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Musicians Make Sure You Can Be Found On Google Search

As an indie artist you have to always think of new way to get your music to the world and reach other markets by going on tours, social media and more.It’s a lot of work to make it as an independent musician these days ,but well worth it. It’s great you do all that,but there is one thing a lot of artist forget and it is one of the most crucial things when it comes to branding yourself as a musician online.

Can you been found in Google search when someone types in your name?

Let’ s say this for example your do an A&R showcase for Grand Hustle Records and their are 30 acts,but you have a good performance and after the showcase the A&R comes up to you and says good performance and ask you for your group name again.You give it to them and they go home and type your group name in Googles search engine and some random artist or company pops ups.

You have to brand your artist or group name online just like you  would offline.You need to make it easy for people to find you especially if you want to be discovered and book shows if they can’t find you how can they contact you.Hell you don’t know what oppurtunities you might have already possibly missed because people can’t find you online.

So,I know your thinking in your head dam what do I have to do to be found on Google. Well I’m going to tell you some things to think about and what you can do to get your artist name to the top of the search engines.

Your artist name.You have to think about it like this how many other musician have the exact name as you?Probably alot.In the online world your going to have to figure out a tag line or something you can add to your name so it sand can be found online.

A lot of artist create custom hashtags,remove letters,add numbers,or spell their name differently to make sure they’re name and brand standout online, remember you want to make it easy for people to find your music not some other artist when there using Google search engine.

High Ranking Authority Sites For Branding

You should have a musician website, with links to all of your social media sites so fans can connect with you on multiple platforms.The key to get your artist name branded online and at the top of the search engines is to have accounts on sites that have high domain authority with Google.(all that means is that they rank high in the search engines already and receive a lot of traffic.)

So what you need to do is create an account on these sites and upload your music ,logos, etc.Make sure on every account you create you use the same username you plan on branding yourself with online on every site, make sure you link to all your social media accounts,and you have a complete bio written so fans can connect with your story.

Here are 15 Websites That Will Boost Your Brand Or Artist Name Online Guaranteed.

1.Tumblr.com2.Reddit Music













These are music sites,music blogs,and social media sites that allow you to post your music and they are high authority sites online and we get you indexed in Google fast so you are searchable.Even if you only use these sites once they will still help brand your name online,but you can continue to post content to these sites whenever you like.
So can people find you when they type your name in Google? If not you have everything you need now.If you are in Google search I still suggest putting your content on these sites as it will only increase your online reputation and get you more exposure.

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