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The Cd Duplication Hustle Every Music Artist Should Be Using

Cd Duplication Without Spending A Penny

Trying to make it as an independent artist not only takes drive and time , but it also takes money. You have to pay for beats, studio time, single or mixtape cover graphics, and then promotion and that’s on top of your normal bills you pay monthly.

So I decided to put you on some game and show you a slick ass way you can make money selling physical copies of your album,single,or mixtape without even touching one dam disc! So every cd you sell will be 100% profit because you won’t be investing a penny into cd duplication,packing or shipping so there is no risk for you because you don’t have to invest any money upfront.

First let me explain what dropping shipping is to you musicians who for you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment system where the seller or business doesn’t keep inventory of the product they sell.Instead when someone purchases a product from them they buy the product from a third party (whoever they’re getting the product from) and that company will package and deliver the product directly to the customer with all of the sellers information on the package, branding the sellers company and not the dropshipper.

So pretty much they’re like a secret business partner who handles all the labor work for you. It’s a win win situation for both parties the sellers doesn’t have to invest money in inventory and still make a nice  profit and the dropshipper is making money from their product selling. Everyone makes money.  

When it comes to applying the dropshipping method to cd duplication for your music it works just like the process I explained above.The cd duplication company will let you upload your project cover art and your music files so they can print your cds at the push of a button and ship them directly to your customers, and you never have to worry about purchasing cd’s upfront.

Another excellent benefit of a cd duplication drop shipper is they don’t have a minimum on how many cd’s you have to order unlike majority of the companies online. So if you decide you want to get some physical copies of your cd also and you want to start off small and get 20 cd’s to flip instead of having or purchase 100 or 250 first this will come in handy especially if your working with a smaller budget. Hell they will let your order 1 disc at a time if need be.

Now don’t get me wrong I think you should always have physical cd’s to send out for radio station campaigns, press coverage and to sell to fans, but drop shipping is a smart way to sell your music on your website and social media sites online and generate profits.

I’ve tried out over 20 different cd duplication companies online and I can honestly say they all had high quality work, but they either had a 100 cd minimum if you placed an order and they didn’t offer a drop shipping service. Well all of them, but one….

The company is Kunaki, they’re a Cd/Dvd duplication, manufacturing, publishing, distributing, fulfilling machine and they’ve been around since July 2005. www.Kunaki.com is not like a company that offers personalized services it operates more like a machine. Kunaki doesn’t have a management team it’s managed and operated by software.

How Kunaki works is  they have an online software that allows you to configure and design your product. You simply just use there simple publishing software on their site to upload your cover art, contents, disc, case and inserts.

Then their custom software creates a 3-D replica mock up of your product and it lets you make any modifications needed and review different variations of your product. After decide on which version you would like to use for your final product you hit the finish button and the software compresses your artwork, packaging, and content  into a single file and sends it directly to their printing facility.

Now that they have everything they need to produce your ready to advertise your music for sale on your website or social media sites. Once someone places an order you just go log in to your account on Kunaki input the customers details and they send your customer a cellophane wrapped, retail quality, cd with your Upc code. The invoice will be label with your logo and information so the customer thinks it was sent directly from you.

Here is a quick example of how a sell would work.

Mike uploaded all his cover art,and cd content to Kunaki.He goes on facebook and post a picture of his cover and has a paypal link that says buy my mixtape now for $10. A fan clicks the link and buys the mixtape you get $10 put in your Paypal. You go login in Kunaki account input the customer’s  info and you pay the $1 per cd fee they charge you.They ship your product to your customer on your behalf and you just made $9 and didn’t have to even touch a cd.

I can personally vouch for this companies work I’ve been using them for the last 3 years on full package printing, mixtape cover printing,album printing and dvd printing  for my clients

If you would like to see the quality of their duplication work before you purchase anything they will mail you out a free sample Dvd with dvd case and cd with a jewel case or you can get 1 free sample of your music project.

I would add this to my music marketing arsenal if you’re looking for a smart way to make money from your music without any upfront risk.

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