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Music Marketing And Branding For Indie Artist Part 1 of 5

The Concert Marketing Trick That Will Get More 10x More People To Your Shows

I’m going to be doing a series of post over the next couple of weeks on Mixtape Cover King’s blog just for indie artist. My whole goal is to give you real music marketing tips that will help really build your music career. I want to talk about a couple of basic music exposure methods that every rap artist should start off doing so were on the same page. I know this sounds like common sense, but the first thing I’m going to talk about is performing I know you’re like I can perform, but not only am I gonna point out reasons why performing is so important , I’m gonna tell you what you need to do to be looked at like a star, and I’m gonna teach you a slick marketing trick you can use at your shows to increase your brand exposure and build your fanbase at the same time guaranteed. Let’s get started!

 1) Gives Your Music Exposure

At the end of the day people can say what they want, but performing is the best way to get your music out there. Radio stations play the same  songs over and over again, and the internet is flooded with thousands of artist who either try to sound like their favorite artist or their music isn’t that great, so it makes it hard for serious artist like you to stand out!

The easiest way for you to separate yourself from your competition is by having a dope ass performance and giving fans a show they can remember! It’s good to do shows because every time you perform your developing your stage presence and after you have a few shows under your belt you will be able to keep crowds captivated throughout your entire performance. (Once you feel your performance game is on point and you put on a few good shows you need to start performing less and being apart of bigger events or shows.)

 If you’re shy lol or just can’t perform your  music career is done. Nowadays performance money is damn near 70% of your income as an artist and if you can’t put on a good show no one is going to pay to see you perform.

 2) Help You Create More Fans

 The easiest way to make someone become what we like to call a super music fan is to connect with them on a personal level and the easiest way to do that is with a amazing live performance. Putting on a great show can easily get you new fans because nowadays when people attend an event or show they like the first thing they do is share it on social media with all of their friends, which is free word of mouth marketing on your behalf to an audience you couldn’t reach on your own.

Also remember whether you perform in front  of 10 or 1,000 people always put your heart into your performance you never know who’s in the crowd.

3) Connect With Other Artists

One of the smartest way to get your music to different audiences is through leverage. What I mean by that is working with other artist that are the same caliber as you. Atlanta artist have mastered this tactic. They work with each other for free to keep everybody relevant and then they book shows, perform the song at venues and split the money. On top of that they get paid royalties from the song being played online, on the radio, etc.It’s a win win situation for everyone. Atlanta is running the music game because they all work together. It seems like their is a new artist coming out of Atlanta every month.

So when your at these show link up with other artist you think you could make a hit song with and you guys can cross promote to each others fanbase on social media and music sites  

4) Connect With Music Industry Professional

When you perform at a venue always remember there could be music industry professionals at your event so make sure you network with anyone who looks important. Even if you’re in a small city and music industry professional don’t go to venues in your area remember the owner of the venue is watching so make sure you put your all into your performance and your audience will connect with your energy. Also if you put on a good show you can probably set up business ventures with the venue owner in the future. Just make sure you get their contact info and take the initiative to follow up with your contacts it lets them know that you take your music career serious.

Now Here’s The Slick Marketing Tactic To Build Your Fanbase

Whenever you perform you should always have promo material. It doesn’t make sense to perform in front of a crowd and  kill the show, and then that’s it. The whole goal is to build your fanbase. I understand you might shout out your Facebook, or Twitter link, but people are probably drunk they’re  at a concert they’re trying to have a good time not memorize a website your url.

 So what you need to do is make sure you have copies of your music (make sure your mixtape cover art is professional), merchandise, download cards, or whatever type of promo you have and have a free raffle at your show and give away the stuff for free all night.Well you’re not actually giving away your stuff for free because in order for people to participate in the raffle they’re going to have to write down their email and drop it in the raffle bowl, or you could do a text message campaign, but thats a whole different topic in itself. So were just gonna focus on collecting emails.

What majority of the artist I worked with who had great success with this strategy just offered a free shot or a tshirt every thirty minutes and they got 385 emails in one night. I know your’re thinking why the hell do I need emails. Well, let me explain. When you get the contact info of all these people you’re building a targeted list of people who you know go to concerts for a fact  and have seen your perform and know you put on a good show so most likely they will attend other shows you participate in. But what makes this strategy so slick is your pretty much hijacking the other performers fans which is powerful. Imagine if you did 10 shows in a month with different artist and we will say their was 60 people at each show you could have 600 new emails you can promote to forever.

