If you don’t know what artist development means I will break it down to you real quick.Artist Development is a process where a major label would sign an artist who that thought had potential to take their music career to the next level and become a star .

The label would sign an artist that they loved or whose future they believed in and pay for their studio time so they can get an ep recorded and pay for a music video for a single off of your Ep.. Typically the artist would be just starting out and haven’t reached their full potential but the labels knew if they get them in the right studio with the write song they can create a hit record and turn them into a star..

But nowadays shits changed in the music game since the internet took over the world and the music business.Back in the day major labels controlled everything and they pretty much played a middleman between artist and their fanbase and they had control over your image and your music.

Nowadays with the internet artist can brand themselves and have whatever image they feel like having.On top of that artist can connect with fans directly and  sell them their music and their merchandise to themselves.

There use to be a process that all the record labels followed ,but the internet destroyed it for example people don’t really care if you have an add in XXL they care more if you’re on one of the top music blog or Livemixtapes, etc.

But honestly to me that’s not a bad thing for independent artist because now you  have the same resources that the labels have (not maybe the money) and you can create your own tribe of followers who love your music.

What you need to do as an independent artist is do your own artist development.You know what kind of music your making and you know or should know he audience your going after.So you need to find you a recording studio with quality sound and record your own songs so they are professional and radio ready.

You need a professional music graphic designer who can create you a professional mixtape cover, album cover,logo design, or whatever graphics you need so your brand looks professional just like all the big labels do.

Also you need to google artist who are similar to your sound and look at all the information that pops off on at least the first 5 pages and every site that is doing a review on their music or an interview you need go to the site and get the contact information and contact the writer.

Its crazy how not that many indie artist don’t do this but what you fail to realize is a blogger gets excited when they get contacted with quality music presented to them the right way it makes their job easy.The blogger needs you as much as you need them and they have the power to get your music in front of thousands or millions of music fans and its free music promotion

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