Music Industry Quality Mixtape Covers For Independent Artist..

The music biz has changed drastically over the last 5 years for independent artist.Those good ol days of records labels trying to sign an artist just because they have a good song is over.These labels want you to already have a fanbase already established, a website, merchandise etc. I mean it makes sense why would a person or company want to invest in someone who won’t invest in themselves.

The problem is that it can expensive being an independent artist paying for everything yourself especially when you have other bills you have to worry about like rent, insurance, phone bill etc Hell I didn’t even have a custom logo design for my label for like 2 months after I started it lol because it was so damn expensive. Like I said I’m also an independent artist so trust me I know first hand how costly it can be,

The music game is all about money I mean I get it,but what about helping an indie artist out  with good music who is serious about their music career ,but doesn’t have a big budget?

Well that’s what I believe in doing, Why? Well because l I been in your shoes before. That’s why I decided to give back to all my independent artist and provide you with a way to save you some money.

So whether you need you a music logo design to make your brand look sharp and professional or you have a mixtape you want to release and you need a unique cheap custom mixtape cover I’m here to help you out and provide you with Hi quality graphics just like the major artist minus the price.

Now instead of spending $100 a hr or $100 -$300 for a custom design you can get the same quality work for an affordable price and still be able to compete with the big dogs.Everybody knows the music industry (especially the rap niche) is all about your look and image,so it’s a must that you have top of the line graphics so you can blend in with the major label artist and you don’t get looked at as a cheap filler artist.

So if you’re looking for your own personal go to designer for all your  graphic needs who isn’t gonna charge you an outrageous price,and still provide you with the quality graphics you deserve.Feel free to contact me anytime at .
Here is an example of my work before and after.


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