This is how artist like Beyonce don’t have to advertise and sell 800,000 singles because she has an email list of millions of people. Once you start  building a email list of targeted fans you can sell your music, products,concert tickets or more..When you start contacting these fans make sure you’re not just trying to sell stuff and promote a song every email. You need to engage with them.Maybe send a bio interview about who you are and your struggles for example. Your whole goal is to bring them into your world and once you do that and connect with them they’re gonna buy your music,merchandise or whatever you’re  promoting at the time.

*How To Get Shows: Go on Google search and look for online for venues you can possibly perform at. Then you can just call the venue and see if they have a hip hop night or just an open mic night nowadays most venues and bars do so and ask the owner if you could perform. If you can’t get ahold of the venue owner you can try to contact them thru email (Make sure you have an email setup for your manager even if you don’t have one because that’s who venues are use to dealing with and it makes you look bigger..For example if your label is big money records have an email that says BigMoneyRecordsMangement@gmail.com

Another thing you can do is try to set up 5 venues dates around each other so you can setup a mini tour so you’re doing shows back to back. Make sure you have a theme for your tour so it looks like a movement. For example Da Real Hustla tour. Whenever you hear the word tour it just sounds big and it gives the impression the artist is making moves.

Last but not least once you should always try to take advantage of the venue owners connections.Find out what major label rap artist they have performing at their venue ahead of time and contact the venue owner to see if you can be the opening act and let them know you will promote the event and bring people out which in return make them more money so it’s a win win situation for everybody.

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Music Artist: F**ck A Publicist Get Your Own Press Coverage

Lol just joking a music publicist plays a major role in a musician or brands career,but they can be a little pricey so I created this to show tell you how you can run your own pr campaign and start to get so press or your music.

One of the main things you never really hear any artist,or music marketing site talk about is the power of having a publicist.A publicist is a communication specialist who cultivates and maintains the image of a music artist to the media.A publicist how you see all the rap artist on hip blogs all over the internet and see their press release etc all over hip hop news sites.Using the media like blogs,magazines,etc can get you in front of millions of music fans fast.

So pretty much a publicist helps your craft your story and angle to be pitched to the world from your bio’s,press releases,or anything that is media or press related..Your publicist will write your bio for you in a manner that  will be compelling and bait people into want to know more about you.

Please don’t write your own bio or press releases, you need a professional to help you crete the perfect  bio,or press release they are trained to write to build curiosity and format your content correctly for journalist,bloggers,radio, etc.Trust me. I can’t tell you how many times I read an artist’s bio and it was just 10 lines of bullshit.Your bio  needs to be solid and connect with potential fans.

It doesn’t cost a little bit of money to get a quality publicist that can get you target exposure and that’s why I wrote this article for you so you can learn how to get media coverage yourself.

First off you need to get a professional  bio created if you don’t know anyone in this field don’t worry Mixtape Cover King is here to help.We can have our professional writer who has over 10+ years in writing and journalism craft you a bio for an affordable price and press ready.Don’t  spend hundreds of dollars just for a publicist to create you one.

Second get you a short 250-300 word press release created. A press release is a brief compelling news type story written by a pr professional for  that gets sent out to targeted people in the media with hopes of a publication or journalist covering your story.Also again if you need a quality press release written for an affordable price we can help you no problem just email us here MixtapeCoverKingz@gmail with the subject line Press Release.

Once you have these 2 tools your’re ready to contact the media outlets from blogs, tv stations, magazines,and music sites. Remember you always  want to leverage coverage from a smaller publication to a get coverage from a bigger publication.

Here are a couple of newsworthy topic to get press coverage for: Your going on tour, just signed a record deal, album release party, you got a big name Dj or producer to work with you on your project or design your mixtape art, etc.

Are You In Music Debt And Don’t Know It

As an independent artist in the music game nowadays artist branding and music promotion is more important then its ever been.There are tons of mixtape websites and music blogs that allow independent artist to share and promote their music online and most of these sites get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to their site. Now, depending on who your trying to target with your music (Keep in mind everybody shouldn’t be your target audience if your really trying to be successful you can’t please the world you have know your lane if you want to succeed) and if you put real work into building your image, brand, telling your story,etc this will help you standout and gain popularity fast.

But just like these sites can help you they can hurt you and you can end up in music debt.Alot of artist are in music debt and they don’t even know it hell you might even be in music debt also.You will find out today if you are.You might not know what I’m talking about when I  say music debt so let me explain it to you and give you an example of an artist in music debt.

