Learn How To Get Your Music On The Billboard Charts!

5 Ways to Get on the Billboard Charts

It is every artist’s wish to be a house hold name, and also hit the billboard charts. And that is the reason many upcoming and established artists are getting their hustle back, and tyring to make their own lane and make a breakthrough in the music industry. But peep this, did you really know that you only have to sell approximately 450 albums in one week to make the Billboard HeatSeeker Chart? Moreover, believe it or not, there have been many upcoming and unsigned musicians and rappers hitting the Billboard charts in the last year. There are multiple ways for unsigned artists to sell their music on internet platforms, as well as music retail outlets. However,  there is some other steps that need to be taken to make sure you appear on the Billboard charts. So, what can you do to appear on the charts without much hassle?

Here are some of the untold secrets to easily hit the Billboard charts;

  1. Get a UPC code; it is very crucial to acquire a UPC code,  most CD duplication companies offer to put UPC codes on a CD. In some cases, if you are lucky enough you can get this important service at no cost, however I would just plan on getting my own. I paid $30 for mine but good thing for you is I came across a better provider with lower rates they charge $5 per barcode, you can go here


  1. Register for SoundScan – how does Billboard come up with all these top album charts you always hear about? Simple, its all because of Nielson SoundScan. Every time a music fan or enthusiast,  goes online to buy a CD,or single the computer system automatically takes record of the CD bought. At the end of every week, the top album sellers are put on Billboard. Unfortunately, this will only happen if your CD has a UPC code in order to qualify for Nielson SoundScan. After you get your UPC code n artist must register his or her CD and UPC code on the SoundScan site.  Your online and retail sales will help make your music appear on the weekly charts. Nonetheless, there are some online and retailers report, which never report or liaise with SoundScan. So you should enquire about this, prior doing anything important.


  1. Set up a pre-order : Well, for starters what is a pre-order? This refers to that period of time, where your fans can buy your music before it comes out. Then they will receive the CD during the week of your CD release. This will count to the first weekly sales, hence a great opportunity to optimize on. For instance, if you sell around 250 CDs in an 8-week pre-order duration, and then sell around 300 CDs the week you release your music, your first week sales will amount to 550, which will be sufficient enough to hit the Billboard HeatSeeker Chart (normally 450 albums stands a high chance of hitting top 150 on the chart).


On the other hand, if you decide to register your music for digital downloads through Tunecore or any other site; you need to set the release date for a minimum of around 6-weeks in advance,  to ensure your EP/album will be out in time to correspond with your pre-order. If you don’t do this, then your first week total sales will only be from physical cd sales and not digital sales.


*** NOTE; again, Make sure you get your pre-order with a company who reports their weekly CD sales with SoundScan. This is very important. If you are startled you can simply call/email the company and enquire ***


  1. Bundles ; Since the downloading trend  has taken the world by storm, a lot of people get their music for free online or only buy singles. Bands and Labels are starting to “bundle” up their CDs with merchandise. In this context, you can move a notch higher by bundling your pre-order with an awesome T-shirt (CD/T-shirt), and also give luring offers too. Just give your fans different choices. But an artist should not keep the bundle up during the pre-order duration. Instead, it is advisable to keep the bundles up permanently! You can bundle up your CD with, autograph booklets, posters, T-shirts, stickers and hundreds of other items. Trust me this will definitely raise your sales.


In addition, websites that are recognized when it comes to helping unsigned bands set up pre-order bundles are; and Moreover, both companies report to SoundScan. Grab the opportunity to give your fans a reason to buy your whole CD and not singles.


  1. Promote; well, let be me real with you, the main thing you have to do is keep on pushing; you have to promote your music and don’t stop. Get out of that comfort zone and reach out to, as many music blogs and sites and ask the site and have the site  review your music and see if they will write a review on your CD or just post about your pre-order you’ll be shocked how many people will do it.As an artist you have to take advantage of social media marketing and promotion, for example, you can post it all over your Facebook,Google Plus, Stumbleupon, Linkedin,  and many others. You should also use your mailing list and send out an email blast to all your contacts. Make impressive banners and post it on all the websites that promote your music or have your band profile on it..

Other ways of marketing your music to  increase your sales include; getting front page coverage on sites such as Purevolume, most particularly during the week of your release. By getting this type of exposure an artist can have increased CD sales. On the hand, you can offer these sites exclusive rights to stream a new song for a week in exchange of front-page coverage. This can be a good deal, if you get sites that have great traffic and publicity.

In addition, an artist can as well heighten the first week numbers by getting his or her CD in local Hot Topic spot barber shops, clubs etc during the week of the release, you have to have a plan and take advantage of every outlet you can get your hands on.I know using all of  these tips you will end up on the Billboard charts. Other Important Links: Custom Mixtape Covers

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