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7 Things Indie Artist Must Have To Make It In The Music Business

Learn How To Make It In The Music Business

  • Drive/Work Ethic: There are plenty of creative talented artist who still never make it in the music game due their lack of drive and poor work ethic As an independent artist you need to consistently create new music and I’m  not talking about  just when your girl lets you record or you get fired from your job and now you’re back to being a rapper.You have to do this shit for real your music is what reels in your fans..Also you should be promoting your music as many ways as you can just not on Facebook, and Twitter you have to think outside the box when it comes to your promting your music and actually take action.Your work ethic/drive is what will make or break you in this business.


  • Knowledge Of The Business: Just like anything in this world if you don’t know the rules of the game, most likely, you’ll lose. So many indie artist waste all their damn time on social media sites trying to get likes instead of using their time wisely and learning how the music operates.The internet can give you access to all the tools you need to make it in the industry,but you have to do a little research, but trust me it’s Like they say knowledge is power and learning the business side will save you time and money in the long run.So instead of being on facebook all day take some time out and Google music marketing strategies, how to get royalties etc.


  • Common Sense: We all know to be successful it takes hard work,but you have to work smart also..Don’t waste your money on marketing that you can track to verify if it was worth the money, stop spamming people with your music who aren’t even in your ideal target audience, and the last thing is stop performing at the same venues to the same crowd of people over and over and wonder why your fanbase ain’t growing.


  • How To Build Relationships : Networking is mandatory in the music business.Once you realize that.and then you start to utilize your resources your fanbase will grow fast.As an artist your going to need connections with Dj’s club promoters, and graphic designers who can make you a flyer,stunning mixtape cover or whater promo material you will need to build your brand.Also You have to stop trying to be the man in your city and network with other artist that are the same caliber or doing more in their music career then you it will help you get more exposure guaranteed.


  • A Team: Alot of artist think they can make it in the music business all alone, but that’s B.S I  understand you’re a hustler and you got some money to play with,but the fact of the matter is there is only 24hrs in a day and there is alot of behind the scenes shit that has to be done in order to get your career to the next level.This business is all about strength in numbers!You need a team of people who believe in your music and are dedicated to promoting your brand.Also, new listeners rather  hear the opinion of someone else about your music, then to hear your opinion about it.. Having  a team of people who vouch for your music is a good way to draw  more potential fans.


  • Make Good Music: Anyone can make a song but everyone can’t make a hit.If you don’t have talent and can make a hit song you won’t make it to far in the music business.I’m not talking about songs for your hood or some city for your city that nobody heard of you have to make songs that the whole world can relate to.If no one likes your music there not gonna give you any money point blank period.I know in your head you’re  thinking well what about all the bullshit that plays on the  radio all the time.But I guarantee they have a good team behind them from engineers,writers and producers and on top of that I guarantee their work ethic is off the charts, how do you think they got on the radio in the first place.


  • Money Just like any business it takes money to make money and the music business operates with the same principals.You need to have a budget to spend on your music marketing and branding. Don’t try to go the cheap rout and getting freebies(you get what you pay for lol) when you release a mixtape you need to have an Immaculate mixtape cover


Are You In Music Debt And Don’t Know It

As an independent artist in the music game nowadays artist branding and music promotion is more important then its ever been.There are tons of mixtape websites and music blogs that allow independent artist to share and promote their music online and most of these sites get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to their site. Now, depending on who your trying to target with your music (Keep in mind everybody shouldn’t be your target audience if your really trying to be successful you can’t please the world you have know your lane if you want to succeed) and if you put real work into building your image, brand, telling your story,etc this will help you standout and gain popularity fast.

But just like these sites can help you they can hurt you and you can end up in music debt.Alot of artist are in music debt and they don’t even know it hell you might even be in music debt also.You will find out today if you are.You might not know what I’m talking about when I  say music debt so let me explain it to you and give you an example of an artist in music debt.

If you don’t invest the time and money to make sure you music quality,image, and graphics are professional from your mixtape cover design,logos,flyers,etc  you could be committing artist suicide aka music debit .Music debit is when you destroy your first impression with music fans by having a shitty mixtape cover,or your songs aren’t mastered properly and sounds like shit. What this does is the next time you go to release a mixtape, single or album people will be hesitant to re-listen to you, because you already gave them a bad impression about your music and your brand.So even if you have the hottest song in the world on your new mixtape and even have a custom mixtape cover people still most likely they won’t give you a second chance with so many artist dropping music every minute of the day.

As an artist you can’t sell yourself short because your really just hurting in the long run because people like to judge off what you use to do. Ever move should be a calculated professional move always make sure anything that represents you and your brand is professional so people give you the proper respect you deserve as an artist.Just think about what goes thru your mind when you see them give you a cd with shitty graphics, they wrote the tracklist on the cd with a marker and you can’t understand shit their saying because the levels are off.You probably laugh and won’t ever buy their music again….well don’t put yourself in the same category and end up in music debt and kill your career before it even really gets started.Your reputation, and brand is all you have in the music business and you need to protect it with your life.With so many people doing music it’s easy to get pushed behind so make sure your graphics,brand and music standout.


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