If you don’t invest the time and money to make sure you music quality,image, and graphics are professional from your mixtape cover design,logos,flyers,etc  you could be committing artist suicide aka music debit .Music debit is when you destroy your first impression with music fans by having a shitty mixtape cover,or your songs aren’t mastered properly and sounds like shit. What this does is the next time you go to release a mixtape, single or album people will be hesitant to re-listen to you, because you already gave them a bad impression about your music and your brand.So even if you have the hottest song in the world on your new mixtape and even have a custom mixtape cover people still most likely they won’t give you a second chance with so many artist dropping music every minute of the day.

As an artist you can’t sell yourself short because your really just hurting in the long run because people like to judge off what you use to do. Ever move should be a calculated professional move always make sure anything that represents you and your brand is professional so people give you the proper respect you deserve as an artist.Just think about what goes thru your mind when you see them give you a cd with shitty graphics, they wrote the tracklist on the cd with a marker and you can’t understand shit their saying because the levels are off.You probably laugh and won’t ever buy their music again….well don’t put yourself in the same category and end up in music debt and kill your career before it even really gets started.Your reputation, and brand is all you have in the music business and you need to protect it with your life.With so many people doing music it’s easy to get pushed behind so make sure your graphics,brand and music standout.


Learn How To Use Facebook Ad For Music Promotion

How To Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Music

Countless campaigns are launched through Facebook daily, people use these campaigns to promote their products through the Facebook ads. So needless to say that the mega corporation which is Facebook actually makes most of its profit from ads, what you may or may not know is the fact that people behind these campaigns also make a lot of money promoting products and their music .

Let’s look at things from a different angle, while people use Facebook ads to promote products, they could be used for so much more, as a musician or somebody that is in to music promotion, you should already have a couple of ideas on how this could be done.

The psychology of people

Before you even think about using Facebook ads you need to understand how to get the most out of them, to ensure this you need to understand how people think. So with this being said it’s safe to assume that people won’t click on ads that simply say “buy music here”. While this method works the profit margins it produces are below average so we suggest you stay clear of something like that. On the other hand when professionals make Facebook ads, they ensure that people will click them, if nothing else, out of curiosity.

Let’s look at a couple of ideas from a perspective of a music promoter or a musician, how would you make people click your ads? One of the most common method is by offering something free, which in your case can be a T-shirt or tickets to an upcoming show, so that can be your lead idea from which you can try to make something unique and exclusive to your campaign.

So how would you make a profit if you offer stuff for free? This is quite simple in spite how it may seem, let’s say for example that you want people to purchase your new album, or a new album you are promoting, and you Facebook ad states “Get a Free T-Shirt”, which will needless to say get peoples’ attention. The trick is simple at this point, only give free T-shirts to people that are willing to buy your new album at the online store, this conduct of operations can be quite lucrative for everybody, the buyer ends up with a new CD or mixtape, and a brand new T-shirt while you end up with money in your pocket and somebody that will most likely spread the word about your music or the music you are promoting, it’s something called a Win-Win situation and the concept behind it can be used on more things than just promoting music or your music shows.


When launching a Facebook advert campaign you need to ensure that you will get the most out it, the best way to do this is to track the analytics of your previously sold albums if possible,if not it doesn’t matter because you can target ads by city,age,music interest and more and all this is important because when making an advert campaign you will have the possibility to localize how, where and to who are these adverts shown. Needless to say that you shouldn’t launch an advert campaign in the region where people haven’t heard of your music, the most likely place for success is the place where people have already heard of you and your music.

Profit margins!

How many sales do you have per click? For how much money does your album sell? These are the facts that will determine your overall profit margin for the products you are selling, which in this case is your music. Needless to say that promoting music, or in fact anything else, over Facebook costs money, and you need to make sure that you always stay in the green zone.Also make sure you have a professional mixape or album cover design to reel people in.I know this sounds scarier than it actually is, the odds are that if you made a good Facebook ad campaign, by which we mean you used all the information found in this article, you will succeed in your primary goal, which is to sell music and to make money of course. The only thing that you need to keep an eye out for is how much money you have into the entire thing, including the free T-shirts or whatever method you chose to increase the number of clicks on your ad. Needless to say that the output number must be bigger than the input number, so the bottom line is that you need to make at least a couple of dollars when you sell an album. Making these couple of dollars bonus will ensure that you have the invested money in your Facebook advert campaign covered which will later on increase you return on investment, all leading to a successful Facebook advert campaign bringing you more money..

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