How To Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Music

Countless campaigns are launched through Facebook daily, people use these campaigns to promote their products through the Facebook ads. So needless to say that the mega corporation which is Facebook actually makes most of its profit from ads, what you may or may not know is the fact that people behind these campaigns also make a lot of money promoting products and their music .

Let’s look at things from a different angle, while people use Facebook ads to promote products, they could be used for so much more, as a musician or somebody that is in to music promotion, you should already have a couple of ideas on how this could be done.

The psychology of people

Before you even think about using Facebook ads you need to understand how to get the most out of them, to ensure this you need to understand how people think. So with this being said it’s safe to assume that people won’t click on ads that simply say “buy music here”. While this method works the profit margins it produces are below average so we suggest you stay clear of something like that. On the other hand when professionals make Facebook ads, they ensure that people will click them, if nothing else, out of curiosity.

Let’s look at a couple of ideas from a perspective of a music promoter or a musician, how would you make people click your ads? One of the most common method is by offering something free, which in your case can be a T-shirt or tickets to an upcoming show, so that can be your lead idea from which you can try to make something unique and exclusive to your campaign.

So how would you make a profit if you offer stuff for free? This is quite simple in spite how it may seem, let’s say for example that you want people to purchase your new album, or a new album you are promoting, and you Facebook ad states “Get a Free T-Shirt”, which will needless to say get peoples’ attention. The trick is simple at this point, only give free T-shirts to people that are willing to buy your new album at the online store, this conduct of operations can be quite lucrative for everybody, the buyer ends up with a new CD or mixtape, and a brand new T-shirt while you end up with money in your pocket and somebody that will most likely spread the word about your music or the music you are promoting, it’s something called a Win-Win situation and the concept behind it can be used on more things than just promoting music or your music shows.


When launching a Facebook advert campaign you need to ensure that you will get the most out it, the best way to do this is to track the analytics of your previously sold albums if possible,if not it doesn’t matter because you can target ads by city,age,music interest and more and all this is important because when making an advert campaign you will have the possibility to localize how, where and to who are these adverts shown. Needless to say that you shouldn’t launch an advert campaign in the region where people haven’t heard of your music, the most likely place for success is the place where people have already heard of you and your music.

Profit margins!

How many sales do you have per click? For how much money does your album sell? These are the facts that will determine your overall profit margin for the products you are selling, which in this case is your music. Needless to say that promoting music, or in fact anything else, over Facebook costs money, and you need to make sure that you always stay in the green zone.Also make sure you have a professional mixape or album cover design to reel people in.I know this sounds scarier than it actually is, the odds are that if you made a good Facebook ad campaign, by which we mean you used all the information found in this article, you will succeed in your primary goal, which is to sell music and to make money of course. The only thing that you need to keep an eye out for is how much money you have into the entire thing, including the free T-shirts or whatever method you chose to increase the number of clicks on your ad. Needless to say that the output number must be bigger than the input number, so the bottom line is that you need to make at least a couple of dollars when you sell an album. Making these couple of dollars bonus will ensure that you have the invested money in your Facebook advert campaign covered which will later on increase you return on investment, all leading to a successful Facebook advert campaign bringing you more money..

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