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How To Get Your Music On Tv Shows Like Love And Hip Hop

Whether you’re a music company or an artist in general, there comes a point in your career when you have to ask yourself a question, how do people, and how can you get your music on TV shows, Video games, and in commercials. Needless to say that if you manage to do so, your career as a musician will take a giant leap forward. So on behalf of the entire music industry let’s clarify exactly how would you go about making the above stated happen?

The first thing that you need to learn is the fact that there is a person out there who’s title is the “music supervisor”. A music supervisor is a person whose main and only job is to go over songs and select the few that meet the required standard for their upcoming project. In other words, a music supervisor is a person who you need to send your E-mail to!

How to find a music supervisor?

However it may sound, it isn’t as complicated as it seems. For starters, music supervisors are individuals which are open to the public, and a minimum amount of research will get you a few E-mail from music supervisors which are currently working on music for an upcoming commercial, movie or video game. Bear in mind, that not every music supervisor is looking for what you have to offer, so what you should do is just look for shows that play your genre of music and contact those music supervisors.

For example if you watch Love & Hip Hop they play hip hop and relationship songs all throughout the show so if you make songs catered toward those topics you need to contact their music supervisor and submit your music to them.There music supervisors name is Doug Bernheim this is his link to contact him on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/dougbernheim . Please don’t just start spamming him with your music .(I explain below the proper way to contact them thru email)

What to do and what not to do

First thing’s first, you need to write an E-mail that actually makes sense. What do we mean by this? It’s a well-known fact that music supervisors get hundreds of E-mail daily, so you need to make your E-mail stand out. The first thing that any music supervisor hates most is an E-mail that has an MP3 attached to it. Its clutters up their inbox, so your E-mail will probably go to the trash can, and will probably get blocked as well! What you should do is simply put a subject line that looks something like “a song with a lot of hype”.

Doing this will pique the interest of almost anybody, and in doing so will almost guarantee that your E-mail gets opened.

What should your E-mail contain?

Like we have mentioned before, under no circumstance should you attach your mixtape covers or mp3’s file to your mail. What you should do is upload your music to popular online multimedia sharing services like SoundCloud, this will allow your E-mail to only have a couple of lines of text including the link to your music. Doing this will almost certainly make your music supervisor of choice open the link and at least listen to a couple of seconds of your work. If your music is what he or she was looking for, you might be on your way to become a star.

Another thing that we feel that we should mention is the fact that a lot of music supervisors tend to use instrumentals instead of full tracks, so be sure to upload an instrumental of your work, and an acapella version and attach the link to your E-mail as well.

Other methods

There are other ways for you to get your songs to be listened to without going through all of the trouble we talked about. We are of course talking about companies like ASCAP or BMI. However, if you chose this method you need to know that it will cost you some money. On one hand, companies like these ask the user to pay a fee, or they sign a contract with you which allows them to take a part of your profit if your song gets on TV.Doing this type of business can prove to be profitable for you as these companies tend to communicate with music supervisors on a daily basis and furthermore, they have a relationship that lasts a long time.

In conclusion

Whichever method you wish to use to get your music featured in T.V. shows and in video games, you need to realize that things won’t happen on their own, you need to be persistent in what you do, and never stop grinding.. Keep going strong and pave your way to the big leagues.

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How to Get Your Music on BET, MTV AND MORE

The art of making a name for yourself

In the modern world we all live in, music is a business like any other, it has its ups and downs as well as risks that come with it. As such, music can be treated like any other business model, and a constant fact about any business model is the idea that there are more ways than one to promote yourself or your product which in this case is the music you are making. We all watch TV, play video games and watch various YouTube shows and Netflix. So as a musician did you ever ask yourself, who makes the music for all these types of entertainment? It’s silly to think that programmers that make video games produce music, and yet, there is some quality music in the game industry which is made by famous artists like DMX. So what is at hand here? Every aspect of the previously mentioned relies in the hands of Music Supervisors. They generally oversee every aspect of TV show, movies and video games that is music related.

What is a music supervisor?

As we have stated before, Music Supervisors are people in charge of overseeing the music aspect of our daily lives. For example, their job is to negotiate with the director of a certain TV show, this can be very tricky, TV show directors can be quite abstract people to begin with, and sometimes they don’t know what they want. So a music supervisor need to understand the mentality of the director and hand in order to find out what he or she is looking for in terms of music for their TV show. After the Music Supervisor has a general idea what to look for, they will generally look at the resources they have at their disposal. By this we mean that he or she will look at the available bands and music makers that are looking for a job, and which one is suited the best for the job at hand. O needless to say that if you want to promote your music in video games TV shows, music supervisors need to have you on their map. After you have done this, the best thing for any musician to do is not to let the quality of your music drop, a good product is the best marketing that you can afford, and it goes a long way.

What comes after you got a job?

This part of business can often be quite tricky, a lot of money can be involved and the number of involved parties can only make things worse. Some of the involved parties can be song writers, music producer, the artist, Mixtape Makers and record label you record under and many others. So the contract you set up before you start the job at hand can often be quite tricky to set up in terms of trying to satisfy the needs of all involved parties as well as the music supervisor and the director that you are now working for. When doing this we advise that you keep a clear mind and keep all options available, not every deal goes the way you want to.

Contacting a music supervisor

Before you put any effort in to contacting a music supervisor we advise you be aware of the following. Nobody likes spam E-mails, so the same can be said for any music supervisors, this is a good way to kill of your career before you even started it. So don’t go around sending mass E-mails to people that you don’t even know are interested. One thing that we do recommend is the following. Take a look at the music you make in general. What emotions surface when you listen to your music, this is very important when trying to get involved with Music Supervisors, and let’s face it, you never heard “Metallica” play in a soap opera, so needless to say you need to find the right people for the type of music you play. While doing this does sound tricky, it is really quite simple to do in terms of finding the people to contact. Let’sassume you watch TV a lot, which you probably do. The odds are that you heard music that is similar to yours in many TV shows or movies in terms of the overall tone and the emotional response in general. Now comes the fun part. Wait for the credits of the TV show or movie in question and look for the name of the music supervisor, it will be there. After you have achieved this and now have a clear name of a Music Supervisor the only thing to do is some internet research, the odds are that the name of the music supervisor is already registered with a major company and his or hers E-mail address can easily obtained. So by now you have a targeted music supervisor that will almost certainly be interested in the music that you have you have to offer.

Sending the E-mail that will change everything

For starters when was the last time you read a long E-mail with a lot of attachments? The odds are you never did that, the same can be done for music supervisors, nobody wants to read column after column of text in order to find out a couple of key information’s. So it’s safe to assume that Music Supervisors, busy as they are, won’t read a 1000 word essay that you sent them. Keep your E-mail short and say everything in a shortest manner possible. And make your subject line include simple keywords that you know that will work and make any music supervisor open it. For example, “A great song that has 50 cent all over it”. Another thing that is important is the fact that under no circumstance should you attach and MP3 of your song. A general god idea is to simply provide a link of your song to YouTube. Clicking one link to listen to a good song goes a long way than having to download it.

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