game, most likely, you’ll lose. So many indie artist waste all their damn time on social media sites trying to get likes instead of using their time wisely and learning how the music operates.The internet can give you access to all the tools you need to make it in the industry,but you have to do a little research, but trust me it’s worth.it. Like they say knowledge is power and learning the business side will save you time and money in the long run.So instead of being on facebook all day take some time out and Google music marketing strategies, how to get royalties etc.


  • Common Sense: We all know to be successful it takes hard work,but you have to work smart also..Don’t waste your money on marketing that you can track to verify if it was worth the money, stop spamming people with your music who aren’t even in your ideal target audience, and the last thing is stop performing at the same venues to the same crowd of people over and over and wonder why your fanbase ain’t growing.


  • How To Build Relationships : Networking is mandatory in the music business.Once you realize that.and then you start to utilize your resources your fanbase will grow fast.As an artist your going to need connections with Dj’s club promoters, and graphic designers who can make you a flyer,stunning mixtape cover or whater promo material you will need to build your brand.Also You have to stop trying to be the man in your city and network with other artist that are the same caliber or doing more in their music career then you it will help you get more exposure guaranteed.


  • A Team: Alot of artist think they can make it in the music business all alone, but that’s B.S I  understand you’re a hustler and you got some money to play with,but the fact of the matter is there is only 24hrs in a day and there is alot of behind the scenes shit that has to be done in order to get your career to the next level.This business is all about strength in numbers!You need a team of people who believe in your music and are dedicated to promoting your brand.Also, new listeners rather  hear the opinion of someone else about your music, then to hear your opinion about it.. Having  a team of people who vouch for your music is a good way to draw  more potential fans.


  • Make Good Music: Anyone can make a song but everyone can’t make a hit.If you don’t have talent and can make a hit song you won’t make it to far in the music business.I’m not talking about songs for your hood or some city for your city that nobody heard of you have to make songs that the whole world can relate to.If no one likes your music there not gonna give you any money point blank period.I know in your head you’re  thinking well what about all the bullshit that plays on the  radio all the time.But I guarantee they have a good team behind them from engineers,writers and producers and on top of that I guarantee their work ethic is off the charts, how do you think they got on the radio in the first place.


  • Money Just like any business it takes money to make money and the music business operates with the same principals.You need to have a budget to spend on your music marketing and branding. Don’t try to go the cheap rout and getting freebies(you get what you pay for lol) when you release a mixtape you need to have an Immaculate mixtape cover


Are You In Music Debt And Don’t Know It

As an independent artist in the music game nowadays artist branding and music promotion is more important then its ever been.There are tons of mixtape websites and music blogs that allow independent artist to share and promote their music online and most of these sites get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to their site. Now, depending on who your trying to target with your music (Keep in mind everybody shouldn’t be your target audience if your really trying to be successful you can’t please the world you have know your lane if you want to succeed) and if you put real work into building your image, brand, telling your story,etc this will help you standout and gain popularity fast.

But just like these sites can help you they can hurt you and you can end up in music debt.Alot of artist are in music debt and they don’t even know it hell you might even be in music debt also.You will find out today if you are.You might not know what I’m talking about when I  say music debt so let me explain it to you and give you an example of an artist in music debt.

If you don’t invest the time and money to make sure you music quality,image, and graphics are professional from your mixtape cover design,logos,flyers,etc  you could be committing artist suicide aka music debit .Music debit is when you destroy your first impression with music fans by having a shitty mixtape cover,or your songs aren’t mastered properly and sounds like shit. What this does is the next time you go to release a mixtape, single or album people will be hesitant to re-listen to you, because you already gave them a bad impression about your music and your brand.So even if you have the hottest song in the world on your new mixtape and even have a custom mixtape cover people still most likely they won’t give you a second chance with so many artist dropping music every minute of the day.

As an artist you can’t sell yourself short because your really just hurting in the long run because people like to judge off what you use to do. Ever move should be a calculated professional move always make sure anything that represents you and your brand is professional so people give you the proper respect you deserve as an artist.Just think about what goes thru your mind when you see them give you a cd with shitty graphics, they wrote the tracklist on the cd with a marker and you can’t understand shit their saying because the levels are off.You probably laugh and won’t ever buy their music again….well don’t put yourself in the same category and end up in music debt and kill your career before it even really gets started.Your reputation, and brand is all you have in the music business and you need to protect it with your life.With so many people doing music it’s easy to get pushed behind so make sure your graphics,brand and music standout.


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