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Music marketing is mandatory if you want to make it in the music game nowadays,the sad thing is most artist ignore this when it can have a major impact on your music career.  If you do not heed to this technique, then your music career will be short-lived. Well for starters, music marketing refers to all the processes aimed at promoting and marketing your music, with a sole aim of breaking the musical borders and reaching many people, throughout the world. There are different forms of music marketing, however, today we are going to discuss more about the social media marketing, which seems to have taken the world by a storm. Just as the name sounds, social media marketing mainly revolves around promoting and marketing music or rather songs on social media networks. This process has proven to be effective and reliable, as many artists are benefiting from this impeccable platform. However, there is a more effective way to increase and multiply these efforts, with a simple push of a button..

If you use these tools it can help you better market yourself on different social media networks. I bet you have even heard of various artists in the music industry, who have started embracing these tools, and how much easier it has made their marketing and promotional efforts. Apart from Tweet Adder, which I guess you have come across, there are other two great tools. They are; Buffer and Hootsuite.

Well to the amateurs, it appears like both these tools carry out the same function; however this is not the case! They both aim to make your music marketing on social media a lot simpler, and after utilizing each of them for quite some time, I can assure you that they are effective. However, which one should you be using? Well, this might sound crazy, but you should be using both of them! Actually, these tools will help you post your mixtape design,and tracks on all your social sites at the same damn time! Such a wonderful tool, right?

If you want this whole “magic” to work for you, then you should use Buffer and Hootsuite concurrently, rather than one or the other. I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you thought otherwise. So, it is not so much a case of what is better, Hootsuite or Buffer. Instead its more of a how should you use each one to work together.. Nonetheless, before we go any far, allow me to enlighten you about what these free tools are, and why a musician should be using them.

Hootsuite and Buffer; What They Are and Why an Artist Needs Them

Both Buffer and Hootsuite are internet based social media management tools. Moreover, they are free, and for this reason you do not require to download any software onto your PC, instead a user will simply login, just like you would do in any other website. The main characteristic about these tools, which you need to know, is that they can post updates in advance without necessarily operating it. The underlying thing here is that they have the ability to automatically schedule social updates. In addition, these tools have the ability, to manage all your social media posts in one platform. Both also boast other benefits such as ‘team management’ choices and analytics, where it permits multiple users to operate the same account (doing different activities). Nonetheless, on this guide I will show you how you will use this tool, in terms of updating your social media updates, as well as communicating with your fans. The thing is, while these free tools allow one to automatically update social media posts, unfortunately it might not satisfy you fully, as it lacks few things. Anyway, on the other hand, using both of them jointly will iron out any hitch, and allows you to perform everything very well!

Being in the music industry, I have been using these tools, and I know you will also find them very useful. Below is a look at how I personally utilize each of these tools concurrently. I know some of you think  outside box and will discover other cool ways to use them as well.

Using Hootsuite and Buffer for Musicians

Well, I started using this tool at first, and it is pretty awesome. However, there are both paid and free versions of this software, however most people opt using the free version. The main reason to use Hootsuite over Buffer, while posting updates on social media networks, is because the latter cannot work out appropriately. This software allows one to have a two-way conversation with your esteemed fans or followers.

The underlying point here is that, while Buffer is great for scheduling posts or updates to send out fans, unfortunately it does not allow the user to view their replies. And if a user cannot see their replies, then you cannot have any conversations, develop a relationship, and dedicated fan base.

On the other hand, Hootsuite is relatively a complete tool. While its’ scheduling feature is not very accurate, it is essential for the way it allows its users to communicate with the fans. It has a number of advantages such as; it allows one to view all important conversation from all your social media accounts, on one platform. Meaning you do not have to literally login into each account to keep tabs with what’s happening on social media. Moreover, it has an application where you can interact with your fans, while moving.

Buffer on the hand, will ensure that every post is updated at an appropriate time. This will give you the freedom to scheme or plan ahead, as well as not worry of whether you have anything to post for example say you just dropped a new single and want promote it for 15 days on your Facebook,Twitter, and Google plus. You could go schedule a post on buffer to post your song on all those site every 4hrs now thats automated marketing and it gives you more time ot focus on your music, all the labels use this tactic.Do you really think with their busy schedule they have time to be online all day.

. So personally, both Buffer and Hootsuite serve varying, yet important roles in my social media activities. For instance, Buffer will ensure that your posts are spread out, at excellent time intervals, while Hootsuite will offer easier management of your social media accounts, and in depth metrics. For this reason, I recommend any musician to use these tools simultaneously, as it will allow you to post your music on all your social media accounts at the same damn time.

Before you use this tool make sure you mixtape or single is recorded in high quality and your single or mixtape cover graphics are on point also before you get your music out to the world remember you only got 1 first impression.

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