Music is a big industry and it takes more than singing to stand out. It takes various steps which will help you take your career to the next level. If you are rapper or you are still establishing yourself in this industry, I believe you know that there are many mixtape covers, Flyer, logo, hip-hop jewelery, mixtape cover maker in the market and especially online and the number is still growing each day.

There are several sites on the internet where you can upload your mixtape but again you have to be careful because some of them are bogus. You might be promoting your music along the streets but for you to grab the attention of the audience which is very important, you need artwork. Currently, music is all about image because this is what will grab fans attention. You also have to ensure your music and graphic is on point because they are the ones which will make fans to judge you either in a negative or positive way.

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I’m former artist development for WB. I have worked with every genre of music and I know how to get people discovered…

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We are Group of designers that has unique talent in terms of designing and desired output you count on us…

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We produce Mixtape Covers,Event Flyers, Event Tickets and More With the Best Quality…

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CD/Mixtape Cover Designing

Now that have your high quality mixtape cover it’s time to get it printed on a high quality cardstock paper to make your design pop out.
With Our Mixtape Cover Printing service your gonna get wholesale prices on your printing and we provide Free Shipping on our mixtape cover printing orders also. Free Shipping Is On Mixtape Covers Only. Read More
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Mixtape Covers and Expert Graphic Designers

Need a custom mixtape cover? You put a lot of sweat and hard work into that mixtape, don’t ruin it with a less-than-perfect cover! You only get 1 first impression you have to make sure your standout.
Don’t get scammed by a knock mixtape cover designer because there are tons of them online that claim to be best but the artwork is not up to par.What they do is they go buy a premade template online thats for rappers and they just put your pic and info on the cover. To me that bullshit a real mixtape cover designer will create your artwork from scratch and the theme of your mixtape cover will be based off the title of your mixtape to entice fans to want to hear whats behind the cover. Read More
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Logo Designing

Make sure your brand your company or business the right way with a custom logo design. Logos are mandatory if you want your brand to stand out and be credible.
Our logo designs are made from scratch and with every design we give you 3 versions of the logo design so you can pick the one that fits you best and we will make any adjustments that are needed until we get the exact look your looking for to brand your company. Read More
Professional Custom Hip Hop Jewelry

Professional Custom Hip Hop Jewelry

At Mixtape Cover King our jewelry designer has 10 years plus of experience in custom jewelry design. We can design and construct ANY piece of jewelry you can imagine. Whether its a high-end pendant, cuban chain, watch, ring, or a famous Brand Designer’s concept you would like to mimic, we can create it for a fraction of the cost that other jewelers would charge. Read More
flyer designer

Flyer Designer

Need a flyer designer ?If you’re going to promote your business or special event, you might as well look your best doing it! Whether it’s a club flyers, promo flyers, bandit flyers, call them what you want, when it comes to a high quality flyer design we got you covered!
Our flyer designers are the best in the industry, we will make sure your next event,cd release, or whatever it is we will make sure your flyer stands out from the crowd and gets noticed guaranteed! We provide unlimited revisions on all flyer designs until you have exactly what you want,so you don’t have anything to lose. Read More
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Why your music career isn't taking off.

Being a music graphic designer I hear thousands of artist on a monthly basis and I must admit there is alot of talent out there but the problem is artist don't know how to get their product in front of people. The thing is that artist actually don't need a marketing team you can learn how to promote yourself it just takes time and some reading. Nowadays with the internet you can learn how to do anything you need to know especially market.You can go to Google right now and type in music marketin

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How to build a fanbase and make money with your music

Boy has the music game changed from back in the day ever since the internet hit, and the major labels hate it because now artist don't have to be slaves to the record labels anymore because you can build your own fanbase now online and sell your music digitally. The internet allows you to connect with people on a whole different level and it allows you the artist the opprutunity to get your music heard and make alot of money without any record label at all just like Kevin Gates. Say what you w

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How To Make Your Mixtape Lyrics Tweetable

Use Your Mixtape Lyrics To Increase Your Mixtape Exposure Well, if you did not know, Social media networks offers great marketing opportunities for rappers or musicians, however it can sometime work to your disadvantage if you do not know   how to use it appropriately and that goes fore other business. I have been in this niche for quite some time I can offer you a couple music marketing tips to get some attention to your mixtape, which you will never find in any other place. What always kill

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How To Find The Best Publicist For Your Music

Tips on Finding the Best Publicist for your Band To  get noticed and heard in the music industry in this age of the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it takes effective publicity which involves good communication and teamwork.  The best publicist is one who works on independent releases and you can feel they connect with you and has proven to be able to connect with the audience using modern and standard channels.  Finding the ideal publicist for your band will cost you though; here are the 10 b

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How to Become a XXL Magazine Freshman

The XXL magazine freshmen class of 2014 is made up of 12 freshmen, including 2 RnB artists.  If you don’t know, the XXL magazine freshmen edition is  a list of new and upcoming hip-hop artists that are featured on the XXL Magazine cover in early March and the carefully chosen artists are introduced to the world in the April issue.  This has become a big thing among upcoming musicians because being featured in the magazine as a freshman, even when you don’t appear on the cover, is kind of

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Tips for Musicians: How to Copyright Your Music

Learn How to Copyright Your Music. I should start with a disclaimer that this article talks about the general knowledge information on copywriting music and is not  legal advice.  Whether you are going through or are considering copyrighting your content, it is advisable you talk to a lawyer , or just Google  the specific copyright laws in your state first. We live in a highly commercialized world today, where sharks and vultures are at every corner waiting.  When you put your efforts into c

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Learn How To Get Your Music On The Billboard Charts!

   5 Ways to Get on the Billboard Charts It is every artist’s wish to be a house hold name, and also hit the billboard charts. And that is the reason many upcoming and established artists are getting their hustle back, and tyring to make their own lane and make a breakthrough in the music industry. But peep this, did you really know that you only have to sell approximately 450 albums in one week to make the Billboard HeatSeeker Chart? Moreover, believe it or not, there have been many

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Mixtape Covers Before and After Pics

Mixtape Cover Graphics By now, I know you know it is no denying that Mixtapes are one of the most viable ways to make it in the music industry. Over years, artists have perfected the art of releasing mixtapes, which has made the game  more competitive. When you continuously  release mixtapes it can increase your fanbase and help your music go viral fast. Unfortunately, many people have failed to master the art of mixtapes, and this where I come in. Actually, allow me to share with you some ser

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Performance Royalties:Learn About ASCAP and BMI and Start Making Money

ASCAP and  BMI Explained ! On your way to becoming a professional artists and a phenomenon in the music industry, one of the decisions you will need to make is whether to license your music out to the public through ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) or through BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated). Simply put, these two societies give out public performance rights to ordinary business people such as club and restaurant owners who play hundreds of music tracks per day an

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Free Tool to Promote Your Music on All Your Social Sites at the Same Damn Time

Free Slick Music Promotion Tool Music marketing is mandatory if you want to make it in the music game nowadays,the sad thing is most artist ignore this when it can have a major impact on your music career.  If you do not heed to this technique, then your music career will be short-lived. Well for starters, music marketing refers to all the processes aimed at promoting and marketing your music, with a sole aim of breaking the musical borders and reaching many people, throughout the world. There

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    I manage 7 different artist and  MCK is my go to guy for all my artwork.If you need high quality graphics for an affordable price I would recommend them.
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    Mixtape Cover Design

    "He Is Da King for a reason. They go above and beyond on every design,  and the turnaround is faster then any of the other online designers I have used. I'm 100% satisfied!"
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    I'm very happy with your services. I have an excellent website built from scratch and I'm 100% happy.
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