Why your music career isn’t taking off.

Being a music graphic designer I hear thousands of artist on a monthly basis and I must admit there is alot of talent out there but the problem is artist don’t know how to get their product in front of people.

The thing is that artist actually don’t need a marketing team you can learn how to promote yourself it just takes time and some reading. Nowadays with the internet you can learn how to do anything you need to know especially market.You can go to Google right now and type in music marketing and tons of sites will pop up with information, and honesty learning it yourself will give you knowledge you can use for the rest of your music career and you can save some money plus we all know knowledge is power.

You can’t keep doing the samething and expect different results.I see alot of artist who have 5 or 6 mixtapes out when they have hits on their 1st mixtape but they didn’t push it properly.Artist got the game twisted its not about quantity its about quality.Artist want to brag about how many mixtapes they have out but what did you make from them how many shows did you get from your mixtape? You should promote your mixtape for at least 3 months and you shouldn’t be working on your next mixtape until you properly push the first one Whenever you release a mixtape you need  to have a custom mixtape cover and a marketing blueprint that your going to follow and make sure everytime you try different methods and once you find methods that work milk em.

There are tons of online and offline music marketing techniques that you can use from flyer marketing, music blogs which are real poweful,magazines and much more.You whole focus is getting your music in front of as may faces as possible because the music niche is a numbers game and you have to think outside the box and have drive to be successful in this business.So stop using the same marketing techniques that aren’t getting results.



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