As an independent artist in the music game nowadays artist branding and music promotion is more important then its ever been.There are tons of mixtape websites and music blogs that allow independent artist to share and promote their music online and most of these sites get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to their site. Now, depending on who your trying to target with your music (Keep in mind everybody shouldn’t be your target audience if your really trying to be successful you can’t please the world you have know your lane if you want to succeed) and if you put real work into building your image, brand, telling your story,etc this will help you standout and gain popularity fast.

But just like these sites can help you they can hurt you and you can end up in music debt.Alot of artist are in music debt and they don’t even know it hell you might even be in music debt also.You will find out today if you are.You might not know what I’m talking about when I  say music debt so let me explain it to you and give you an example of an artist in music debt.

If you don’t invest the time and money to make sure you music quality,image, and graphics are professional from your mixtape cover design,logos,flyers,etc  you could be committing artist suicide aka music debit .Music debit is when you destroy your first impression with music fans by having a shitty mixtape cover,or your songs aren’t mastered properly and sounds like shit. What this does is the next time you go to release a mixtape, single or album people will be hesitant to re-listen to you, because you already gave them a bad impression about your music and your brand.So even if you have the hottest song in the world on your new mixtape and even have a custom mixtape cover people still most likely they won’t give you a second chance with so many artist dropping music every minute of the day.

As an artist you can’t sell yourself short because your really just hurting in the long run because people like to judge off what you use to do. Ever move should be a calculated professional move always make sure anything that represents you and your brand is professional so people give you the proper respect you deserve as an artist.Just think about what goes thru your mind when you see them give you a cd with shitty graphics, they wrote the tracklist on the cd with a marker and you can’t understand shit their saying because the levels are off.You probably laugh and won’t ever buy their music again….well don’t put yourself in the same category and end up in music debt and kill your career before it even really gets started.Your reputation, and brand is all you have in the music business and you need to protect it with your life.With so many people doing music it’s easy to get pushed behind so make sure your graphics,brand and music standout.


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