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Music Artist: F**ck A Publicist Get Your Own Press Coverage

Lol just joking a music publicist plays a major role in a musician or brands career,but they can be a little pricey so I created this to show tell you how you can run your own pr campaign and start to get so press or your music.

One of the main things you never really hear any artist,or music marketing site talk about is the power of having a publicist.A publicist is a communication specialist who cultivates and maintains the image of a music artist to the media.A publicist how you see all the rap artist on hip blogs all over the internet and see their press release etc all over hip hop news sites.Using the media like blogs,magazines,etc can get you in front of millions of music fans fast.

So pretty much a publicist helps your craft your story and angle to be pitched to the world from your bio’s,press releases,or anything that is media or press related..Your publicist will write your bio for you in a manner that  will be compelling and bait people into want to know more about you.

Please don’t write your own bio or press releases, you need a professional to help you crete the perfect  bio,or press release they are trained to write to build curiosity and format your content correctly for journalist,bloggers,radio, etc.Trust me. I can’t tell you how many times I read an artist’s bio and it was just 10 lines of bullshit.Your bio  needs to be solid and connect with potential fans.

It doesn’t cost a little bit of money to get a quality publicist that can get you target exposure and that’s why I wrote this article for you so you can learn how to get media coverage yourself.

First off you need to get a professional  bio created if you don’t know anyone in this field don’t worry Mixtape Cover King is here to help.We can have our professional writer who has over 10+ years in writing and journalism craft you a bio for an affordable price and press ready.Don’t  spend hundreds of dollars just for a publicist to create you one.

Second get you a short 250-300 word press release created. A press release is a brief compelling news type story written by a pr professional for  that gets sent out to targeted people in the media with hopes of a publication or journalist covering your story.Also again if you need a quality press release written for an affordable price we can help you no problem just email us here MixtapeCoverKingz@gmail with the subject line Press Release.

Once you have these 2 tools your’re ready to contact the media outlets from blogs, tv stations, magazines,and music sites. Remember you always  want to leverage coverage from a smaller publication to a get coverage from a bigger publication.

Here are a couple of newsworthy topic to get press coverage for: Your going on tour, just signed a record deal, album release party, you got a big name Dj or producer to work with you on your project or design your mixtape art, etc.

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