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How To Make Thousands A Month Selling Beats Online

How To Make Money With Your Beats

It isn’t an uncommon idea for people who have been doing music production for a while to start selling their beats online, it provides constant income, and as you get better your clientele get bigger and with that comes a bigger income.

In fact, it isn’t that difficult to do, there are no pillars of documentation to be signed, and the process for you to sell beats online can be set up in a matter of 48 hours. This is the right thing to do, every effort you make to make your music better is time well spent and you should get paid for it.

Should you be selling your beats?

Chances are that you have been creating beats for a long time, and within this time frame you given out hundreds if not thousands of beats to your friends, or you just uploaded them to the internet for people to listen and to download in hope that you will make a name for yourself.

The first thing you need to consider is the fact that by giving away free beats to rappers all around the world provides no money income, so effectively you are wasting your time trying to promote yourself while there are many ways for you to promote your beats and to make some good money on the side. Especially if you consider music production to be your primary source for money income.

First of all you need to realize that the effort you put into making high quality beats has value, so the ideal thing for any music producer would be to start monetizing your products as soon as possible. While giving away beats for free is a good way to make a name for yourself, it is generally considered a good idea for you to sell your best products. The business model behind this is simple, give away mid-grade quality beats for hot artist to use on their mixtape, so people recognize your talent, so they could purchase your high-grade material

Where can you sell your products?

When it comes to selling your music material in general, there are 3 primary ways for any music producer to sell their creations.

  • Marketing and selling over your site
  • Selling over dedicated website that already exist
  • Building a dedicated customer list

Don’t underestimate the importance of setting up your own website,you want to have full control over your business.It kills me how many people in this business don’t have a website.On top of everything is you make more money from your beats by cutting out the middlman site. Having a website that sells your beats make you a brand and it makes you standout from all the soundclick beatmakers. You will never take your career to the next level until you start branding yourself as a professional. And you can always feel free to market the website by yourself by linking it on related forums and newsgroups like Facebook. And it goes without saying that setting up a music shop on your website isn’t as complicated as you might think. The best thing about this is the fact that you have total control over everything, you decide which beats to sell and you decide how much they cost.

Another thing that we previously mentioned that you can sell your beats on already established websites like “Neo Sounds”. The benefits of selling your music in this way are vast. For example all of the websites that we discussed already have an established audience. So there are odds that you will start selling your beats even without proper marketing if your beats are good enough. This type of promotion can go a long way as it provides your beats to a lot of exposure.

Now, when building  clientele is involved, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. First of all you need to have a specific layer of clients in mind. This subjects to change, depending on the type of music and beats you produce. After this you should consider offering this closed group of people free beats in order to build a list of potential customers when you do start selling your musical products.

Beat selling software

Anybody who knows even a small amount of information when it comes to beat selling, is aware of beat selling software. But when it comes to this specific type of software. These pieces of software usually cost a little bit of money but the return is well worth it.After working with thousand of beat makers  the best and most affordable beat selling software all of the music producers are using  This software will allow you to have your own beat player you can add to any site or blog online and you can receive instant payment for your beats from people all around the world.

  • Automatic delivery, nobody likes an unsatisfied customer, its bad marketing in general. So an automatized delivery system integrated in the software where you sell your beats can go a long way in terms of customer relations and establishing a good clientele
  • Payment methods, it obvious which are the modern payment methods. Be sure to have all the common electronic payment methods at your disposal like MasterCard and PayPal
  • Sample music, when it comes to purchasing music or beats, buyers won’t throw away money needlessly, they need to hear what they are buying. So be sure to find software that allows playback of specific segments of the song or beat

Every beatmaker that is getting real money is running their business with the tools mentioned above. If your trying to turn this into a full time career, we sincerely hope that reading the above article helps you on your way to success as a music producer having this software is like having your own personal ATM machine. So are you ready to start getting paid for your hard work? Then click this link Start Making Money With Your Beats

