Use Your Mixtape Lyrics To Increase Your Mixtape Exposure

Well, if you did not know, Social media networks offers great marketing opportunities for rappers or musicians, however it can sometime work to your disadvantage if you do not know   how to use it appropriately and that goes fore other business. I have been in this niche for quite some time I can offer you a couple music marketing tips to get some attention to your mixtape, which you will never find in any other place. What always kills me is how many artists out there actually think that having millions of followers on social media will get them to stardom, in terms of music. For example, an artist having 100,000 plus followers on twitter might be tempted to think that even he/she shares their songs on their timeline,  that many people will be interested in that song or song lyric. Actually, you can have all those 100, 000 plus followers on twitter, and yet no one will respond to your tweet. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, because most of these followers are sometime spam followers, or do not know you as an artist! Moreover, you might have also tweeted unattractive tweet, which will not cause ripples within the social media arena.

A large number of artists use social media networks to develop their fan base, while some even launch their music career. However, without the required expertise in this game, it is very challenging for a musician to break through to reach his or her target audience. Well, it is possible, though it can be tough! As much as many artists will deny it, statistically they need the backing of these social media at some level. However, despite the possibility of reaching a higher number of fans, there are some barriers which if you are not careful, an artist can fail terribly. For example, there is a possibility that songs that were posted or tweeted like one or two years ago are still there, effectively competing with thousands of other songs. And for this reason, you need to have a catchy song lyric in order to outdo the ‘old’ songs, and ultimately attract more fans your way. So your how do you do that?

Are you interested in making some good money with your music? Well, you can achieve this by simply having your fans know your lyrics, and eventually buy them in return. Anyway let me get to facts, here is a clever way to make your song lyrics more tweetable, and even attract them to your site. Most of the experts in music industry usually claim that tweetable and short quotes are the proverbial diamond when it comes to social media sharing. Ideally, when you add up this knowledge with the fact that song lyrics can make awesome quotes, then an artist will reach for greatness without struggling a lot. Moreover this can be a good recipe for marketing and promoting your music online.

Music marketing is like a backbone to any artists’ career, and you need not to waste this chance. Nonetheless, if you want to tweet, lets say your song lyric, you can just find a catchy line and go ahead to tweet it up. However, this can be very tedious, especially when you do not have the time to tweet every time. So, what can you do in this situation? One can use a special tool known as Click To Tweet.

For those who do not know, this tool is pretty simple to advertise and promote your content, for example song lyrics, on twitter. I can recommend this that is if you do not have enough to type every time you want to tweet.

Furthermore, when you combine a catchy song lyric, with an encrypted version of Click to Tweet on your music site, you will not only make it easy for you to tweet, but it will also allow your fans to spread your lyrics or post to there followers qucik..

Moreover, keep in mind that lyrics make the best quotes and on this account, quotes can be the best treat for social media sharing! Do you see how cool it is? Just figure out this, imagine you embed few of these techniques in every page of your site. I tell you, it will be completely easy and efficient. You will even be inviting a fan or your followers to at least share your great lines. If you install it in your music website, you will be surprised to receive at least 4 retweets, and a number of favorites. By now I know you might be wondering how you can set up this whole thing. Set up is a bit easy. It does not consume a lot of time to create one. First, identify the best punch line in your song; thereafter come up with some links, embed them on your music site. Voila! And you will have everything done.

Moreover, if you are using a wordpress-powered site it is even much simple. This is so, thanks to the available and easy-to-use plugins on wordpress, where it allows its users to customize their posts. And if you are finding it hard to get the Click To Tweet software, simply search for it under the plugin search. Thereafter choose one, install it, you will be good to go. Conversely, this is a simple way to make your song lyrics become effective, as well as offer your fans the opportune moment to share the lyrics love.

Social media is arguably one of the tools that have revolutionized how musicians can control their career, in terms of getting fans. However, it normally depends on the kind of fans you want to get and the methodology of your preference. Nonetheless, I still recommend the above process as the simplest way to increase your fan base. Click To Tweet is ideally one of the smartest way to make your song lines more tweetable you can just slick lines from your mixtape and have a custom mixtape cover and use the lyrics to bait them to get your mixtape.. So if you are really interested in increasing your rankings in the market, go ahead and give it a try.

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