Any musician or band out there  has one thing in common. They are all constantly being asked the question, who you are, what does your music sound like? As an artist, if you don’t know how to answer these simple question in a understandable way, you are on a road to nowhere. For this reason and this reason alone, musicians and artist all around the world have a dedicated bio page written. This document is your professional sales and marketing tool. It is there to communicate with all the interested and involved parties when you simply can’t find the words, or the time to do it.

What Separates The Men From The Boys!

Most artists that already made a name for themselves hired a professional to write their musician  bio page for them. In a lot of cases hiring a professional is out of the question due to their high cost. But the fact still remains that you need a professionally written bio page. The next reasonable course of action is of course for you to sit down and write your own bio for further use in the field of self-promotion. Needless to say that if you want to be taken seriously, as a person and as an artist, you need to have your own promotional material. In this article we will give you pointers on how a musician should go about making his or hers own bio page.

Define Who You Are!

This is the perfect opening to any bio, make it clear what your purpose is and what exactly you are doing in the music industry. This paragraph of your bio page shouldn’t be longer than a 2 or three sentences, so make sure you stick to the point when writing it. Talk about how you would describe your band or your music. Tell the world what kind of impact you wish to have on the music world, as well as telling the world where you get your inspiration from. All of the above mentioned information will be clear insight in to your mind, and with just a couple of sentences, people who read your bio page will know what to expect from you in terms of dedication and music, as well as how serious you are about the whole “music” thing.

Skip The Early Days.

Unless you were a kid superstar lol at the age of 8 you should leave this part out. While there aren’t any specific reasons why this simply is, your first days as a musician rarely interest people who are looking for somebody of your caliber. Your bio needs to be about you, and not about who you were! One of many clear indicators of a poorly written bio page is a bio page that consists of many smaller bios. The story you tell needs to be consistent, flowing and engaging. So feel free to leave something out for the sake of the overall project.

Personal Stories!

This is where people actually come to know you as a person and as a musician! What you need to do at this point is simply not fall into the same category as everybody else. If you put some effort and research some of the online available bio pages, you will shortly see that they are dull, follow a formula and contains sentences like “he loved to perform since when he was little”. These kind of sentences are a strict indicator of unprofessionalism. Under no circumstances should you follow this formula, make your bio stand out, tell an interesting and a compelling story, make people like what they read, and make them want to know more about you as a person.

Use Your Bio Sparingly!

Once you actually have something that looks like a bio, don’t go around spamming the inboxes of every major music producer, promoter or local radio station. Like the title of the segment states, use your bio sparingly. Do the required research in order to find  music promoters,music websites , and  music blogger in you niche of music and submit your bio to them.This is exactly what music pr companies charge an arm and a leg for and you can actually do it yourself. and save lot of money.Another good way to use your bio is to  get it printed off and make sure it has all your contact info so they can find your music,videos etc and  connect with you online you so you can build fans which in return will increase your profits down the road.Below is an example of a bio created we created for a musician to give an idea of what I’m talking about.

Update Your Bio Accordingly!

Needless to say that your bio should stay the same until the end of time, your bio should stay in line with your career and it should change correspondingly. So whenever you get a big show,or doing a big event you should  add that to your bio, or for example you dropped a mixtape that’s doing good numbers post that and also add pics of the mixtape cover art design also to give readers more visuals to reel them in.

It’s a fact that you will grow as a person in that time, so the general tone of your bio needs to reflect on that. And with the right amount of effort and with the right words, you will have a professionally written bio in no time.

Stay positive!

It goes without saying that when your bio is read, its needs to connect  with readers on an emotional level once you do that you can turn them into a life long fan.. Like we stated in this article before, the bio needs to reflect on what kind of person you are and your story  and stay true to that, If you would like to have a professional music journalist write your bio for you click this link

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