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What All Music Artist Can Learn From Slim Jesus

It’s crazy how many musicians are made at the new internet sensation Slim Jesus.But instead of hating on him you need to realize there is a ton of slick psychological marketing behind everything he did and actually all musicians need can learn a lot from him from a music marketing aspect.Here are 3 subliminal marketing tactics he used to get people to pay attention and listen to his music.

The first thing is his name.His name was formerly Slim Swag,he actually had a girl look (as you can see in the pic on the left lol because he had the Eminem look and he was skinny as hell so he said his name was Slim Swag.

Then he decided to become a rapper, and change his look and with the look came a name change.He said in his interview that he kept the first part of the name slim because he knew people would think he was trying to come at or compare himself to Slim Shady and at least check out his music,and he decided to change swag to Jesus for the wow factor.His whole goal was make his name catchy and original and make people think in their head he seems like he would have some shit to talk about in his music with a name like that.

So artist make sure you have a catchy,original, or tagline to your name that will build curiosity or stick out to music fans. For example the name 2 chainz & Wiz Khalifa or name that stand out and people will remember them.

2 He Created A Angle.He openly admitted his music is fake.As we know half the artist in the music industry are fake,but there hasn’t been an artist to date to say their music is fake and they don’t do the shit they rap about.He is music is about money and murder,but like I said he openly admits he doesn’t do any of that type of stuff he raps about he just grew up listening to drill music and it influenced the way he raps.

I’m not saying to say your a fake rapper lol that’s his lane, but he created an angle to create a buzz and that’s what you as an artist need to do.Don’t you notice are rappers are always in the news before they drop an album. An angle for example can be anything fr example 50 cent used the fact that he got shot 9 times,Fetty wap said in an interview I knew when  people seen I was missing an eye it would get them talking that’s why it took him awhile to say what really happened to his eye his publicist  let people make up their own stories and create a buzz about him and it worked.

You the artist need to dig into yourself and use an interesting situation to make people want to know more about you maybe  you beat 20 dope cases, maybe you almost died in a car accident.you need to sell your story to people also.

3.Bait Marketing with screenshots,photos and cover art.Slim Jesus was smart when he created his video and he  damn near makes you press play to hear what he has to say by his video screenshot.Its a scrawny white guy named Slim Jesus with a 9 millimeter with an infrared beam on it and he is surrounded by goons and his song is titled Drill Time.

Anyone who sees this screenshot who listens to rap would press play on the video to see what he has to say so a they can either say he is a goon or b he is fake,but either way it got him 4 million views on his video and that’s what its all about is getting views and exposure.Some people obviously liked it because now  he is getting paid shows and traveling the world.
So always make you use curiosity marketing tactics when you pushing videos, getting your mixtape cover art created, press releases etc.

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