The current rap scene, and the music industry in general, has transformed completely. You can’t compare it with, back-in-the-days, when a mixtape was a thing for the elite artists or Dj’s. Mixtapes are now part of an artists career. And it has to be apart of your marketing campaign to get your music the maximum amount of exposure..

I don’t know, the reason behind it , but the industry has embraced the culture of releasing mixtapes, on the verge of trying to reach a larger audience and record labels have no control over what an artist puts on his mixtape. I’m quite sure you have noticed how the industry has changed. It is currently characterized by, continuous dropping of mixtapes, which is also coupled by breath-taking promotions, and everything that adds hype to the whole affair.

On the other hand, apart from this, if you really want to be successful in the music game, you must focus on producing quality music. And, make sure when it comes to your branding and marketing that everything from your graphics to events are professional and in return I guarantee you everyone you come across will treat you like a professional. If you think about it, it only makes sense if you have cheap shitty graphics and venues do you think anyone would take you seriously? No

Nevertheless, it is evident that a mixtape carries some amount of importance to an artist’s career. This is because of the following; it has the power to attract new fans and retain the old ones, and it is virtually a portfolio of an artist’s worth. However, it is not just your average, clueless and simple mixtape, instead it must be of high quality, something that can keep the fans wanting more so when you drop your album there anticipating your project.. A mixtape cover has the power to determine the success of your mixtape; it can be used as bait to reel in new potential fans to what to check out your mixtape and it will please your current fans by dropping a quality product so its a win win situation.

Because of this reason, it is very crucial for an artist to focus on the physical appearance of their individual mixtape. Well, you might take this issue very lightly, thinking it’s simply a small part of your project. But wait; just know that the first thing, someone like a fan sees before they hear the music, is the mixtape cover. Ideally, it is very advisable to have a mixtape cover that grabs people attention. By having a stunning mixtape cover, you will be able to increase your popularity, within the music scenes, hence increasing the chance of more fans to come onboard.

By now, I know you are wondering why you need a good mixtape cover, nonetheless, an interesting mixtape cover, has what it takes to move you from nothing to something.You have to look at you mixtape design like your outfit.When you go out you always want to have the best looking clothes on that represent you and your character, its no different with your cover art.You need to have a high quality mixtape cover that is professional and brands you the right way.

Anyway, we must admit that we love conspicuous things, and artists need to make use of this opportunity, to come up with something substantial. For example, I personally love flashy items, and nowadays an artist can design a flashy mixtape cover, coupled with all sorts of relevant graphics. And, all these are carried out,  to entice a fan to like and eventually buy your music or mixtape. Just by having a professional mixtape cover you already will have an advantage over half the knock off artist who don’t like to invest in themselves and don’t really take their brand serious.

Now, that you are aware of the importance of a captivating mixtape cover, I’m gonna tell you how to find a good designer and what to look for. In the graphics game its no different then anything else everybody claims to be the best and then when you see there work is just so so. When it comes to your artwork don’t cheat yourself trying to be cheap or get something free  you need to look for a professional mixtape cover designer, who can make you something you really like. A professional and experienced designer has what it takes to create a beautiful and attractive mixtape cover, which will not only increase your fan base, but also makes you look like a professional in the music game and that matters more then you could imagine. However, owing to the fact that the current market is filled with different types of graphic designers it is quite challenging to find the right mixtape cover designer.

Nonetheless, when hiring a graphic designer for your music mixtape cover, it is very crucial that they comprehend your music and brand, as an artist, which might reduce the chances of differences and confusion, and also increase the chances of having lots of ideas.  Moreover, a good graphic designer can go a notch higher to bring forth their personal and creative ideas, which will represent the artist and the mixtape effectively.

That being said, here are some of the golden tips to factor in, when you want to hire a graphic designer; track record- you can request to have a look at the designer’s previous portfolio, moreover, it is good to check on other aspects like marketing, web design track record

  • Versatility; while choosing a designer, it is good to go for that one who is versatile, and has a wide range of design skills, and creative. Versatility is very important because, you would like the designer to depict your personality, messages, and themes of your music as it is.

  • Professionalism; it pays a lot to be professional, while handling your music career. Well, I know that the music scene can be, somehow, casual and free, however business will always be business. This can be possible by scheduling some definite time with the designer, to enhance communication, elaborating on what you the artist wants completed in the whole process.

  • Custom mixtape covers, coupled with cool graphics, will increase the number of your fans, by attracting them to like your mixtape cover. If you are in need of increasing your fan base in the show business, you will simply look for a custom mixtape cover design, which will lure people to keep an eye on your mixtape. Moreover, you must acknowledge that your mixtape cover acts like your outfit for your music, and it says a lot about your music,

  • In conclusion, we know that the music industry is all about looks; or rather appearance and one will judge your mixtape by a simple first impression. And, if you are really in need of larger fan base, then you have no choice but to ensure your mixtape cover graphics are very professional and jaw breaking! Moreover, with a lot of musicians in the current music market, it is only right if you do everything possible to make your brand stand out.

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