Classic Album Cover: America Eats in Young…Still

Classic Album Cover: America Eats in Young…Still
In 2017, we are still in the trenches and foxholes of the war that America wages on its people, a bit more high tech battle than the warring strategies of 1972, but a war nonetheless. In 1972, Funkadelic, the brainchild of George Clinton, the first funkateer on the Planet Earth, released their fourth studio album, America Eats Its Young, debuting a fresh cover art concept unlike few before it. The 1960’s and 1970’s were a time of upheaval and unrest. There were riots going on, just like the riots we have witnessed and suffered recently in cities across the nation. Racial tensions and class conflicts were boiling over into the streets of the United States with blood and fire. Funkadelic captured this social uproar in the cover design of their LP and its signature protest concerto. It is so cliché to quote the adage, but so necessary and apropos for this essay, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In the case of America Eats Its Young, the cover art is worth a thousand stories. Funkadelic became known for their graphic designs more than any other group of the funk era. Their graphic images told stories that were relevant then and arguably more relevant now. The most famous of their album covers were created by Pedro Bell, artist extraordinaire, who brought us unique caricatures of people, places and things that make us think and consider, ponder and wonder, and change our minds.
America Eats Its Young cover design by graphic designer Paul Weldon, depicts the Statue of Liberty, draped in the American flag, eyes gorging blood, eating babies with a United States dollar bill as the back drop. If the standard 12 inch square front cover image is not enough to pause you, the original LP was released as a gatefold cover, opening up and spreading out into an oversized greenback, encasing 2 vinyl discs. Yes. America Eats Its Young was a double LP, 14 songs of haunting, chanting, funky, psycho rock soul that serves as the soundtrack for a celestial riot, a cosmic revolution taking place on the streets of the Milky Way, the Milky Way of our minds. America Eats Its Young is an outer space odyssey of earthly social, political, and cultural proportions. Mixtape Cover Kings pays homage to the artistic gifts of Parliament Funkadelic and their unmatched ability to conceptualize their creativity to elevate and empower the people. Mixtape Cover Kings carries on the tradition of artistic passion and power, making your mixtape covers a monument that pays tribute to the legacy of our musical forebears. Salute

Funkadelic – America Eats Its Young (2xLP – Red/Green Vinyl)


7 Things Indie Artist Must Have To Make It In The Music Business

Learn How To Make It In The Music Business

  • Drive/Work Ethic: There are plenty of creative talented artist who still never make it in the music game due their lack of drive and poor work ethic As an independent artist you need to consistently create new music and I’m  not talking about  just when your girl lets you record or you get fired from your job and now you’re back to being a rapper.You have to do this shit for real your music is what reels in your fans..Also you should be promoting your music as many ways as you can just not on Facebook, and Twitter you have to think outside the box when it comes to your promting your music and actually take action.Your work ethic/drive is what will make or break you in this business.


  • Knowledge Of The Business: Just like anything in this world if you don’t know the rules of the game, most likely, you’ll lose. So many indie artist waste all their damn time on social media sites trying to get likes instead of using their time wisely and learning how the music operates.The internet can give you access to all the tools you need to make it in the industry,but you have to do a little research, but trust me it’s Like they say knowledge is power and learning the business side will save you time and money in the long run.So instead of being on facebook all day take some time out and Google music marketing strategies, how to get royalties etc.


  • Common Sense: We all know to be successful it takes hard work,but you have to work smart also..Don’t waste your money on marketing that you can track to verify if it was worth the money, stop spamming people with your music who aren’t even in your ideal target audience, and the last thing is stop performing at the same venues to the same crowd of people over and over and wonder why your fanbase ain’t growing.


  • How To Build Relationships : Networking is mandatory in the music business.Once you realize that.and then you start to utilize your resources your fanbase will grow fast.As an artist your going to need connections with Dj’s club promoters, and graphic designers who can make you a flyer,stunning mixtape cover or whater promo material you will need to build your brand.Also You have to stop trying to be the man in your city and network with other artist that are the same caliber or doing more in their music career then you it will help you get more exposure guaranteed.


  • A Team: Alot of artist think they can make it in the music business all alone, but that’s B.S I  understand you’re a hustler and you got some money to play with,but the fact of the matter is there is only 24hrs in a day and there is alot of behind the scenes shit that has to be done in order to get your career to the next level.This business is all about strength in numbers!You need a team of people who believe in your music and are dedicated to promoting your brand.Also, new listeners rather  hear the opinion of someone else about your music, then to hear your opinion about it.. Having  a team of people who vouch for your music is a good way to draw  more potential fans.


  • Make Good Music: Anyone can make a song but everyone can’t make a hit.If you don’t have talent and can make a hit song you won’t make it to far in the music business.I’m not talking about songs for your hood or some city for your city that nobody heard of you have to make songs that the whole world can relate to.If no one likes your music there not gonna give you any money point blank period.I know in your head you’re  thinking well what about all the bullshit that plays on the  radio all the time.But I guarantee they have a good team behind them from engineers,writers and producers and on top of that I guarantee their work ethic is off the charts, how do you think they got on the radio in the first place.


