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Nowadays the internet is where it’s’ at for the music industry. Cd sells might not be high but digital downloads are in the billions and its an open playing field anbody can sell and distribute there music online and record labels are finding talent on a regular basis becuase of the internet. The whole goal is getting yourself seen and standing out from million plus musicians online.Thats why branding yourself is important. Dont’ rely on reverbanation, or soundcloud, datpiff etc thats what everybodys does.. To build your brand you need to own your website to build your fan list, sell music,tour updadtes, etc.

Websites go under daily if reverbnation goes under today there goes your music and fans and you have to start all over again. With our custom band website our team of designers create you a custom 5 page website to brand your label or band the right way.Included is a logo if you don’t have one already, custom header and footer, lead capture page to build a list of fans for automated marketing, and a custom page that will sell all your music and mechandise 24/7 a day. This site will even market for you while your sleep with our automated marketing system included.

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