Indie Artist Stopped Getting Pimped By Promoters

Indie Artist Stopped Getting Pimped By Promoters

Music in general is a business like any other, you exchange your services for money and that someone that you exchange your services to tries to make money off your service that is the general rule. But needless to say that the rules change when it comes to music, the music industry is oversaturated with various Graphic Artists that differ in quality, and when you have an over-saturated industry like the music industry there is a lot of room when it comes to foul play. It is a fact that a lot of people want to become Professional Musicians, and why would they? You get a lot of money for doing things you generally like. So the general interest in becoming a musician is fairly high, which is absolutely understandable because of the previously mentioned factors. Dishonest people take advantage of this, promising that they will promote your band at various events, for only a portion of the profit. The people I’m talking about are of course the so called promoters, but their name is a false representation of their interests in general.

What’s really going on?

If you have a good band that has a chance of making it in the big world of Musicians, odds are you already tried to promote your music in many ways. Some bands upload their songs to YouTube or Myspace, in any case your music is out there. These are the common places that the so called promoters look for bands that are trying to make a name for themselves. And like any good promoter they will offer you their services. Now it’s important to say that there are a lot of legit promoters out there, but keep in mind what you are signing up for when you are in the process of discussing the agreement. The general idea behind false promoters is that they will offer you a percent of the ticket sales, but only if you as a band sell twenty or so tickets. Good deal isn’t it? Well it isn’t. The twenty tickets you as a band purchase will roughly cost you 15 $ per ticket. So after and if you manage to sell them you will get about 3 $ per ticket sold. So where is the logic in that? It’s totally non profitable, well not for your band in any case.

Should you do it?

No way, no how, that should be your immediate answer. Its isn’t an unknown fact that promoters all around the world take advantage of naïve bands that don’t really know what they are doing when it comes to finances. And the sad part in all of this is the fact that the so called promoters actually get away with it all. After they do so, they simply move on to the next band they find. An interesting story of mine is that my friend actually had a band that has been promised a time-frame at a local revenue. The only thing they needed to do was sell thirty tickets. Which is what they did. It’s important to state that the show was a total success with over one hundred tickets sold. And after a good night of fun, the bottom line was they invested about 300 $ and their return money that they actually earned was 250 $. And the total amount of the money that the sold tickets accumulated was above 1500 $. Needless to say that is exactly what the promoter did. And he got away with the money. The next thing that we will be discussing is how things are done the right way and what you should be looking for.

How is it done professionally?

There are normally two methods of conducting this type of business professionally. Let’s say you are a rapper and you want a small performance in your local revenue. The organizers of the revenue set the prices and if they accept you as a performer they should negotiate your price and the ticket price. The promoters are only there to keep you and the organizer in contact and according to this they should be paid a small fee. When the money that you will be paid come to question the two most popular business models come in to question. A ticket sale percentage or a split price. The first is needless to say the most common, and best one if you feel that you will put up a good show. You get a small fee that is negotiated with the organizer and is directly correlated to the numbers of tickets sold. The split price is something that people do when they are not selling tickets, and it is most commonly referred as a fixed price contract where all the terms of payment are discussed before the show actually takes place so you know exactly how much money you will be making in the end.

How to do it in the right way?

You need to keep a sharp mind and eye, look for people that know what they are talking about, if you even as sense that foul play is at hand adjust your actions correspondently. For example, don’t be ashamed to ask some money in advance or ask the promoter or the organizer to cover your travel expenses before you start making the journey to the destination where you will put up a performance. Another thing that you should be aware is the fact that people quite often deceive and lie when it comes to payment, what we are trying to say is that people or promoters will quite often tell you that you will receive your money tomorrow or the day after, if you encounter this type of conduct ask for your money immediately because most of the time these people are stalling and don’t plan to give you money at all, so keep this in mind, it will help you a lot on your way to success in the music industry in general.

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