Professional Custom Hip Hop Jewelry

At Mixtape Cover King our jewelry designer has 10 years plus of experience in custom jewelry design. We can design and construct ANY piece of jewelry you can imagine. Whether its a high-end pendant, cuban chain, watch, ring, or a famous Brand Designer’s concept you would like to mimic, we can create it for a fraction of the cost that other jewelers would charge.

What Kind Of Material Do We Create The Jewelry In ?

We can create your jewelry from any kind of material you would like from 24k,14k, and 10k Solid Gold or Gold Plated, .925 Sterling Silver or Brass. We provide clear-coat protection as a standard on 99% of our jewelry. This means all of our Custom Hip Hop jewelry is tarnish/scratch/fade resistant from skin contact. I’m pretty sure if you purchased jewelry from other sites on the web, you’ve probably purchased low quality jewelry that tarnished or faded within a couple of weeks of wearing it. Our clear-coat protection is done by us and it is a permanent clear coating just like the clear-coating used on a vehicles paint job to protect the finish. The clear coat we provide will keep your jewelry looking brand new whether you get gold ,silver, or brass.

What Kind Of Diamonds Do We Offer?

Whether you get real diamonds or lab made diamonds we got you covered and guarantee our diamonds will make you standout from the bunch when you wear your custom jewelry. Our lab made jewelry is top-quality laboratory made non-carbon based diamond simulants that are produced with an equivalency of a real VVS diamond, which are flawless to the average human eye. Our lab made diamonds weigh equithe same amount as real diamonds and they are laser cut like real diamonds.

Press play below to see our whole custom jewelry process below.

Check out some of our design  below  we created recently for some of our clients.

Our Sample Jewelries

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  • What Kind Of Material Do We Create The Jewelry In?
  • What Kind Of Diamonds Do We Offer?

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