3 People You Need On Your Team To Become A Rap Star

The music business is over saturated, but yet and still we see new artist blowing up and going viral on a regular basis. Do you ever wonder how these artist get all this blog coverage,Youtube views, interviews, booked on tours and more?

Well the answer is……… They finally decide to really invest in their career and  build a team of people who have industry connections and resources .Working with these people is mandatory to take your career to the next level and I guarantee you they will get your brand in front of people who matter who you could never get your music to on your own. Well enough with the talking lets get to down to business. Here are the 3 people you need to add to your team..

1.Manager-You need a manger because he will work for you behind the scenes so while you’re recording your music they will be contacting A&R’s at labels to try negotiate distribution deals,setting up tours,And having you in places where artist should be like award shows etc.

2.Professional Music Graphic Designer- We all know there are thousands of artist dropping mixtapes,albums, and singles everyday so you have to make sure you standout from the crowd and how do you do that? With attention grabbing professional graphics. You need to make sure all you mixtape cover designs, single cover designs flyers, and logo designs are hi quality and brand you the right way. Once you have a designer that you work with they will naturally get the feel of what type of overall look you’re going for instead of having to contact a new designer for every single project and hoping they can match the feel you’re looking for.

3.Publicist-Its funny how you never hear artist mention their publicist and how they helped them catapult their career to the next level, but the music publicist is  a key player when it comes to building an artist brand and music career. The publicist job isn’t to book you shows or get you a record deal they work the media and control how your image is portrayed to the world.A publicist already has connections with major music blogs,magazines, and radio programmers and they will create you press presses, and help craft you a custom bio so you can get your story to all of these outlets.Having a publicist or running a Pr campaign is mandatory if you want to get in front of thousands if not millions of fans quick.The good thing is that it’s not that expensive to run a pr campaign or even hire a publicist to try them out.

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