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Music Artist Is Your Job Destroying Your Music Grind?

Why Do Musicians Put More Effort Into A Dead End Job Than Building Their Music Career?

Do you think your job is more important than your music career?Of course all music artist have the same answer no,but the fact is they probably spend 8hrs or more a day working for a contractor or a company they under pays them and doesn’t value their work.

Hell there is times they even put in overtime and get extra hours at a job they hate, but yet and still they don’t even invest 2 to 4 hrs  of their own time  consistently promoting their music they claim is more important to them.

Every artist has the same response well it pays the bills and trust me I understand that, but does is it really going to help you build a future for your family and give you financial security(don’t forget that company you’re giving your 8hrs to everyday was started by someone else’s dream and you’re helping them accomplish it ,so hell you should be trying to accomplish your own dreams also.)

What I’m pretty much saying is don’t be a paint brush in someone else’s masterpiece paint your own. I understand you have to start from the bottom and work to pay bills etc,but what I’m pretty much saying is are do you want to be stuck at a dead end job or the next 30 years or do you want real become a music artist and touch people with your music?

You have to treat music like it’s your other job.You need to dedicated a certain amount of time everyday so you can promote your music and brand if your trying to be successful in the oversaturated music business your music needs to be your main  Priority.

For example if you have a mixtape dropping add coming soon on the front of the mixtape cover, print some of them off and flood the city with the prints  to create a buzz about your project.There are thousands of  musicians you have to stay in font of the fans faces.You need to push your brand and message of you songs to the media and fans everyday so you can stay relevant.

Start by planning where you are going to promote your music on a daily basis. Get some 5×5 flyers printed with your mini bio, links to your music, you mixtape cover graphics, and your contact info.Another bonus is if you have a cd sampler to hand out with the branding flyer that will be the icing on the cake.

The reason why the branding flyers work better to me is because they get a sample of your bio so they can connect with your story on a personal level. Another good marketing too is having a DVD with live and  behind the scenes footage where fans can learn more about you and your music. You have to think outside the box when you’re a musician to get to the next level.

Please don’t take this the wrong way I’m not saying there is something wrong with working for a for the next 10 to 20 years,and hopefully moving up in the company,but is that what you really want to do forever?

I doubt it in your heart your a musician, and if you’re like me you got in musstory and inspire people. Your job as a musicians is to connect with music fans and have an impact on their lives people go thru some much bullshit in a day sometimes they just want to escape it and feel good so let your music be their therapy.

You need to setup amusic marketing calendar where everyday or 3 times a week you get out and promote your music in other areas and start building your fanbase so you can live your dream and be a full time musician.

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