Music is a big industry and it takes more than singing to stand out. It takes various steps which will help you take your career to the next level. If you are rapper or you are still establishing yourself in this industry, I believe you know that there are many mixtape covers, Flyer, logo, hip-hop jewelery, mixtape cover maker in the market and especially online and the number is still growing each day.

There are several sites on the internet where you can upload your mixtape but again you have to be careful because some of them are bogus. It doesn’ matter if your promoting your music in the streets on the internet you need to make sure you have fire artwork that will grab peoples attention.

In the music niche it’s  all about your branding, marketing, and image. Those 3 things are what make potentional fans pay attention and remember you.If you want to ensure people pay attention to your new music release you need to make sure you graphics are on point.You mixtape cover art needs to be compelling and unique so it makes people want to hear whats behind the artwork.

At Mixtape Cover King we specialize in creating custom graphics from scratch that make our clients music release demand attention.It’s thousands of artist dropping music all day everyday so make sure you don’t get a template cover that hundreds of artist are using online. You need artwork that is custom and is created based off the theme of your project. Checkout my portfolio below.