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There are thousands of mixtape websites and music blogs online that swear that help indie artist promote their music and get them more exposure, but the fact is a lot of these sites that  promote artist charge a fee and they don’t receive any traffic so pretty much that’s just money flushed down the drain.

But there is one music blog that gets indie artist hella exposure and is known for taking artist music careers to the next level. Hold on before I tell you  the site there are a couple of things that you need to have covered on your end before you submit your music to them.

You need to have a professional compelling artist bio,1-3 professional pics, Professionally mixed and mastered music, and professional cover art graphics. If you don’t have these 4 things I wouldn’t submit my music to a blog yet because they like to feature artist who take their music and brand seriously and carry themselves professionally.

Well, the site that every serious indie artist should submit their work to is SheBloggin it’s a hip hop/entertainment/fashion blog owned by Tasha Scott. Tasha is well know in the indie hip hop world and has been responsible for helping several artist jumpstart their music career.

SheBloggin is considered a tastemaker blog which pretty much means they have pull in the music industry and get a ton of exposure I work with thousands of music artist on mixtape designs Itunes artwork ,flyers , etc  and out of all the artist I spoke with everyone said they felt that  SheBloggin was the best platform for an indie artist to have their music on because it gets you real exposure to thousands of fans, they don’t try to charge you to post your music , and Tasha is highly respected in the music world and dedicated to helping indie artist.

What music artist fail to realize is that when you have a professional image and quality music  bloggers that supports indie music such as SheBloggin enjoy featuring you on their site not only to help you get exposure, but because they love quality indie music , but like I stated before you have to make sure you have everything covered on your end before you submit your music to them.

Also keep in mind that having everything I mentioned doesn’t guarantee you will get placement on the site your first or second attempt being that SheBloggin  get hundreds of submissions daily so you just have to keep releasing quality new content and keep submitting to the blog and trust me your time will come and once it does it will be well worth the wait. The site is looked at by industry executives , record labels, and booking agents plus they get hundreds if not thousands of visit daily from real music fans, and all it takes is that one big break so don’t stop grinding.

If you’re a serious artist trying to get exposure and build their brand the right way I would recommend visiting www.SheBloggin.com

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