How to build a fanbase and make money with your music

Boy has the music game changed from back in the day ever since the internet hit, and the major labels hate it because now artist don’t have to be slaves to the record labels anymore because you can build your own fanbase now online and sell your music digitally.

The internet allows you to connect with people on a whole different level and it allows you the artist the opprutunity to get your music heard and make alot of money without any record label at all just like Kevin Gates.

Say what you want about Kevin Gates , but you have to respect the hustle he is making a killing online and doing shows he grossed 2.3 million last year alone and he said over %43 came from the internet sales. The thing about it is that any artist can do the samething you just have to have a blueprint set up like he did and its not even that hard. I’m going to give you 3 things that Kevin Gates does that you should apply to your music marketing hustle to help you build a solid fanbase you can connect with and of course help you sell music and products.

1.Custom website-.First thing first the first a website is mandatory you should look at your website like your online trap spot you have complete control over your own site you can sell whatever you want on your site. When people look for you online they don’t  want to you shouldn’t have to say check me out on Reverbnation/ blah blah or checkout my facebook page at facebook/ blah blah .You need to have a web address just for you it should be this makes you look like a serious professional artist. All your songs and videos should always be released from your website your whole goal is to get the traffic to your site.

2.Building An Email List- This is such a crucial marketing strategy and so many artist don’t do it. When it come to building an email list you can control your income forever. I’m going to use Beyonce for example when she release her cd without any promotions well thats kinda true but the way she did it was the email list.Just think about when you go to these artist sites they have you enter your email to get tour dates, free gifts, unreleased tracks etc  the whole purpose behind them doing that is to generate thousand of leads to promote songs and products to later. So think about how easy it is to make sell a new single or new shirt you release if you have an email list of 20, 000 people already interested in your services. I think you get where I’m going with this. When you release new singles etc just don’t give them to the people have them enter their email  to get your new track and if they don’t who cares because they probably wouldn’t buy from anything from you anyway your focus is the people who join the list you can market to forever.

3.Selling Singles- Breaking down the mixtape and pushing each song by itself to get maximum profits. Dropping mixtapes with a amazing mixtape cover is coo but the money is in the singles.Look at it like this most people drop about 1- 4 mixtapes a year which is good but there are hundreds of thousands of rappers dropping mixtapes also so its easy for someone to forget about you with so much material coming out daily. This is where hustling the singles comes into play. The whole goal is staying  relevant and this will help you stay in front of fans faces on a regular basis.

For example instead of releasing a 12 song mixtape once a year release 1 single a month for 12 months. This keeps you relevant and your giving the fans new material on a regular basis and this allows you to put a month of promo into each track and sell the song individually which equals more money. Just like in hustlin you make more money when you break it down lol .

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