Learn How To Get Your Money’s Worth Out Of Your Paid Music Feature

Do you have a mixtape dropping or a single wit a major feature on or someone with a buzz in the music industry? Well if you do don’t let your money go to waste just by getting the feature from them and releasing it on your social media sites like Facebook,Soundcloud etc.I mean that might help you  look like your doing something to all the local music fans in your city, but the reality is that you just helped the artist out and paid them for a verse nothing is wrong with that but you have to figure out how to make your feature go to work for you.

I work with artist who purchase features from artist in the music industry and they think maybe by doing a song with an artist they might like it and sign them lol lol  good luck that artist is in the process of building their career they could care less about you building yours. Your just another paycheck, it’s an independent game now so it’s every man for himself,but I’m gonna tell you 3 things you need to do that will allow you to piggyback off of your music features success in the industry  fast as hell and if your song is good you could possibly be the next overnight success story no bs.

1.Mixtape covers or Single Cover Design- Whenever you do a feature with a major artist or artist with a huge buzz you need to have artwork created with both of your pics on it that gives fans,bloggers,etc a visual that you and the artist have a real relationship.and give you more credibility,

but you have to make sure you have a professional mixtape cover designer or single cover designer  with high quality music graphics. Your cover art is also what bloggers, and hip hop websites will use to post on their sites so you have to make sure your graphics grab attention and make you standout so music fans check your music out soon as they see the cover and of course they will because you also have whoever you got the feature on the cover also.

2.Press Coverage Pimpin lol- This is what I call press pimpin lol you get all the music  blogs and sites who support or who have covered stories on  your artist you used for a feature rather past or present and you just get them to show you the same love by contacting them name dropping your new single with that artist.I see so many artist with features who never do this and its like flushing your money down the drain.

So I know your probably wondering how do you find these sites who support this artist well….It’s simple just go to the Google search engine and type in “name of artist you used for a feature”+interviews, then do one with  +press release, and one with +reviews. After you do those 3 separately you will have plenty of results with sites you can contact you can write them down on notepad and we will come back to them shortly.

3.Get a professional journalist to create you a music press release promoting you and your artist feature and  don’t be afraid to use his name first on the press release just to grab the bloggers attention then get thousands of submissions everyday so you want yours to stand out as soon as they see it. After your press release is finished now you can go back to the list of websites that you created earlier who gave your feature artist coverage and submit your press release and watch all the traffic pour in.

Let us create you a press release that will get you coverage from all the music sites and blogs so you can get the full potential out of your investment and get more fans. Contact Us

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