  • Money Just like any business it takes money to make money and the music business operates with the same principals.You need to have a budget to spend on your music marketing and branding. Don’t try to go the cheap rout and getting freebies(you get what you pay for lol) when you release a mixtape you need to have an Immaculate mixtape cover


Artist Development For Independent Musician

If you don’t know what artist development means I will break it down to you real quick.Artist Development is a process where a major label would sign an artist who that thought had potential to take their music career to the next level and become a star .

The label would sign an artist that they loved or whose future they believed in and pay for their studio time so they can get an ep recorded and pay for a music video for a single off of your Ep.. Typically the artist would be just starting out and haven’t reached their full potential but the labels knew if they get them in the right studio with the write song they can create a hit record and turn them into a star..

But nowadays shits changed in the music game since the internet took over the world and the music business.Back in the day major labels controlled everything and they pretty much played a middleman between artist and their fanbase and they had control over your image and your music.

Nowadays with the internet artist can brand themselves and have whatever image they feel like having.On top of that artist can connect with fans directly and  sell them their music and their merchandise to themselves.

There use to be a process that all the record labels followed ,but the internet destroyed it for example people don’t really care if you have an add in XXL they care more if you’re on one of the top music blog or Livemixtapes, etc.

But honestly to me that’s not a bad thing for independent artist because now you  have the same resources that the labels have (not maybe the money) and you can create your own tribe of followers who love your music.

What you need to do as an independent artist is do your own artist development.You know what kind of music your making and you know or should know he audience your going after.So you need to find you a recording studio with quality sound and record your own songs so they are professional and radio ready.

You need a professional music graphic designer who can create you a professional mixtape cover, album cover,logo design, or whatever graphics you need so your brand looks professional just like all the big labels do.

Also you need to google artist who are similar to your sound and look at all the information that pops off on at least the first 5 pages and every site that is doing a review on their music or an interview you need go to the site and get the contact information and contact the writer.

Its crazy how not that many indie artist don’t do this but what you fail to realize is a blogger gets excited when they get contacted with quality music presented to them the right way it makes their job easy.The blogger needs you as much as you need them and they have the power to get your music in front of thousands or millions of music fans and its free music promotion

So You Want To Be A Rapper? Then Read This…

3 People You Need On Your Team To Become A Rap Star

The music business is over saturated, but yet and still we see new artist blowing up and going viral on a regular basis. Do you ever wonder how these artist get all this blog coverage,Youtube views, interviews, booked on tours and more?

Well the answer is……… They finally decide to really invest in their career and  build a team of people who have industry connections and resources .Working with these people is mandatory to take your career to the next level and I guarantee you they will get your brand in front of people who matter who you could never get your music to on your own. Well enough with the talking lets get to down to business. Here are the 3 people you need to add to your team..

1.Manager-You need a manger because he will work for you behind the scenes so while you’re recording your music they will be contacting A&R’s at labels to try negotiate distribution deals,setting up tours,And having you in places where artist should be like award shows etc.

2.Professional Music Graphic Designer- We all know there are thousands of artist dropping mixtapes,albums, and singles everyday so you have to make sure you standout from the crowd and how do you do that? With attention grabbing professional graphics. You need to make sure all you mixtape cover designs, single cover designs flyers, and logo designs are hi quality and brand you the right way. Once you have a designer that you work with they will naturally get the feel of what type of overall look you’re going for instead of having to contact a new designer for every single project and hoping they can match the feel you’re looking for.

3.Publicist-Its funny how you never hear artist mention their publicist and how they helped them catapult their career to the next level, but the music publicist is  a key player when it comes to building an artist brand and music career. The publicist job isn’t to book you shows or get you a record deal they work the media and control how your image is portrayed to the world.A publicist already has connections with major music blogs,magazines, and radio programmers and they will create you press presses, and help craft you a custom bio so you can get your story to all of these outlets.Having a publicist or running a Pr campaign is mandatory if you want to get in front of thousands if not millions of fans quick.The good thing is that it’s not that expensive to run a pr campaign or even hire a publicist to try them out.

Shit On Your Competition With An Animated Mixtape Cover

As independent artist in the music industry today it’s harder then ever to standout amongst the thousands of rappers that drop a mixtape or a single everyday.It’s your job as independent artist to make sure you and your brand by  any means necessary especially when  you release your mixtape, album or single.

There are tons of mixtape websites that can help you get your more exposure  to your project ,but just like how they will allow to use their sites for exposure so can everyone else so your branding and graphics have to be on point from your logo design to your project artwork this will make viewers  people  pay attention to you project and remember your brand.

So we decided to take our mixtape graphic designs to the next level and now we are offering animated mixtape cover design.These animated covers will increase your click thru rates and downloads guaranteed and if you have good music you will build your fanbase fast as hell because these covers make people checkout your project.

With our animated mixtape cover you can add the effects to any type of design you would like and we can bring it to life.If your looking for a cover that will increase your exposure and generate new listeners to your music. Checkout the example below.

As you can see these cover are dope as hell and if you were on any mixtape site that has tons of mixtape cover thumbnails to choose from to decide what mixtape you want  to listen to this mixtape cover  will standout  no questions asked.

So make sure as an independent artist in 2017 you focus on outside the box marketing and branding so you can standout and  get your music recognized, that’s what your doing it for right? Well make sure your next release you get you an animated cover design there ain’t no way in hell the won’t see your mixtape, and watch how many new listeners you get to your music.

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