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Are You In Music Debt And Don’t Know It

As an independent artist in the music game nowadays artist branding and music promotion is more important then its ever been.There are tons of mixtape websites and music blogs that allow independent artist to share and promote their music online and most of these sites get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to their site. Now, depending on who your trying to target with your music (Keep in mind everybody shouldn’t be your target audience if your really trying to be successful you can’t please the world you have know your lane if you want to succeed) and if you put real work into building your image, brand, telling your story,etc this will help you standout and gain popularity fast.

But just like these sites can help you they can hurt you and you can end up in music debt.Alot of artist are in music debt and they don’t even know it hell you might even be in music debt also.You will find out today if you are.You might not know what I’m talking about when I  say music debt so let me explain it to you and give you an example of an artist in music debt.

If you don’t invest the time and money to make sure you music quality,image, and graphics are professional from your mixtape cover design,logos,flyers,etc  you could be committing artist suicide aka music debit .Music debit is when you destroy your first impression with music fans by having a shitty mixtape cover,or your songs aren’t mastered properly and sounds like shit. What this does is the next time you go to release a mixtape, single or album people will be hesitant to re-listen to you, because you already gave them a bad impression about your music and your brand.So even if you have the hottest song in the world on your new mixtape and even have a custom mixtape cover people still most likely they won’t give you a second chance with so many artist dropping music every minute of the day.

As an artist you can’t sell yourself short because your really just hurting in the long run because people like to judge off what you use to do. Ever move should be a calculated professional move always make sure anything that represents you and your brand is professional so people give you the proper respect you deserve as an artist.Just think about what goes thru your mind when you see them give you a cd with shitty graphics, they wrote the tracklist on the cd with a marker and you can’t understand shit their saying because the levels are off.You probably laugh and won’t ever buy their music again….well don’t put yourself in the same category and end up in music debt and kill your career before it even really gets started.Your reputation, and brand is all you have in the music business and you need to protect it with your life.With so many people doing music it’s easy to get pushed behind so make sure your graphics,brand and music standout.


Read This And Start Taking Your Music Career Seriously

How To Standout From The Bullshit Rappers

There are thousands if not millions of rappers online releasing music nowadays and the bad thing is that one bad apple can spoils a bunch and that’s the case with the music game right now.

The internet is flooded with so called rappers are garbage and they don’t take music serious they just rap to kill time.These are the type of people who are making it hard for the real artist that take their music career seriously to get heard and their giving indie artist a bad name.

With that being the case your whole goal needs to be to standout from these type of artist so music fans don’t put you in the same category as them.

Here Are 3 Things You Need To Do Show People Your A Serious Artist.

Have a professional logo design

I don’t know how many artist I come across that either don’t have a logo or have a cheap ass logo that looks like a 3rd grader made or they so called graphic designer homeboy made for free lol.If you want to be taken seriously you have to do this shit for real. I mean this should be common sense  your logo is what brands your company and it will on everything related to you and your brand so don’t settle for less.Hell if you have to Google some of the top record labels and check out their logo to give you an idea of what a professional logo looks likes.

Utilize Press Releases

Press releases are a way to get your brand in front of your target market fast and they give you  instant credibility.Every medium size and major label use high quality music press releases to get their artist coverage from music blogs,music websites, journalist, and more.When fans start seeing your brand and music pushed all over the web it build curiosity in their mind and make them want to check you.The crazy thing is I see thousands of indie artist drop music on a regular basis but none of them use a music press release to get coverage from music journalist and this is the best form of marketing you can do because they don’t charge you to push your press release on their site and it can get you in front of thousands if not millions fast.If your not using press releases as a part of your music marketing strategy you need to be I guarantee you will get results.

Your Music Cover Art

Whenever you release any music rather it be a single, mixtape, or album on Soundcloud or whatever music platform you use you should have a visual for every project you release.Visuals work and they always will that’s why sites like Pintrest, Flicker,and more or so big all because of images.Your cover art can paint a picture in peoples min to give them an idea of what your music is going to sound like. Your design can easily create a buzz about your project before it even comes out which is exactly what you want.There are tons of site out there they claim they will make you an affordable hi quality mixtape cover and then when you receive the products its shitty so before you actually purchase from a designer make sure he has a portfolio to make sure the quality is up to par.If you have been planning on dropping a project soon you can checkout our mixtape cover and album cover portfolio just click the link if your looking for high quality graphics Mixtape over portfolio click here

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